Saturday, March 30, 2019

Beto talks Iraq and Edward-Isaac Dover is in a tizzy

There are no awards for telling the truth about Iraq.  Lie about it and you will go far.  MOTHER JONES employs no truth teller about Iraq, no one who took a stand against the war but they hired Iraq War cheerleader Kevin, didn't they.  Little Drum-mette has a job.  It's that way in the corporate media, it's that way in the beggar media.

It's that way with little Edward-Isaac Dovere of THE ATLANTIC -- the bible for War Hawks.

It has been going on for 27 years.  But here's a more important point, "combat troops left in 2011"?  And Barack ordered bombings in 2014.  As military leaders repeatedly noted, bombing missions are combat missions.  Edward is a stupid f**k and sadly the country is brimming with them which is why the Iraq War continues.

Edward,  who looks like he should be the spokeswoman for Mama Celeste Pizzas, plays dumb and playing dumb is the default position that allows the never-ending wars to continue.

Beto O'Rourke tells some truth and Edward clutches the ben wa balls.

Not everyone is so foolish.

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If you want to be pedantic, we’ve NEVER declared war on Iraq. Obama’s statement has no more legal meaning than Bush’s “Mission Accomplished.” It’s just rhetoric. If you define war instead as “one country using their military to bomb another,” as many would, Beto is correct.

Beto is right actually. Operation Desert Fox and other operations in the 1990s, there have only been brief periods since Desert Storm that the U.S. war in Iraq has paused.

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    I'm no fan of Beto, but this is the more honest statement on US war in Iraq. Our sanctions killed a lot of people. It's war by another name.

Beto addressed Iraq.  We'll applaud him for that.

  1. An unforgettable day across Texas. Our thanks to everyone who joined us in El Paso, Houston, and tonight in Austin. I am excited, honored, and incredibly proud to be doing this with you.
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    . talks universal healthcare, legalizing marijuana, higher wages for teachers, reforming gun laws
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    . arrives at his Austin rally, after rallies in El Paso and Houston.
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    Final rally of the day: takes Austin
  5. Kicking off this campaign for president with our third grassroots rally of the day. We are LIVE from the Texas Capitol in Austin. Tune in now:
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    . officially launched his campaign in his hometown of El Paso this morning.
  7. If we truly want to lift up rural America, let's begin by listening to rural America.
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    Supported since his run for senate, and will continue to advocate for him in his run for presidency. Thank you for your charisma and passion to serve for the youth and coming out in Houston!!!!
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    I was so happy to see in Houston Today
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    Excited to make my voice heard in 2020 & vote for the first time! Beto for America!
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    Before speaking at today, Democratic candidate for President met with some of the newly elected African American women (and one man) judges in Harris County. Seventeen swept in during Beto’s senate run.
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    “For too long in this country the powerful have maintained their privilege at the expense of the powerless,” Beto O'Rourke says as he kicks off his presidential campaign in his hometown. Story, complete speech video, photo gallery.
  13. There's nothing wrong in this country that we can't make right with the people of this country. Thankful for the leadership coming from Houston, Harris County, and Texas.
  14. As president, I will sign into law a new Voting Rights Act. Together, we will end gerrymandering, we will get big money out of politics, we will have automatic and same-day voter registration, and we will ensure racist voter ID laws never again impact access to the ballot box.
  15. With El Paso and the communities of the border leading the way, we are going to rewrite this country's immigration laws in our own image, reflecting our own values, and in the best traditions of the United States of America.
  16. Let's adopt universal background checks. No more loopholes, no more exceptions. And then let's ensure that weapons of war are kept on the battlefield and are no longer sold into our communities where they show up in our schools, our churches, our workplaces, and our streets.
  17. This is a campaign for America, for everyone in America. The challenges we face cannot be met by half measures or with only half the country. It’s gonna take all we’ve got and it’s gonna take all of us.
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    Beto 2020! On the campus of my alma mater, Texas Southern University. Peep his hat.
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    ⁩ addresses Houston crowd.
  20. We have an economy that works too well for too few and not at all for too many more. We're going to change that. We're going to finally have an economy that works for everyone.
  21. We are going to achieve guaranteed, high-quality, universal healthcare. Everyone able to see a doctor, afford their prescriptions, and get the help they need. No one denied care, no one priced out, no one left behind.
  22. Thank you, El Paso! Very grateful for today and every day in this beautiful community.
  23. Let's fully invest in a pre-K-12 world-class public school system. Let's pay our teachers a living wage. Let's end the school to prison pipeline and achieve equity in our classrooms. Once we do that, there's no stopping these kids and no stopping this country.
  24. If we believe in justice for all, then we must reform our justice system so it is equitable for all.
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    “This is a campaign for America, for everyone in America.” Beto O’Rourke officially kicked off his presidential campaign Saturday morning.
  26. This is our moment of truth. And working together, we are going to deliver for one another, for our kids, for this country, and for every generation that succeeds us.
  27. 8C & 8D. Heading your way, Houston! Excited to see you at 5:00. 3100 Cleburne St.
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    “Whatever our differences — where you live, who you love, to whom you pray, for whom you voted in the last election — let those differences not define us or divide us at this moment.” Beto O’Rourke kicked off his campaign with a bilingual call for unity:
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    Beto switched to Spanish at the end of his speech in El Paso
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    Beto O'Rourke speaking in Texas: "We have learned not to fear our differences but to respect and embrace them. We see the languages spoken in this community, the traditions, the cultures as a strength for El Paso"

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