Saturday, January 21, 2017

Faded celebs suck all the oxygen out of the room

Where were the protesters when Obama and Hillary's terrorists brutalized Syrian and Iraqi women and sold them into sex slavery?


Applause to Sarah Abdallah.

And this is how the world sees today's events in the US where the whoring never stops.

A bunch of self-involved lying whores used their gender to lie to the American people.

Trump is dangerous, deadly -- said former CIA agent Gloria Steinem, struggling TV personality America Ferrera, former hit maker Madonna, her leading lady days are over Ashley Judd and a lot of other women who seemed to feel that if Hillary Clinton had become president, it would have given meaning to their worthless lives.

Trump is dangerous, they insisted.

Trump is dangerous, they said finally finding voices after eight years of silence.

TELESUR reports:

Former U.S. President Barack Obama spent the last months of his term leading a coalition in Syria and Iraq that killed hundreds of civilians.

As liberals mourn the end of the Barack Obama administration, a monitoring group reported that the U.S.-led coalition killed 450 or more civilians in Syria and Iraq since October.

Ashley Judd, where the f**k were you?  Having more cosmetic surgery?

Gloria Steinem praised Barack and Hillary today.

She's never done a thing for Iraqi women.

And Afghanistan women have been pissed at her since 2003.

She made all these promises and didn't follow up on them.

I was shocked the first time I encountered an Afghanistan writer and she explained how Gloria had stabbed the women in the back.

But she did.

And war has gone on in the two terms of Barack and Gloria's done nothing.

Hasn't said a damn word in protest.

Seems like Gloria's still close to the CIA, doesn't it?

The one she refuses to denounce.  Just like she refuses to apologize for spying on students when she was with the CIA, targeting them for their political beliefs.

This is who was applauded today, Gloria Steinem.

Who had the nerve to say, "He said he was for the people … I have met the people and you are not them."

She has met the people and you are not them.

Who is she insulting?

Half the voters in this country?

They aren't "you"?  (According to Gloria.)

She's such a divisive figure.  She should have left the stage long ago.

And what was all this about women of color?

I thought White women were going to listen this go round.

But all I read on the marches is how this White woman spoke and that White woman spoke.

While America Ferrera isn't Anglo White, she is consider Latina White.

Where were the women of color?

Michael Moore spoke.

Is he a woman of color?

This was nonsense and vanity.

This was more self-obsessed crap from America.

Iraqis have been dying and these elitist priss pots have not said one damn word to object to that in the last eight years.

Now they're offended by Donald Trumps' words?

You know what?

I think if you asked Iraqis, "Would you rather America drops bombs on you or bad words?"

I think if you asked Iraqis, they'd say "drop bad words."

The self-obsessed, martyrdom on display today helps nothing move forward.

It does feed the egos of the self-oppressed who need to play the role of victim.

Jane Fonda called Trump a harasser and a predator.

Am I supposed to believe her?

I mean, I can remember when she went around saying similar things about Roger Vadim throughout the seventies.

And I remember Shelley Winters cackling with glee over the phone to me as she read passages of Jane's 2005 autobiography.  I'll be kind and leave it at that.

Hillary Clinton -- who was applauded and cited -- is a War Hawk.

But, hey, this wasn't a march for peace.

It was a march for victims.

Maybe if the marches had followed the plan/outline to let women of color speak, it would have amounted to something,

Instead, it was faded celebrities.

Fake news?

We've had it for eight years as the press has pretended Barack has brought peace anywhere.

And which of these lovelies used their fame to highlight reality?

Not a damn one.

Now because Donald said somethings they didn't like, they march.

Self-involved, narcissistic, faded celebrities shoving their way to the microphones to insist that they would stand up to . . .


Oh, you brave bitches.

Where were you when Iraq needed you the last eight years?

You know you can march as a celebrity to 'draw attention' from the media but you don't need to be on stage.  You don't need to be speaking.

Your voice is heard all the damn time.

There are women America should have heard from but all you faded celebrities wanted to hog the spotlight and pretend you had something worth saying.  That your overly paid and pampered asses could 'relate.'

There were many other women who should have and could have been heard but a bunch of fame-crazed celebrities sucked the oxygen out of the room as usual.

I'm reminded all over again of Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin's LETTER TO JANE.

'The cameras wouldn't have been on the speakers if we weren't there!'

You could have stood onstage -- could anything have stopped you aging Norma Desmonds? -- and kept your mouth closed.  It would given attention to the women who had something to say, whose lives are effected because they don't have several million in the bank.

In Iraq, the war continues and so do the War Crimes.

  • يونامي تدعو الحكومة الى التحقيق في تقرير بشأن تعذيب وقتل أسرى مشتبه في ضلوعهم بأعمال إرهابية في الموصل
  • Statement: UNAMI Calls on Government to Investigate Report of Torture and Murder of Captured Terror Suspects in

  • The above is incorrect.

    It should read "alleged terror suspects" in the body as it does in the headline.

    Where's the concern for Iraq?

    For a never-ending war started by the US and that continues because the US keeps installing governments in that country instead of allowing the people of Iraq to select their own leaders?

    John Pilger called out this nonsense earlier this week at COUNTERPUNCH:

    The obsession with Trump is a cover for many of those calling themselves “left/liberal”, as if to claim political decency. They are not “left”, neither are they especially “liberal”.  Much of America’s aggression towards the rest of humanity has come from so-called liberal Democratic administrations — such as Obama’s. America’s political spectrum extends from the mythical centre to the lunar right. The “left” are homeless renegades Martha Gellhorn described as “a rare and wholly admirable fraternity”. She excluded those who confuse politics with a fixation on their navels.

    That certainly describes the celebrities who felt they had something worth sharing at today's marches.

    Note below:

    - Sectarian Iraqi army entered a school in Amiriyyah, and assaulted/attacked Sunni students and teachers...

    That would be living with terror.

    Those who've got over a million in the bank will never know the terror and should have closed their mouths and let others at the marches speak.

    I'm not in the mood to indulge hypocrisy and vanity, sorry.

    Please check out David Bacon's photo essay on the San Francisco march to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  You won't find a photo of, say, Madonna, but that just means the march was all the more important and serious.

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    Friday, January 20, 2017

    Iraq snapshot

    Friday, January 20, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue in Iraq but, faded celebs from a time gone by, insist that the real tragedy is here in the US as the country prepares for the inauguration of Donald Trump.

    Today, Barack Obama passes the presidential baton to Donald Trump.

    Places where they ain't thanking Obama: Flint Somalia Yemen Syria Libya Iraq Afghanistan Honduras Haiti Etc.......

    Maybe Elton John can warble his "dead blondes" song (nod to Keith Richards) live over the internet to console The Cult of St. Barack.

    Because Barack is leaving.

    And if you doubt that, Antonia Juhasz has suddenly re-discovered Iraq.

    For years, she's avoided it -- like the fake ass that she is.

    Just another hostage to the Democratic Party, unable to speak for what's important.

    How did she find Iraq?

    With 'veterans' that mean old John McCain wouldn't meet with.

    Did they have a meeting scheduled?


    Are they his constituents?


    Did they bother to make themselves presentable for a meet-up?

    Some did.  A few guys wore suits.

    Some needed to shave or trim their beards.

    One woman in particular needed schooling on the dangers of clown make up in broad daylight.

    But they showed up.

    To cause trouble.

    This is the same group of veterans who showed up at the RNC 2008 convention to disrupt and to make John McCain look bad.

    (After getting punked by Barack at the DNC convention.)

    So they've got no appointment, they're not his constituents and the last time they were around they were trying to ensure his defeat in the presidential election.

    McCain would meet with them why?

    They want headlines and they've certainly become the focus of Antonia's Twitter feed but then it's all partisan politics which is all cheap whores like Antonia can offer.

    Remember how we wrongly took her seriously?

    She produced that bad, plodding book. It was so poorly written, we took it for sincerity.

    Why would a non-writer try writing for so many pages unless they were sincere?

    Well if they're a former Democratic Party operative apparently their spots don't change.

    There's  a 'resistance' in the country, and Anotonia wants to lead it.

    Which is a sure sign that it'll go nowhere.

    Need another sign?

    Hollywood millionaire celebrities lead rally in NY. (Yawn)

    I'll leave Alec out of it (I know and like Alec) but what a buffet of losers.

    Mark thought he could elect Hillary by promising to go nude in his next film.

    Apparently, he forgot that his nudity in IN THE CUT didn't help the box office.  Or that he's many years older now.

    (And I believe he also flashed the goods in XX/XY.)

    Michael Moore?  He looks more like Paula Poundstone every year.

    A community member, an Iraqi refugee, e-mailed on the LA protest.  Jane Fonda will be there.  The member writes, "So she'll speak out against words hurting us but not bullets and bombs?"

    That's right.

    'Activist' Jane promised not to be silent on the Iraq War and then fell silent.

    She, like the rest of the losers above, couldn't speak out against the ongoing Iraq War throughout the last eight years, or the illegal spying Barack was conducting, or the attack on Libya, or . . .

    But someone they don't like is becoming president and they're going to stage photo ops and try to get their tired names back in the news.

    Sally needs the work.  She's not Aunt Mae anymore (and never should have been -- it's "Aunt" Mae, not Great Grandma Mae) and MY NAME IS CLITORIS flopped because she couldn't keep her stupid politics out of promoting the film (although the film was poor to begin with -- no woman near retirement in this country would be encouraged to quit her job and go out and look for another when she has no skill set to speak of).  Sally needs to jump start her career.

    Julianne Moore has no career.  Fiery supporting performances never led to stardom.

    She couldn't carry a film 20 years ago and she still can't today.

    Because of her politics, the Academy gave her an award for a so-so performance in a film no one will remember.  As she searches for roles in the streaming service world, even she knows she's a never-was.  She's Jeanne Crain with less camera appeal -- and for any who just said "who?" -- exactly.

    So here they come, the same crowd that tried to tell American how to vote.

    All they did was alienate a lot of people.

    Adults know how to vote.

    It's one thing to say, "I'm proud of Hillary and I'm voting for her.''

    It's another to try to shame someone into voting for your political crush.

    And now, in utter stupidity,they show up as Donald is being sworn in, to protest . . .


    Because he's going to do things that demand protest.

    And by upping the outrage factor with protests before he's even president, all these idiots are doing is making sure many Americans will tune out when actual protest for actual actions take place.

    Way to go idiots.

    And let's go back to those vets.

    Because I'm thinking about Sally Field's Emmy acceptance speech and how she pretended to care about Iraq -- then lost all interest in it as Barack came into office.

    And I'm realizing how many years ago that was.

    I look at a number of the veterans protesting as young people.

    They're not.

    They've been out of Iraq for at least ten years now.

    This Tweet provides perspective on the long, long ongoing Iraq War:

    The Iraq War in 2003 can clearly remember every Teacher in School talking about it and I was only 5 at the time.

    So as they protest McCain, I'm left to wonder, where the hell have they been as Barack's sent more US troops into Iraq, as Barack's bombed Iraq daily since August 2014?

    Where the hell have they been?

    I didn't start Iraq Veterans Against the War -- they did.

    So I guess, in a John Kerry-like way -- they were against the war before they were for it?

    And all of the above, where is their cry to stop the paranoia and fear of Russia?

    The Russian government has not been proven to have done anything.

    There is no evidence that it hacked the election or anything else.

    Now I know Jane fell to the floor in Russia when Roger Vadim took her there and she had a panic attack because she was consumed by the Cold War fears.

    Why in the world wouldn't she speak out now as idiotic Temple Prostitutes for Hillary try to restart The Cold War?

    These losers want to pretend life was great the last 8 years when it truly was not.

    Compare what the new pres. will (supposedly) do to the US to what the old one(s) did to Iraq and Afghanistan.


    But they were silent because they were members of The Cult of St. Barack.

    They moved on to become Temple Prostitutes for Hillary.

    And they still damage the world.

    Is it one of the planks of to demand provocative deployments of US troops on or near Russia's border?

    Rachel Maddow is disgusting.

    And it appears Hillary Clinton's legacy will be not just to be known as a loser but also to have re-started The Cold War.

    If that happens, Hillary can rest assured that she will be ripped apart in history books.

    The ridiculous person who couldn't concede an election and who allowed her supporters to whip up hysteria against another country because princess was too lazy to campaign.

    I get tired of pointing out everything and wish others would.

    But Bully Boy Bush was mocked by many -- I mocked him -- for his 2000 campaign and how he had to be home every night to sleep in his own bed as the campaigning wore on.

    What a spoiled brat, right?

    Well one reason Hillary was so ineffective on the campaign trail is she wasn't doing enough campaign events because, like BBB, she had to be home in her own bed.

    She was lazy, she was corrupt.

    All these idiots with their protests refuse to face reality.

    Hillary refused to have an inspector general reviewing her.  In her entire term as Secretary of State, she had no IG.

    This is a pattern with her.

    That's why she did the private e-mail server.

    That's why she deleted e-mails.

    That's why she and others in her department stonewalled Congress throughout the end of 2011 and the start of 2012 in hearing after hearing.

    Hillary will not allow for oversight.

    And this is who you defend?

    You don't take to the streets to defend the Iraqi people but a corrupt and whorish woman who claims she's devoted her life to public service -- while raking in millions and millions of dollars -- and who has cheered on every war she could is who you want to defend?

    Jason Ditz (ANTIWAR.COM) reports:

    The Obama Administration has made a habit of dramatically underreporting civilian deaths in its assorted military operations around the world, but took things to a whole new level in what will presumably be their last such document, claiming only one civilian killed all year in US drone strikes “worldwide.”
    [. . .]
    The most recent incident was in mid-December, when a US drone participating in Iraq’s invasion of the city of Mosul destroyed a house full of civilians, killing a family of nine. These of course are all just a fraction of the hundreds of civilians killed in US airstrikes over the course of 2016, but in many cases it remains uncertain if the strike was a drone or a manned aircraft, and similar systematic under-reporting of deaths by Centcom makes such determinations all but impossible.

    The Iraqi people live in a war zone.

    A US created war zone, please remember.

    It is the height of indulgence and narcissism for Americans to focus on the 'tragedy' of a person being sworn in as president while ignoring the very real suffering in the world.

    And for those who just can't get it through their skulls, take some advice from Aretha.

    Get some pride and a deeper love and stop wallowing.

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