Saturday, March 16, 2019

Gaffe Prone Joe is in and then out

Media darling Joe Biden prepares for his April announcement that he's seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

"I get criticized by the new left. I have the most progressive record of anybody running.” -Biden ❌ Voted for the Iraq War ❌ Supported mass incarceration, supports death penalty ❌ Voted for bankruptcy bill to protect credit card companies ❌ NAFTA/TPP

It's gaffe prone Biden.  POLITICO reports:

"I know I get criticized. I'm told I get criticized by the new left,” Biden said during his keynote remarks at the First State Democratic Dinner in Dover. “I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the — anybody who would run.”
But before Biden could finish his thought, a chorus of cheers had broken out in the ballroom of the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino, with attendees rising from their tables to cheer the former Delaware senator.
“I didn't mean,” Biden said, raising his hands to quell the audience. He chuckled, looked down at the lectern, and made the sign of the cross on his chest.

Yes, it's already started.  The stumbling, bumbling idiot. 

Let's all get ready to laugh at the fool.  Isn't that what a Joe Biden campaign usually means?

Seeking the 1988 Democratic Party presidential nomination, Joe bumbled into plagiarism and had to drop out.  Seeking the 2008 Democratic Party presidential nomination, he stumbled out of the gate with his first interview.  How did THE ECONOMIST put it?  Oh, yes, "Joe Biden: Moron Racist Or Poorly Transcribed?"

Now he's going to make his third run, at 76, and with nothing worth bragging about.  "I was a vice president!"  Oh.  Okay. 

He's had a few years to carve out a post-White House issue to champion and he's done nothing.

It's a mistake.  He will burn away any goodwill he built up. 

How will Joe justify his vote for the Iraq War?  Because he will have to.  He didn't stay in the race long enough last go round to have to -- remember, Iowa was the death of his campaign in 2008.

He's trying to run for president and will be making his entry announcement after the 16th anniversary of the start of the ongoing Iraq War -- a war he voted for.  Grasp that.  It will be an issue.

In days, the Iraq War hits the 16 year mark.  Joseph Wyatt (CHARLESTON GAZETTE-MAIL) offers:

Any war has costs, and the Iraq War’s costs have been, and continue to be, enormous. U.S. casualties aside, somewhere between 100,000 and 600,000 Iraq citizens were killed in the war. Several million others became refugees. The war’s costs are ongoing and, ultimately, surely will exceed $3 trillion.
The U.S. lost the global moral high ground as world esteem for our nation evaporated with the revelations of abuses and torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Our relations with other nations continues to suffer, as the world looks upon us as instigators of an unjust war.
And perhaps the great irony of the war is that it chipped away at our national security by creating more terrorists, particularly as the dark images and tales of prison abuses swept the globe, inflaming the passions of increasing numbers of anti-American hearts, doubtless bringing some of them to swear vengeance on the U.S.
Now, at the 16-year mark, the war’s smoking ruins remain. In March 2019 the Associated Press’ Qassim Abdul-Zahra reported that the Islamic State group, while losing its last shred of territory in Syria, was creeping back into Iraq. Moreover, tens of thousands Iraqis remained displaced, large areas of the country were in ruins, corruption was rampant, infrastructure remained crumbled, armed militias continued to roam the streets of Baghdad, and unemployment, poverty and disenfranchised youth were widespread.

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