Saturday, June 02, 2018

The occupation continues

A haiku: remember Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist

How does this disconnect from reality?

Not only do many refues to accept it, they refuse to accept its meaning.

The US government lied to start a war.

The war destroyed Iraq.

Somehow people seem to believe this is a credit for Congress, that their ability to blindly follow orders translates as leadership.

It doesn't.  It does explain how the Congress gets worse each term, so easily blackmailed, so easily corrupted.

They'll stand for their own craven selves but not for the American people or the Constitution.

Speaking of craven . . .

Iraq's water crises.... Zab river situation after Iran's cut off the water on Iraq!

Omar's correct that Iran's cut off water.  But it's not just Iran.  It's Iran and it's Turkey.  When you leave one of them out, it seems less to be about facts and more about a grudge f**k.

85% of Sinjar’s capital Shingal/Iraq are destroyed. 2,5 years after liberation from IS rule reconstruction hasn’t even started. Many Yazidis feel neglected and fourth grade citizens.

There is no reconstruction in Iraq -- only continued occupation.

Hawaii - Eruptions (Aftermath) by David Bacon

This is the opening to journalist David Bacon's recent piece on Hawaii:

Photoessay by David Bacon

Every day I look at the photos and videos of the lava overwhelming people's homes in Puna, on Hawai'i's Big Island.  I've stayed in the home of a friend there, which is now undoubtedly covered with molten rock.  My heart goes out to everyone who's lost a home, and to those who've known this beautiful place.

Like many, I've thought also about what Leilani Estates will look like years from now.  The landscape of congealed lava, after an eruption, is desolate and surreal, but in its way, also strangely beautiful.  I post these photos of two places where I've taken photographs to show this, to honor those who now will have to deal with what's happened.

One, Moana Ulu, is a shield volcano on the side of Kilauea, where the eruption began in 1969 and went on for several years.  The other images are of lava in the flow that buried Kalapana and Kaimu in 1990.  In both places, on the congealed lava flow, you see the resurgence of life - fern and coconut seedlings pushing up through the cracks in the crust.

Use the link to see the photos.

Los Angeles Times reviews In the Fields of the North / En los Campos del Norte - clickhere

"Documenting the Farm Worker Rebellion"
"The Radical Resistance to Immigration Enforcement"
Havens Center lectures, University of Wisconsin, click here

San Francisco Commonweallth Club presentation by David Bacon and Jose Padilla, clickhere


Exhibition / Exhibicion
In the Fields of the North /
En los Campos del Norte

Photographs and text panels by David Bacon
documenting the lives of farm workers
Fotografias y paneles de texto por David Bacon
documentando las vidas de los que trabajan en el campo

Arbuckle Gallery / Pacific Hotel
History Park of San Jose, 1650 Senter Rd., San Jose, CA
10/26/2017 - 6/3/2018,
11A-4.30P, Tues/Martes - Sun/Domingo

Video of the presentation at the opening of the exhibition, click here


In the Fields of the North / En los Campos del Norte
Photographs and text by David Bacon
University of California Press / Colegio de la Frontera Norte

302 photographs, 450pp, 9”x9”
paperback, $34.95
order the book on the UC Press website:
use source code  16M4197  at checkoutreceive a 30% discount

En Mexico se puede pedir el libro en el sitio de COLEF:

En los campos del Norte documenta la vida de trabajadores agrícolas en Estados Unidos -
Entrevista con el Instituto Nacional de la Antropologia y Historia

Entrevista en la television de UNAM

David Bacon comparte su mirada del trabajo agrícola de migrantes mexicanos en el Museo Archivo de la Fotografia

Trabajo agrícola, migración y resistencia cultural: el mosaico de los “Campos del Norte”
Entrevista de David Bacon por Iván Gutiérrez / A los 4 Vientos

"Los fotógrafos tomamos partido"
Entrevista por Melina Balcázar Moreno - Laberinto


EN LOS CAMPOS DEL NORTE:  Farm worker photographs on the U.S./Mexico border wall
Entrevista sobre la exhibicion con Alfonso Caraveo (Español) REALITY CHECK - David Bacon blog

Cat Brooks interview on KPFA about In the Fields of the North  - Advance the time to 33:15

Book TV: A presentation of the ideas in The Right to Stay Home at the CUNY Graduate Center

Die Kunst der Grenze für "eine andere Welt"

Die Apfel-Pflücker aus dem Yakima-Tal

Other Books by David Bacon

The Right to Stay Home:  How US Policy Drives Mexican Migration  (Beacon Press, 2013)
Illegal People -- How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants  (Beacon Press, 2008)
Recipient: C.L.R. James Award, best book of 2007-2008

Communities Without Borders (Cornell University/ILR Press, 2006)

The Children of NAFTA, Labor Wars on the U.S./Mexico Border (University of California, 2004)

En Español:

EL DERECHO A QUEDARSE EN CASA  (Critica - Planeta de Libros)


For more articles and images, see and

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