Saturday, January 13, 2018

No improvement, no turned corner, things worsen in Iraq

The PMUs are the militias in Iraq.

They're not supposed to be allowed to run in elections.  This was stopped under Nouri al-Maliki.

That's just changed thanks to Hayder al-Abadi.

Well one good thing -- the US government can stop utilizing their CIA assets in the foreign press to blather on about Hayder taking on corruption.

He hasn't.

And he won't.

And now that he's made this deal with the PMUs, even the CIA funded 'reporters' will most likely drop that talking point.

Hayder is corrupt and the corpse rots from the head.

Remember this 'feel good' moment?

White Beard, the loathsome executioner of men for (and not the warm jolly guy at malls) has been captured in .

  1. Islamic State leader who appeared prominently in execution videos has been captured in Iraq

They caught him.  Hayder had him.  And unlike the bulk of those accused of being ISIS, there was actually video -- multiple videos -- of this man committing crimes, killing people.

And it's Hayder's Iraq.  Meaning you can buy your way out of anything.

  1. WHITE BEARD: Abu Omer has escaped prison after bribing Iraqi authorities with $7,500: via

And grasp that not only did he kill people but he will likely kill residents of Mosul if he can pick some suspects since they're the ones who turned him in.

They've let out a killer to kill again.

Hayder's going to fight ISIS -- unless it's a leader who can bribe his way out -- unless it's a killer who kills women and gay men (and men suspected of being gay).  In the Iraq the US-invasion created, the fundamentalist cowards that the US government put in control of Iraq -- the cowards who fled -- it's okay to kill women and gay men.

Nothing changes in Iraq.  They sell you the lies over and over that things are getting better but they're not. 

When you use the false baseline of 2007 - 2008, you can sell a lot of lies.

But the reality is that nothing has improved.

And yet American lives and dollars are still being used to prop up these 'rulers' that do not represent Iraq or the Iraqi people.

Shame on anyone stupid enough to still believe that democracy is -- or ever was -- the goal.

And shame on anyone still thinking that things have improved.

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