Saturday, July 17, 2021

How stupid do they think you are?

At 71, isn't it time for David Ignatius to leave THE WASHINGTON POST?

He's a War Hawk, he's a neo, he's everything that the world doesn't need and you add in that he's had his say and then some and should retire and let some new blood into THE POST, it's really time for his tired ass to go.  Now he can keep working.  He can start a blog.  He can start a podcast.  But he's running on fumes at THE POST and if they had a real owner?  Well, he'd be gone by now.

Instead, it's 2021 and readers new to THE POST can be forgiven for wondering if he's a dottering fool?

He certainly writes like one.  

But, no, he's not a fool.

Whore.  That's what he is, not a fool.  David's entire career has been about being a pipeline for the CIA.  So the 'value' of his column is we know what the CIA is rooting for: A second term for Mustafa al-Kadhimi.

Here's his whoring:

Eighteen years after the U.S. invasion that deposed Saddam Hussein, Iraq offers a long, painful story about the limits of American power. But Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi will visit the White House this month to urge President Biden to keep trying — by maintaining a U.S. military commitment to a country that straddles the fault lines of the Middle East.

Kadhimi is a rare figure in a region where most political leaders are autocrats, crooks or both. He’s a former journalist and intelligence chief who’s long on idealism and short on political power. He doesn’t have a party or a militia. He has tried but often failed to curb the Iranian-backed militias that plague his country. He has made reform promises that, so far, he has mostly been unable to keep.

Yet after a five-day visit here with Kadhimi and most of his top lieutenants, I’d assess the experiment he started when he became prime minister just over a year ago as a bet worth continuing. It may be a long shot, but the costs to the United States are relatively low and the potential rewards are large. This is a situation in which the tired phrase “stay the course” actually has some meaning.

Oh, it's like he's justifying a second term for Nouri al-Maliki all over again!!! 

Look at the whore.  Yeah, he's old.  Yeah, the body's gone and the mind's following, but he's so determined to whore until he takes his last breath.

Oh, David, have a retirement party, take your gold dildo and go home already.  

Mustafa is a failure.  A big failure.  He's accomplished nothing but here's David whoring.

Who really has time for this nonsense?

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What Would Your Coffee Table Say?


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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Hi, love. Try not to freak out. It’s not every weekend that a coffee table decides to leave the comfort of its deep brown silence and speak. You may think I’m just a piece of furniture but I see you there, frittering away yet another Saturday. All without, as Marie Kondo would say, sparking joy. So I figured I’d give you a hand — or four perfectly perpendicular legs, if you will — in shaking off that pandemic limbo and finding your weekend bounce.

Go ahead, roll your eyes, but a coffee table leads a pretty interesting life, contrary to popular belief. It’s not all “lounging” around and varnished good looks. This uncut wood top has held more binge-worthy books than Barnes & Noble, and I could spill the recipes for half a dozen secret cocktails. So put your feet up (shoes off, please!) and check out my weekend recommendations for some stellar music, art and food.

Sohini Das Gupta, Reporter

get some groove

1. Electric Joy

Oh Wonder is a band for a jaded heart, a crackling dose of electropop. London-based duo Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West broke onto the scene with their self-titled debut album in 2015, after some experimentation with SoundCloud singles. Two more albums, a few singles and a flurry of world tours later, their sound still shimmers as brilliantly. Soak up the acoustic softness of bedroom-produced early wonders like  “Livewire”  and “Technicolour Beat,” or jig to the peppy lightness of “ Heavy. ”     

2. Dark & Moody

Is there anything not to love about Hooverphonic? The Belgian band may have started out as a trip hop outfit back in 1995, but its sound quickly defied the genre, much like its fast-shifting lineup. The Eurovision participant has changed lead singers more than I’ve had my centerpiece swapped, but nobody’s complaining. If a moody, dramatic edge to your weekend sounds appealing, “Eden ” from the album Blue Wonder Power Milk and “Mad About You,” from The Magnificent Tree, could be the perfect soundtrack.

3. Aurora for Your Ears

My infatuation with Norwegian indie rock band Highasakite runs deep. Though as a coffee table, which owes much of its style to the radical innovations of Scandinavian design, I might be partial to all things Nordic. Yet few can refuse the birdlike full-heartedness of Ingrid Helene Håvik’s voice. Draw your blinds, close your eyes and lean into the naked highs and plunging lows of numbers like “ Lover, Where Do You Live?” from the album Silent Treatment. Now tell me I’m not a table of good taste.

real talk, real change

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some like it cold

1. From the Fijian Isles

Speaking of taste, what’s a talking table worth unless it’s laid with some delicious food? If you love your poke bowls, a sultry day might be the right time to try out the Fijian staple of kokoda (pronounced ko-kon-da), a unique dish that’s best served cold. It’s a kind of coconut-y, citrus-kissed raw fish ceviche, as gorgeous as the paradise archipelago. Cut your mahi mahi (or any other firm white fish) into cubes with a trusty knife, marinate and refrigerate. Serve the island delicacy with a side of taro fritters.

2. Kick in the Carb

Foreign fare is seductive but a familiar classic is always a home run, and the all-American potato salad is no exception. Russet or Yukon gold, pick wisely, for texture is key. Liven it up with a dollop of sour cream or a whirl of mayonnaise. But it also needs a kick, be it Dijon mustard or dill pickle, to elevate the dish. Don’t be a couch potato — get cooking! Then post a pic to Insta with the hashtag #KickInTheCarb.

3. Rice, Rice Baby

To be perfectly clear, this is not likely to be love at first bite. Panta bhaat, a dish of fermented rice, is surprisingly complex. Born of humble origins, it is steeped in the bitter memories of the Partition of India, and is now popular in both Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. Traditionally, boiled rice is soaked in water overnight and served chilled with a mild seasoning of salt — the apparent plainness disrupted by a medley of green chilli, onion, mustard oil and fragrant lemon. Amp it up with fried hilsa (a type of fish) or the less flamboyant aloo bhorta (spiced mashed potatoes), and you’ll be relishing history with every bite. MasterChef Australia contestant Kishwar Chowdhury recently jazzed the dish up under the name “Smoked Rice Water,” presenting it in the competition with sardines and salsa.

talk arty to me

1. Etched in Enigma

You know how many novelty art books I’ ve had stacked on me, a guilty witness to their gathering dust? Well, no more of that. If you prefer your nifty electronics to old-fashioned coffee table books, at least get your culture on by checking out some of the most interesting artists on Instagram. I promise that Roeqiya Fris, a Dutch/Egyptian artist based in Rotterdam, will overwhelm your senses with her brilliant explosions of colors and patterns. You can expect Mediterranean landscapes, whimsical flora and fauna, and strong-browed brown women as recurring subjects.

2. Monochrome Musings

South Korean artist Henn Kim says she borrows from her depression and insomnia to create an alternate universe. That universe is a pastiche of deeply moving, pop art- inspired drawings in black and white depicting love, loss, technology and the alienation of youth. Scroll down her Instagram page and you might recognize her surreal portrayal of two lovers entangled inside a tuna can. It was the cover art for author Sally Rooney’s 2018 bestseller Normal People, which was made into a miniseries last year.

3. The Magic of the Mundane

Chaitanya Limaye, a Mumbai-based illustrator, often posts behind-the-scenes cartoons of everyday life, imbued with a hint of magic. So a muddy mushroom becomes an umbrella, and two kids splashing about in the rain gain cartoon avatars. The drawings have a robust local flavor and illustrate the small ways in which life deviates and intersects for people living in different parts of the world.

buy the way

1. Tabling the Truth

After all that heart to heart, wouldn’t you like to meet me? Or one of my dapper friends, if you prefer. Go on, get yourself a classy lounge companion with a sturdy top and chic design. We were built to chill in your living room together. Just use a coaster!

2. Sounding Board

A cool new playlist demands to be enjoyed without the ambient hum of your refrigerator. Turn to these noise-canceling headphones with consistently great sound to listen to songs the way the artists behind them hoped you would — with all your heart and zero distractions.

3. Chop Chop

You can’t just hack away at expensive seafood with any old knife. If you’re inspired to make my Fijian kokoda, you need to delicately slice the fish with this gourmet fillet knife, or your kitchen escapades could quickly turn into a fishy horror film.