Saturday, August 22, 2020

Alyssa and Patricia attack Tara and ignore Iraq -- can you say "whore"?

 Today, Tara Reade Tweeted:



You both have resources & privilege. Your words are the reason survivors stay silent and have high suicide rates Cyberbullying and discrediting survivors?


Is a badass hero. Please use your platforms wisely. Do no harm. Or

Tara Reade also Tweeted:

" If you cannot help, Do not harm." Ghandi Your vitriol


about me has unleashed and emboldened bots and people to threaten and harrass me. With your position comes responsibility. Neither of you have ever even spoken to me more. But you both erase me.

Broken heart


Let's address it.  Tara Reade has stated that Joe Biden assaulted her when she worked for him in the early 90s.  Her charges are credible and have more backing than anyone else who's emerged years later with a he-said-she-said.

I believe her.

I did not believe Christina Blasey-Ford.

There were numerous reasons including knowing a woman who was told she better lie to support Christina's claims.  When Christina's claims were being discussed, I didn't trash her.

I still haven't trashed her.  I've stated, now that it's all over and to explain that I don't knee jerk go along with every assertion someone makes, I've noted that I didn't believe her.

She may have been telling the truth.  Her team may have just been out of control.  I didn't trash her and I didn't try to silence her.  

She was given the chance to make her claims in free zone where her life was not put on trial.  Forever and a day, that is what has happened with rape victims.  They go to court and a Kennedy family member, for example, gets a trashy  type who destroys the victim on the stage by putting her life on trial.  The only change there was, that by the 70s, they started to realize that they needed a female attack dog to destroy the woman.

There's always a whore named Anita Dunn willing to be bought and paid for.  In fact, wasn't that what Hillary Clinton did when she was defending a child rapist and argued that the 12-year-old girl was making it up and prone to lying and that children, according to an 'expert' often make up assaults?

Some will argue that Hillary tried to get off the case and she did.  Good for her for trying.  However, the reality is that she couldn't get off the case and so she attacked the victim.  You are not required to attack the victim in court.  That is not part of doing your best for your client.  She made a decision and her decision was to smear a 12-year-old girl as a liar.  And, as many have pointed out, to laugh about it later in public.  What a gal.

Let's move over to Alyssa Milano. 

She's an idiot, she's always been an idiot.  She doesn't know anything but pretends she's informed.  Her tiny mind is starving and has been for years.  She was denied an actual education -- on set tutoring is not an education.  While her TV character may have gone off to college, Alyssa didn't.  And in all the years since, she's never felt the need to educate herself.  I'm referring to the basic education anyone should want but we should also note that, as an actress, she froze at the age of 12 and failed to grasp that she needed to actually study acting.  It's why it's always hilarious when she makes the mistake of talking about her 'process' when confronting a role.  

She's shallow, she's stupid and she's uninformed.

But, goodness, can't she echo DNC talking points.  She thinks that makes her smart.  It doesn't.  At this point, nothing will.

Her latest crazy -- that the industry indulges in to mock her -- is that she's the victim of right wing hatred because she tells the truth.

Unlike Alyssa, I'm an actual leftist.  Unlike Alyssa, I've put in the time for education and I've put in the time around the world.  

People like me laugh at her because she's so damn stupid.  (Yes, she is the drunk actress I ran the blind item on -- the one whose 'college' is WIKIPEDIA.)  

How stupid is Alyssa?  I once called her vapid to her face and she hugged me and said, "Thank you."  She was touched.  After that, I just didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't a compliment.  I did gift her with a large dictionary, however. 

She is someone who needs a real education, true learning.  If she ever got that, she'd be unstoppable.  Do you have to go to college for that?  No, you don't.  But clearly, everything else she's tried has failed to educate her.

If Alyssa, tomorrow, just decided to focus on being some sort of parenting guru in her public actions, she'd still be irritating because she is so sure of her own greatness.  But she'd probably do a lot less harm. 

She has damaged the #MeToo movement by making it partisan.  Partisan, for those like Alyssa who don't grasp vocabulary, is not the same as political.  

Let's move over to Patty-aches.

I know the Arquettes and I love the Arquettes.  Rosanna was attacked by Harvey Weinstein.  For Patty to now attack any woman who has come forward is disgraceful.  She knows what Rosanna went through.

David is the sweetest, Alexis was the deepest thinker, Richmond is the most aware of the world and its issues and Rosanna is the true artist of the family.  What does that leave for Patty?

Fat and stupid apparently.

Twitter has made so many insufferable.

When Patricia got attacked for her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards, I defended her.  That's the last time I've been able to defend her.  She's grown increasingly stupid with each passing day.  The world does not need your opinion of everything that happens.  Twitter has misled so many.

It's also made clear who is working on their craft and who is just a publicity whore trying to drum up headlines and coverage.

Now Patty's Tweeting b.s. like "My family fought for the Union?

She's trying to trash people over what their family members may or may not have done years ago.  She's such trash.  I can't believe I ever spoke to her.  I knew she was losing it and I should have walked away from her train wreck in 2006.  She'd become obsessed with KPFK.  She was convinced that every word was truth.  Of the PACIFICA stations that offered news coverage at the time (which means we're ignoring the DC station), KPFK was the most generic and most conservative.  They'd infamously attack Cynthia McKinney on air.  This was especially glaring when you grasped how few women were on the air on KPFK then as hosts or guests -- especially as guests in that long afternoon block they ran for years and years.  Patty didn't grasp that, by the way.  You could even point it out to her and she didn't grasp it or just didn't care.

Which is amazing when she now plays more feminist-than-thou today.  As she's gotten fatter, she's gotten more stupid.

Looking back, I have to wonder if Patty even has a functioning intelligence.  I remember her little snit fit over Anais Nin in the late 90s.  She'd been a huge devotee and good because she actually read back then.  But then she found out about Anais's life -- no, not that Anais was married to two men at the same time, Patty was okay with that -- and she went into this rage that lasted for years.

Rosanna is an artist.  Her work in BABY IT'S YOU, NEW YORK STORIES, AFTER HOURS, David Cronenberg's CRASH, BIG BAD LOVE, FRANK & LOLA, OCTAVIO IS DEAD!, SUGAR TOWN, PULP FICTION, THE BIG BLUE . . .  She's set a standard and blazed a trail.  In 2006, Ava and I wrote "TV: What About Rosanna?" and we noted:

 The Penn crowd (we'll avoid using the term ___ Pack) had males firing blanks, but the women were something amazing to see. Of all of them, only Demi Moore still has a film career that interests the studios. That's a real shame because, while we think she's much more talented than she's ever been given credit for, we're also aware that she was far from alone. Elizabeth McGovern gave some amazing performances. Ally Sheedy had a fearlessness you rarely come across. And of course, there's Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Any beliefs that a new acting era took hold end with JJL. The bravery, the brava, of her performances can't be constrained in vehicles (see Backdraft or Road to Perdition), they need space for art (see just about anything else). While the actors came off like they were doing one screen test after another for TV Dad, the women were amazing.

One of those women was Rosanna Arquette. With the TV miniseries The Executioner's Song, she gave the sort of performance that, in better days, would have led to a string of films. The clue to why that didn't happen may have been revealed unintentionally in a Rolling Stone profile where the (male) writer couldn't shut up about how the European version included nudity. Yes, Rosanna Arquette has breasts. That's really not what created an amazing performance.

In Baby It's You, she demonstrated that her abilities weren't confined to the mini-series genre.
But she was up against the same thing that women of her generation were -- the backlash. Too young to be the middle aged "bitch" or the "happy wife," there were no roles for them. The Slugger's Wife, seen today, is junk, garbage and any other negative judgement you want to apply to it, but the reason every actress under 35 wanted the lead in that film (Rebecca De Mornay landed the role and did better than most could have) was because there were so few roles written for young women. You could be the girlfriend in a vehicle and not a great deal more.

One of Arquette's films started a craze that didn't benefit actresses. Desperately Seeking Susan (which Arquette did all the acting in) deluded many into thinking (a) Madonna could act and (b) there was a market for pop tarts. This led to many studios wasting time and money on far too many films (that never got made) that would star, for instance, a Tiffany or a Debbie Gibson while the actual actresses stood around wondering exactly when it was going to be their turn? Arquette's career was hurt further by her involvement in Radio Flyer which started out one thing, sucked up everyone's time, then was reshot (with new actors) and bombed in its watered down version far worse than the original could have.

Despite all of that, Arquette's always made an impression. Like Jennifer Jason Leigh, she usually has to do it outside the studio system. After Hours, Pulp Fiction, New York Stories can stand with Baby It's You and remind you just how amazing she is. Studio fare? In vehicles like Nowhere to Run and Hope Floats, she's given far more than they deserved, and avoided embarrassing herself, cementing a respect in the industry that, unfortunately, hasn't translated to the roles she deserves.

Rosanna blazed the trail and many in her wake, including Patricia, owe her a huge debt.  Patricia isn't Alyssa.  Patricia can act.  She doesn't show that much lately, but she can act.  Her turn in the HULU series was either camp or embarrassing.  But she's done strong work in the not-so-distant past and maybe she can do it again.  She's not Rosanna but she is talented.

Once uon a time, actors, great actors, worked on their craft.  Maybe Patricia could find her way back to that day?

Instead, she wants to attack Tara Reade.  

It's beneath her.  

If she wants to defend women, she's going to have to defend women.  That means don't post as a defender of women and then attack a woman to defend your political hero.

And how corrupt are you to make Joe Biden your political hero?

He's responsible for the mess in Iraq.  He didn't just vote for the war, he destroyed the country.  He was part of the decision -- led on it, at the end -- to overturn the 2010 vote.

Useless people like Patty and Alyssa want to whine that Russia interfered with the 2016 US election.  It didn't.  But the US government overturned the 2010 election in Iraq.


Because they're whores.

Alyssa can't help it, she's actually too stupid to be anything but a whore.

But Patricia should know better.

Joe is responsible for the low turnout in every Iraqi election after 2010.  We told the Iraqi people so many lies including that we were bringing them democracy.  But when they voted out thug Nouri in 2010, we refused to back them up.  That's on Joe's hands.  The rise of ISIS?

I love the Barack Whores who try to rewrite history to act as though 2010 didn't happen.  It did.  And what followed was Nouri was out of control -- even more so -- and terrorizing the Iraqi people and the politicians elected to represent them.  He declared a Sunni vice president a terrorist, for example, and the politician had to leave Iraq.  He sent tanks to encircle the homes of political rivals.  ISIS didn't spring up in Iraq for no reason.  We charted it here.  We were the first to notice it as something significant happening.  They were shrouded and showed up when Nouri was threatening the Iraqis blocking the road from Falluja to Baghdad.  They aren't hiding at that point.  They're out in the open.

And all the whoring in the world will not change what went down.

I don't have time for your bulls**t and I don't believe the world does.  Your efforts to blame ISIS on Bully Boy Bush to absolve Barack Obama are as pathetic, as whorish and as disgusting as ignoring the fact that Barack made a deal with the terrorist group The League of Righteous to release their leader and other key members who had been arrested for killing Americans.

And I'm so sorry, Patty, that KPFK didn't bother to cover that.  It did make the front of THE NEW YORK TIMES but reading's hard, right?

The US government interfered in an election.  It overturned the will of the people (the legal contract was The Erbil Agreement).  Don't whine with your nutty conspiracies about what Russia supposedly did if you're not going to own what your own government did to Iraq.

Invading Iraq was a tragedy and an outrage but that's not the end of the story or the end of the suffering.

Your selective outrage goes to the fact that you two are whores and that's really sad because neither of you are 21.  You're both long enough in the tooth to have developed a sense of perspective.

Instead of defending and speaking out for the people, you've made yourself over into attack dogs for a political party.

How very sad your lives are.

Tara Reade told her truth.  

Were you required to believe her?

No, not even if you hypocritically once said "Believe all women."  (I've never said that and never would.  I don't issue blanket statements like that because I'm not an idiot with a two-year-old's mentality.) 

But if you present as a feminist, you were required not to attack her.  It would have been great, in fact, if you could've defended her.  But if you truly didn't believe her, then silence would be fine.

To attack her?  And to attack her now when you know Anita Dunn -- with Joe Biden's permission and instruction -- did a hit job on her.

Oh, she didn't pay rent or something?  Well that proves she wasn't attacked!

It was all b.s. run by hateful little men like Michael Tracey who thought talking to people who hated Tara in some way proved that Joe Biden didn't assault her.

Joe Biden's assaults women all the time.  Check out the videos on YOUTUBE.  He's handsy and creepy.  She's not the one who lacks credibility.  The facts are on Tara's side.

Alyssa and Patti are idiots who really think they're doing something by whoring for Joe Biden.

All they know is they hate Donald Trump.  All they offer is hate.  

People around the world suffer and they don't care, they just know they hate Trump.  They've uttered not one word as the Iraqi government has, since October of last year, terrorized the Iraqi people.  Protesters have been killed for protesting -- killed by government forces.  And they don't say one word.  They Tweet non-stop every day but the Iraqi people aren't a concern to them.

The United States of America destroyed Iraq.  We have blood on our hands.  How dare we, any of us with a voice, not use our spaces to call attention to the ongoing tragedy that our government created.

These are the type of people who attack Tara Reade.

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