Saturday, March 02, 2019

The endless garbage from US 'news' outlets

US President Donald Trump spoke Saturday to the Conservative Political Action Committee.

What's interesting is the US press reaction which, as usual, is gossipy, bitchy and all around useless.  That's POLITCO, that's CNN, that's all the whore ass bitches you can think of.

Trump mocks Sessions, mimics Southern accent during CPAC speech

The Hill-13 hours ago
Trump, speaking before a crowd of conservatives at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, hammered Sessions ...

CNN Analyst Compares Trump's CPAC Speech To Hitler

The Daily Caller-7 hours ago
A CNN analyst claimed that President Donald Trump's speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday afternoon ...

GOP Strategist Disappointed By Reception to Trump's 'Unhinged ...

Newsweek-5 hours ago
GOP Strategist Disappointed By Reception to Trump's 'Unhinged' CPAC Address: ... It's unrecognizable what Donald Trump has done to the party and what he's ...

Former Obama Administration Official Compares Trump To Hitler

The Inquisitr-6 hours ago
... analyst, on Saturday, compared President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, Newsweek reports. ... Trump's fiery CPAC speech was deemed controversial by many.

Donald Trump's Talk of 'Preserving Our Heritage' Is 'Sick' and ...

Newsweek-9 hours ago
Donald Trump's Talk of 'Preserving Our Heritage' Is 'Sick' and Reminiscent of ... Trump addressed the CPAC for more than two hours earlier today, where he ...

Trump rips Mueller probe during CPAC speech

KTVZ-9 hours ago
Trump rips Mueller probe during CPAC speech ... During his CPAC speech, President Donald Trump criticizes the investigation of special counsel Robert ...

Trump derides Mueller probe, mocks Democrats and his former ...

The Mercury News-9 hours ago
OXON HILL, Md. — President Donald Trump capped a tumultuous week by .... Two hours into his CPAC speech, Trump brought up the North Korea talks, ...

Trump's 10 wildest CPAC quotes

Politico-10 hours ago
President Donald Trump said he went “totally off script” during his speech to a crowd of conservative activists on Saturday. At the annual Conservative Political ...

What a bunch of giddy, useless bitches one and all.

You have to go to the foreign press to find actual news.  ANADOLU AGENCY headlines their report "Trump admits failure of US policies in Syria, Iraq."

U.S. president on Saturday criticized his country's foreign policies in Iraq and Syria, saying that his administration will focus on fixing up America's infrastructure rather than fighting "endless wars".
During his two-hour speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Donald Trump said that [ISIS] will be defeated "hundred percent" in a day or two and reiterated his administration's firmness to pull American troops.
"We will leave a small group of guys and gals [soldiers] but we want to bring our people back home. It is time," Trump said in the annual event in National Harbor, Maryland.
"We would be in Syria for 4 months but we ended up 5 years. Just funny."
He slammed the Middle East policies of former U.S. governments, recalling his first-time visit to Iraq in 2017* when they had to turn off all the lights at the military plane before landing for security purposes.
"Think of this. We spent seven trillion dollars in the Middle East and we can't land a plane with lights on, 20 years later. How bad is that!" Trump said. 

[* actually 2018.]

Those remarks?

Actual news.  And in a country with a real media, they'd be reporting them.  But we don't have a real media in the US.

They should all be ashamed of themselves.  There are real life issues taking place and instead of reporting, they're serving up garbage.

They need to be held accountable.

The following sites updated:

  • Love's Proof (Tracy Chapman)

    Tracy Chapman's "Love's Proof" from her album WHERE YOU LIVE.

    Pakistan Court Orders Implementation of Measures to Address Obstetric Fistula

    From the Center for Reproductive Rights:

    The Center for Reproductive rights welcomes a ruling by the Sindh High Court in Pakistan directing the government to implement measures to provide access to obstetric fistula care in the province of Sindh, including the creation of fistula repair centers and the recruitment of qualified gynecologists to government hospitals.

    The ruling by the Sindh High Court is in response to a petition filed in 2015 by Sara Malkani, Advocacy Adviser for Asia, demanding that the government take measures to prevent and treat obstetric fistula, a devastating pregnancy-related injury that affects hundreds of women in Pakistan every year.  The petition was filed on behalf of Kiran Sohail, a mother of six who developed obstetric fistula after having her first child.  She was left untreated for more than eight years. Gynecologist Dr. Shershah Syed, President of the Pakistani National Forum on Women’s Health and Tehrik-e-Niswan, a leading woman’s empowerment NGO were co-petitioners.

    The petition, which was developed through the Center’s South Asia Reproductive Justice and Accountability Initiative (SARJAI), demanded that the government ensure affordable access to, and information about, treatment for obstetric fistula in every district in the province of Sindh. The public interest petition sought to hold the government accountable for denial of timely and adequate treatment of obstetric fistula as violations of women’s fundamental rights under the Pakistan Constitution, including their rights to life and dignity. The petition also demanded that the government comply with its international treaty obligations under the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights.

    Since the petition was filed, the High Court has passed numerous interim orders directing the government to frame policies related to obstetric care in consultation with civil society organizations.  These orders led the government to develop policy proposals and set aside budgetary allocations to improve the availability of treatment for obstetric fistula. “The High Court ruling reflects unprecedented recognition by a court in Pakistan that the government is constitutionally obligated to ensure the availability and accessibility of quality obstetric services,” says Payal Shah, Acting Director of the Asia Program at the Center for Reproductive Rights. “This is a crucial step forward to ensure women’s reproductive health and rights in Pakistan.”

    The Court has asked the government to submit a compliance report in three-months to show that its progress towards implementation of the Court order.  The Center for Reproductive Rights and its partners will continue to monitor the measures taken by the government over the next few months to ensure that it fulfills its human rights obligations.

    Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

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    In less than one week, 154 US military veterans have committed suicide. That's almost one every 60 minutes, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. War-Criminals, like John Bolton, send young men and women to commit atrocities based on lies and propaganda...then they return and realise the truth...
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    FREE ASSANGE RALLIES in AUSTRALIA TODAY!! Sun March 3rd SYDNEY 2pm BRISBANE 1pm WATCH live stream around the world! Australian journalists tell the TRUTH about the brutal political persecution of their colleague Julian Assange Details⤵
  • If this footage was from Russia, Syria, or Venezuela, rather than France today, it would be televised incessantly all across our mainstream media.
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    John Bolton, by this reasoning, should arrest himself and ship himself to the Hague for the support he gives Saudi despots, Egyptian tyrants, and a whole slew of other repressive rulers he has actively and aggressively supported and praised throughout his life:
  • Tear gas flies in Paris, France, as protesters hit the streets for the 16th consecutive weekend.
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    The claim that sanctions on only hurt a handful of top officials is completely false. Sanctions fall hardest on society's poorest. In Iraq, they killed over 500K children. Even The Economist admitted that sanctions lead to starvation.
  • Final report on the chemical attack in Syria’s Douma by the OPCW: Only chlorine found. No sarin or any other nerve agents. In other words: The media lied, and the US, UK and France used their lies as a pretext to bomb Syria. WMDs in Iraq all over again.
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    THIS RALLY tomorrow will be highly informative! Australian journalists John Pilger & James Cogan have been closely following/accurately reporting the TRUTH of my son's brutal political persecution for many years! You can WATCH from anywhere in the world!
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    Winner of the most ballsy backpedaling/gaslighting award over Russiagate Conspiracy Theory has got to be this CNN hack who is now Blaming His Audience For Believing His Own Reporting! Can’t make this shit up. And you wonder why people get their news from jagoff comedians.
  • Tulsi Gabbard: This foreign policy of regime change wars, of going around overthrowing and toppling countries we don’t like, is costing us trillions of dollars, causing more suffering in the countries where we go and wage these wars, and is undermining our own national security.
  • How about we discuss George Bush Sr. and Jr. destroying Iraq, killing and displacing millions, giving rise to ISIS, and destabilizing the entire Middle East for decades to come, instead of making them out to be some lovable characters from a family-friendly sitcom? Thanks.
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    The US must always be willing to meet with our adversaries in pursuit of peace, but our history of regime change war and breaking agreements undermines our credibility. This is why Kim doesn't trust us.
  • John McCain was a violator of human rights across the globe who fiercely promoted war, sanctions and regime change. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen and many other countries bear the scars of his fanatical interventionism. What planet are you living on?
  • Almost everyday tens of thousands of protesters hit the streets in Venezuela to oppose US intervention and meddling. But these people don’t exist according to the pro-war mainstream media.
  • When will Madeleine Albright apologize for declaring “it was worth it” to murder half a million children in Iraq as a result of brutal sanctions?
  • Cool story. Did you ask Obama why he bombed Libya back to the stone age, and handed it over to jihadist fanatics who now sell Black Africans and migrants in open air slave markets or nah?
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    This is exactly right. They accused opponents of the Iraq War of supporting Saddam. They accused opponents of US involvement in the war in Libya of supporting Gaddafi. They accuse opponents of US intervention in Syria of being pro-Assad. Same scummy tactic now used for Maduro:
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    We promised Libya’s dictator Gaddafi that if he gave up his nuke program, we wouldn’t overthrow him. He gave them up, and we blew him away. NK’s Kim won’t make the same mistake. Just another negative consequence of short-sighted regime-change war policies
  • “Lift the sanctions if you care about the Venezuelan people. Do not invade Venezuela. The last thing they need is Elliott Abrams and John Bolton stomping all over their country with heavy boots.” Thank you Roger Waters.
  • You have to be either gullible or disingenuous to think the likes of Bolton and Abrams, war criminals responsible for the suffering of millions of Iraqis and Latin Americans, just innocently want to send “humanitarian aid” to help “liberate” the people of Venezuela. 🙄