Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hayder the liar al-Abadi

He said that the Iraqi army would never attack the citizens of Iraq.

He said that on Friday, in fact, "Our forces cannot and will not attack our citizens, Arab or Kurd."

And 24 hours later?

demands the withdrawal of forces from areas occupied since 2014 including by 02:00 or they will be taken forcibly.

IRAQI DAY took sides yesterday and has continued to.  In a recent Tweet, the outlet offered:

The said “ we will teach the a lesson if they advance toward our positions” said the same thing & look what happened.

What happened to ISIS?

Oh, right, the US-led coalition bombed them (and thousands of civilians) to death.

Let's not pretend that the militias -- let alone the Iraqi military -- accomplished anything significant.

The US military judgment is that Iraqi forces can still not defend Iraq.

The Peshmerga?

It has defended northern Iraq -- which is why that portion of Iraq has had relative peace over the last 14 years.

So boast away, IRAQI DAY, but it's an empty boast based on what's happened.

That doesn't mean the militias would lose in a face off with the Peshmerga.

But it could happen.

And if it does?

Baghdad's inability to defeat the politically & militarily will encourage many other groups in Iraq to seek autonomy or independence.

So this is where it stands?

Iraqi forces have threatened to attack Peshmerga positions in South West of Kirkuk at midnight unless all forces stand down.

And the US government's response?

Defense Sec. Mattis urges Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga forces to focus on defeating ISIS, not fighting each other

All out war could break out.

Where's the US response?

Brett McGurk, the Special Envoy to Iraq, hasn't Tweeted in two days -- maybe he's working on the issue?

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    My piece w/ . Need 4 direct talks & int'l community role 2 prevent violence post .
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    Either side can start a war but neither side can end it. An all-out war means the END of the political process in Baghdad & the END of Iraq
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    Pr should invite IraqiPM & KRGPres 2 CampDavid 2 discuss & resolve the crisis peacefully under US mediation

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