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What’s Next in Julian Assange Case?! w/ Kevin Gosztola and Steve Poikenon


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A War Criminal Returns

Where to start?  With the event of today?  Or with its roots?  Noting that one of the worst Americans came forward to weigh in on Iraq?  Someone who has no place to speak on Iraq.  And we can -- and will -- go into why.  But do we leave it at that post-invasion understanding?

Or do we go with  the psycho-analytic literature?  Do we talk about Freud and his finds on criminals?  Do we tie that in with Theodor Reik's work -- especially with regards to his THE COMPULSION TO CONFESS?  

Let's just dive in.

The War Criminal is Paul L. Bremer.  If you paid attention over the years, most credit Bremer with being behind the post-invasion disaster in Iraq.  He disbanded the Iraqi military, he instituted various measures.  The United Kingdom had an inquiry into the Iraq War, the Chilcot Inquiry.  Their prime minister at the time of the start of the war was Tony Blair.  He lied and tricked the people of the UK.  He teamed up with Bully Boy Bush on the Crawford ranch and, ahead of the war, decided it was a go before any cases were being made to the people of the world.  

Even so, the star of that hearing?  The most mentioned person, cited in testimony by UK and US officials?  Cited?  Try condemned.  Not one witness praised him.  They all pointed to his mistakes and noted that they turned Iraq into a disaster.  

Who was that crook? That's right, L. Paul Bremer.  

He teams up with The RAND Corporation's David Charles Gomper to lie in a column entitled "As Afghanistan Reverts, Iraq Makes Steady Progress: It has a capable army, a functioning representative government—and a need for continued U.S. help" for THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.  Gomper, it should be noted, was in Iraq from 2003 through 2004 and enjoyed every minute he had serving under Paul.  

Now the two liars and criminals are back.

So where have you gone
Have you gone so far from the eyes that
Speak trouble and even when the warning is
Well it's hard to hide from
Eyes that are all over you
That only some
Make you lose your composure
Well it's hard on my heart
Said, "well open your eyes"
Yeah, it gets harder every day
Said, "i need to know now "
Soon you will be gone
Take your violet and blue
Mornings with you
Ooh woo ooh ooh
Ooh woo ooh ooh
So you hide out
Like you think that you never left
Tried to tell him that his heart is in his hands
Ooh, yes
Well it's hard on my heart
He said, "open your eyes"
Yeah, it gets harder every day
He said, "i need to know that"
Soon you will be gone
Take your violet and blue
Mornings with you

-- "Violet & Blue," written by Stevie Nicks, first appears on the AGAINST ALL ODDS soundtrack

If only Bremer would take his violet and blue mornings with him -- and go far, far away.

Instead, he wants to lie.

The lies are endless in his column and in his tiny mind.  He tells you that Nouri al-Maliki stepped down in 2014 and that proves that the Iraqi government worked.


Barack Obama forced Nouri out.  Nouri wanted a third term. Nouri planned to have a third term -- whether he was re-elected or not.  After all, the Iraqi people rejected him in 2010 but he refused to step down and he got away with that because of the US government which backed him and which negotiated The Erbil Agreement -- a contract between the various political leaders that overturned the vote and gave Nouri a second term.

By 2012, Barack was refusing Nouri's phone calls.  By then, Barack realized what a huge mistake it was giving Nouri a second term.  Nouri's actions led to the rise of ISIS.  Nouri's actions led to the loss of Mosul to ISIS.  Nouri was planning on a third term.  Barack is the one who told him no.  

Bremer's lies never end.  "America’s efforts, sacrifices and patience in Iraq are paying off."  No, you piece of lying trash, there is no pay off.  Quit lying.  You should be in prison.  In a more primitive time, they would have cut out your tongue and cut off your hands after your record of lying.

I'm reminded of Freud's THE EGO AND THE ID.  Bremer was largely forgotten by many Americans and an equally large number are too young to remember when he created disaster in Iraq.  But apparently guilt, which Freud would say was there before Bremer's crimes and which were the motives for Bremer's crimes, are also what makes him attempt to draw attention to himself now.

Iraq's military?  Bremer wants you to know it is strong.

The American people were fed the lie multiple times before.  The fact that US troops remain on the ground in Iraq goes to the reality that the Iraqi military is not strong.  And it's not committed.  It can't be committed to a government that doesn't serve the Iraqi people.  That was the problem with the operation in Basra in 2008 and why so many of the Iraqi military fled.

Now that's the military proper.  

There's also the militias which are now part of the military -- a step we spent years calling against and, guess what, we were right.  Once it happened, after years of being proposed (with the excuse of battling ISIS allowing it to happen), turns out the Iraqi prime minister -- no matter who that is -- cannot control them.  Mustafa may be prime minister, Mustafa al-Khadimi -- but he is not able to control them.  They call him a traitor -- publicly call him that.  They threaten him.  They encircle his home.  This isn't 'long ago,' this is May 2021.  

The militia was folded into the Iraqi military.  Most western think tanks now tell you that was a mistake.  Now.  Now tell you.  It's a little late for that, isn't it?  And now the US government has to deal with those militias and see those militias as the greatest threat to Iraq's stability.

Paul lies about that.  He must have a compulsion to be caught.  He must fear the silence and isolation he's been living in.  He needs the attention, he feeds off it, so he returns to lie again and remind everyone just how crooked and criminal he is.

We told you Iraq was the prize, not Afghanistan.  And neocons like Paul Bremer are bound and determined that the American people do not learn the lesson from Afghanistan:

1) You can't impose a government on a foreign people

2) Propped up governments are not governments of the people and have no real popular support.

That's the lesson the corporate media and its whores -- Andrea, I'm looking at you right now -- won't tell the people and it's the lesson they are so scared that the American people will learn on their own.

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Something’s Fishy This Weekend



Leisurely reads. Quirky tips. Meet your weekend BFF with the lowdown on the coolest art, culture, food, travel, TV shows, music and more.

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Aug 21, 2021TODAY

One of my cooler friends, an octogenarian former neighbor with a painter’s brush moustache and a wealth of World War II trivia, has an interesting take on weekends. Years ago, watching me leave for work one Sunday — such is the life of a rookie journalist — he handed me a box of consolatory guava cheese, and some wisdom. “On Sunday you have to do Tuesday things, ya? Then do Sunday things on a Tuesday!” he laughed, his Santa-belly shaking.

While meant as a joke, it reminded me to imbue all days of the week with some of the levity that we usually reserve for the weekend. The weekend, according to my friend, is but a state of mind and you can briefly dip into it anytime you choose. I don’t work Sundays anymore, but I do take time out on workdays to listen to a Tom Petty classic or whip up a quick dessert. So, for this weekend, and the days that follow, we’ve put together some smashing good tunes, reads and recipes, peppered with some celebrity hot faves. Ever wanted to know what Lenny Kravitz’s favorite fruit is? Read on.

Sohini Das Gupta, Reporter


1 - Cali Cowboy

While K-pop, dance and R&B might be the cool kids right now, the grounding force of country music held its own through the pandemic last year. With its rustic roots and heartfelt nature, a bit of country is a relaxing way to break up your day, and what better place to start than Jon Pardi’s 2019 hit album, Heartache Medication ? A new age messiah for the genre, California-based Pardi is known for classic country lyrics that even the most ardent city-slicker can dig. Dive bars, young love, jukebox jangles and freight trains . . . Pardi is a master exorcist and his songs are full of ghosts. “Head Over Boots” will make you think back to a very special night, or hatch plans for one, while “Beer Can’t Fix, ” a Thomas Rhett number featuring Pardi, has a near-tropical vibe. Don your cowboy hat, bust open a cold one and keep it real.

2 - Jive With Jolene

What’s more heart-on-sleeve than country music? And what’s more country than Dolly Parton’s Grammy-winning gem “Jolene”? Now, Amythyst Kiah isn’t exactly country, but her version of the oft-covered 1973 number is rich and compelling. Another sucker-punch rendition is by none other than Parton’s goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, who makes the song her own. Her authenticity and range of emotions show off a talent that isn’t taken seriously enough. Not all covers of the song about a woman begging another woman not to steal her man are straight-up country. Artists as diverse as Norah Jones, The White Stripes, Straight No ChaserStrawberry Switchblade and Sisters of Mercy have screeched, whispered and cried out the tune, proving that country is a pretty fluid genre. Turns out the song can even be transformed into a medieval-style ballad if you prefer “ bardcore” to hardcore. 

3 - To the Chapel

The perception of country as a white music genre has been challenged in recent years, perhaps most famously by Lil Nas X and his mega hit “Old Town Road. ” New Orleans-based trio Chapel Hart have faced their own set of challenges as Black women in the genre. But that’s not stopping sisters Danica and Devynn and their cousin Trea, who have been harmonizing their hearts out ever since they were toddlers growing up in Poplarville, Mississippi. The verve shines through in songs like “ Country Paradise” and “Jesus & Alcohol,” the chorus of which goes: “So pass the Bible, bourbon, and brace for a breakup . . . ’cause nothing heals a broken heart like Jesus and alcohol.” The band also recorded a savage, feminist response to the Parton classic called “You Can Have Him, Jolene. ” 


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1 - Mango, Mon Amour

I can steer any conversation about food — make that any conversation at all — to the beauty of fish. True to my Bengali genes, I love bhetki paturi , glorious parcels of mustard-marinated barramundi steamed in banana leaves. Or even gaad nadur, a fish curry with lotus stems from Kashmir. But there’s no need to limit yourself while plating up this protein when there’s a whole world of simple, delicious recipes to explore. Take, for instance, yum pla duk foo, a Thai dish of crispy-fried catfish with a green mango salad — a side dish vegan Lenny Kravitz would no doubt enjoy, given his love of the fruit. Yum pla duk foo is traditionally prepared with charcoal-grilled catfish, but you could easily swap in a white fish like tilapia or even shrimp. Seasoned with fish sauce, lime juice and palm sugar, the flavors are fresh and zingy — and just wait for the golden crunch of the fish and the tartness of the mango.  

2 - From Lebanon, With Spices

I have limited knowledge of Middle Eastern flavors, but boy, do I like the sound of the Lebanese sayadiyeh, a pan-fried fish and rice dish served with pine nuts or toasted almonds! For me, warm spices, caramelized onions, parsley and the nutty topping conjure an image of a long, slow lunch, savored with friends. Codfish and basmati rice should be easy to find, but if you don’t stock turmeric, cinnamon, cilantro, cumin and black pepper in your pantry, opt for a pre-mixed baharat blend from a trusted Middle Eastern grocer. Serve with a parsley, tomato and tahini salad, plus a hearty squeeze of lemon. Want a dose of politics with your plate? Familiarize yourself and your lunch buddies with Lebanon’s ongoing economic crisis, one way to ensure you engage with the country and its people beyond the food.

3 - Senegal Central

Heads up: Thieboudienne is not a dish for a lazy Saturday. Save Senegal’s national dish of rice and fish stew for a weekend when friends or family are set to gather around, and pamper your loved ones with this soulful flavor medley. You’ll need to plan in advance, not only for the elaborate nature of the dish, but also the sheer volume of ingredients. We are talking sweet cassava, bay leaves, okra, habanero chile, tamarind and yété, or sea-snail. The good news: Some of the elements can be subbed or skipped entirely. With the right mix of patience and hungry tummies, the labor you put in will be rewarded with an awed silence at the table, punctuated by the sound of munching and requests for seconds.  


1 - ‘Every Body Looking’

It will take more than a weekend to debate what a book needs to classify as YA or young adult literature. The way I see it, it is little more than a popular categorization, used primarily for publishing purposes. How many times have books, perhaps originally written for young adults or even children, lingered in your grown-up brain long past the last page? The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TimePersepolisThe Diary of Anne Frank and The Book Thief are just a few examples. But don’t take my word for it, take Matt Damon’s. The recent guest on The Carlos Watson Show told OZY he’s torn between choosing The Princess Bride or teenage-angst classic The Catcher in the Rye as his favorite book. So shed the labels and check out Nigerian American writer Candice Illoh’s piercing debut novel, Every Body Looking. That the heavily autobiographical coming-of-age novel was a finalist for a National Book Award is telling. Illoh’s protagonist, Ada, navigates questions of race, religion, sexuality and addiction — all in verse form.

2 - ‘Vengeance Road’

Fans of western fiction, stories set in 19th-century frontier America and the Old West, this one’s for you. Set against the backdrop of the gold rush, Vengeance Road takes you on a ride along the mountains of Arizona in the company of spunky teenager Kate Thompson. The heroine has disguised herself as a boy to seek justice for her father, who was murdered for a journal containing the location of a gold mine. Can you think of a more dramatic premise? Me neither. If you like revenge, pistols and badass dialogue, or if you just want to bask in the glow of the friendships Kate finds along the way, join her on the dusty journey. And then thank Erin Bowman’s vivid imagination for the suspense, secrets and memorable read she delivers.   

3 - ‘Up to This Pointe’

When was the last time you read a coming-of-age novel set in Antarctica that combined ballet, penguins, romance and wonderful friendships?Well, Jennifer Longo takes care of that for you. Up to This Pointe is the story of Harper Scott, whose life plan was etched out and in no way involved the icy darkness of Antarctica that claimed the life of her famous explorer ancestor. Still, that’s where she finds herself: Life happens, hearts break and sometimes your well-laid plan goes south ... all the way to the South Pole. But the kindness of family and friendships that survive the cold are enough to keep her warm. The novel serves as a reminder that when dreams are derailed and sadness clings to you like frost, there is still hope.


1 - Yee Haw Haul

A cowboy hat may not be on the top of your shopping list, but what reasonable human can resist a great pair of boots? You don’t have to be invited to a costume party or working on a ranch to rock this pair of super cute, leather cowgirl boots replete with turquoise beads and stars. Any Brooklyn hipster worth their salt would love these! Think of them as a secret wink to your newly acquired country playlist, without quite going yee haw. 

2 - Fish Dish

Want fresh fish but the market ran out? You can still dish it up, if only as the pattern on this gorgeous blue-and-white Santorini plate. That it is hand-painted in Portugal will make up for the rumbles in your tummy, so pile it full of whatever it is you do have in the fridge — and keep it at the ready for your grilled seafood feast. 

3 - Fish on a Hook

No need to fish for compliments with these bespeckled earrings painted the prettiest deep-sea blue. Add some quirk to your casual with statement jewelry that’s bound to catch some attention.   


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