Saturday, January 18, 2020

Ongoing Iraq protests as activists and journalists are killed and kidnapped

AFP reports security forces killed 1 protester in Baghdad on Friday as they fired a tear canister into his chest.

proxy militiamen attacked the protesters on Sinak bridge in - ,, with teargas canisters and live ammunition,, reports of 1 protester died and many wounded ,, the Gov is planning to end the protests, the revolution began on Oct 1st 2019
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One martyr so far in Al-sinak because a gas bomb that broke his chest, and ten injuries due of sound bombs and escalation by the riot police didn't stop until now . Source: Tahrir Hospital Baghdad, Al-Sink Bridge, January 17, 2020

The protester wasn't the only one harmed. 

War Crimes Documentation Center: Activist and paramedic was shot dead by the militias as she had supported public anti-regime protests.

Activist and paramedic was shot dead by the militias as she had supported public anti-regime protests

And the attacks on the protesters and those who cover them continued on Saturday:

As noted in Friday's snapshot, "ALSUMARIA TV reports that protesters are streaming into Baghdad and doing so today, for the third month in a row, despite increased efforts to prevent them from gathering."

This resulted in a few e-mails to the public e-mail account insisting if protests took place, press reports -- in English -- would have noted them.  Really?  What world have you been living in where these protests -- going on for months now -- have been covered daily or even regularly by the press?

Two Fridays ago, Iraqi journalists Ahmed Abdul Samad and Safaa Ghali were assassinated for the 'crime' of reporting on the protests.   You really think that doesn't send a chilling message with regards to coverage?  We saw the same thing take place under Nouri al-Maliki.  He began targeting Iraqi reporters and the western reporters fell in line and stopped covering the protests then. 

Regardless of whether western outlets cover them are not, protests took place on Friday, Saturday and are still ongoing right now (it's Sunday in Iraq) in Iraq -- and, as noted above, AFP (a western outlet) did cover the protests on Friday.

  1. : Protests have renewed in Southern parts of , roads are reportedly blocked in Najaf and Dhi qar governorate.
  2. ‘welding’ metal gates of gov buildings in ‘to escalate their protests’ against gov and prevent staff and public from entering these buildings including health, education and pension departments
  3. Kata'ib Hezbollah headquarters in Najaf was burned, the protest square announces is innocence from the act carried out by vandals. Road to Najaf Airport was also cut earlier.
  4. in the Iraqi city of Najaf, the demonstrators block the main roads by burning tires, in protest against the government's neglect of the legitimate demands. متظاهرو النجف يغلقون الطرق بحرق الاطارات الان
  5. From now Iraqi protests said: this is the last chance for the government "الما يطلع للتصعيد موش ويانه" قبل قليل
  6. In the conservative province of Najaf, youth celebrated with colors to express their support for the peaceful protests against the government.

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