Saturday, November 02, 2019

The western press would rather talk about anything else but the Iraqi government corruption

  • Amazing protest scenes in Baghdad Iraq!

  • Unbelievable. The anti-corruption protest in Iraq today was off the charts.

  • Yes, the protests continue in Iraq.  The number participating only increases.

    All these weeks later, why is it still so hard for the press to focus on the protesters?  They're fine with insane conspiracy theories, they are fine with any garbage or crap that distracts from the issues effecting the Iraqi people.

    Doubt it?

    This responsibility extends foremost to the Iraqi people, who are loudly demanding a new beginning. In recent days, about 250 have been killed, and thousands more wounded, for having the temerity to insist on the free, just democracy that they were promised in 2003. If this carnage were occurring in Hong Kong or Barcelona, there would be a deafening uproar. Why, when we claimed to care so much, do we not care about Iraq?

    That's the entire focus on the protesters in an editorial from THE OBSERVER.  Who doesn't care about Iraq because it sounds like the editorial board doesn't care about Iraq or it's people.

    That's paragraph ten of the editorial.  The rest of which is shrieking about the government of Iran. 

    Excuse me, there's also whining in there -- whining that the UK and the US allegedly have less control over Iraq right now than Iran does. 

    So shrieking and whining and not a damn moment of attention given to the actual people of Iraq who have taken to the streets for weeks now to protest against corruption and other issues.

    The lying's bad enough.  We all now see, the whole world, that Adel Abdul Mahdi is a lousy choice.  Some of us saw a lot sooner, granted.  But right now, the whole world does.  So THE OBSERVER rushes to rewrite history and pretend that the government of Iran was the only one backing him for prime minister.


    As early as 2006, he was the choice of the CIA each time a new prime minister was selected. 

    The US was involved in Nouri al-Maliki getting his first term as prime minister.  Bully Boy Bush installed him based on Nouri's well documented paranoia and the belief that he would be easy to control as a result.  Barack Obama and Joe Biden overturned the 2010 elections in Iraq (with The Erbil Agreement) in order to give thug Nouri a second term.  In 2014, Barack forced Nouri out as prime minister and installed Hayder al-Abadi.  Then came 2018 and the installation of Mahdi. 

    The protesters should be the focus.  THE OBSERVER doesn't even note how many have died.

    Of course, never forget that neither THE OBSERVER (a Sunday only paper) or its sister paper THE GUARDIAN opposed the Iraq War.  They are not independent press outlets, they are party organs for New Labour.  They went along with Tony Blair dismantling the safety net and they went along with him pushing for war on Iraq.

    THE OBSERVER is so 'concerned' about Iraq that they don't even bother to note the dead.

    At least 257 people have been killed and 10,000 wounded since protests first swept on October

    They pose and they preen, they just don't report or offer journalism. 

    Speaking of the 'objective' press, I'm still marveling over an NPR report two Fridays ago that treated tear gas canisters being fired at protesters and sound bombs being used as normal and not worthy of any comment or context.

    A small search online shows that such Sound & Flash bombs are designed to be used in Counter terrorism ops, hostage release and similar ops, Iraqi government is using them against unarmed protesters

    1. In Iraq's latest wave of protests, security forces used a previously unseen delivery mechanisms for showering crowds in clouds tear gas -- ten times heavier than a usual canister, says they have been fired to kill.

    Protests continued on Saturday in Iraq.

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      متظاهر يحمل صورة أخيه الذي قتل في 4 أكتوبر/ تشرين الأول، أثناء تظاهرة سلمية من قبل قناصة في نفس المكان الذي يقف فيه، وكتب عليها عبارة "أطالب بحق أخي من القتلة". حقوق الصورة: AFP
    2. The scene on the bridge in , plenty of smoke grenades were shot against the protesters.
    3. The “ Goal keepers” , volunteer youth their job is to catch smoke grenades and throw them away from protesters
    4. Iraqis have their version of “ liberty leading the People”

    1. Nov 1-Baghdad, 12:15 am local time Representatives of top Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani urge followers to join protests. In response, thousands rushed to the capital's Tahrir Square. This comes after Khamenei's call for calm.

    And the protesters are already gearing up for Sunday.

    Breaking: at 6:00 AM Iraqis in Baghdad are blocking roads around the capital to exercise their civil obedience, the government will wake up to a major headache

    Changing topics, last Sunday the whole world was supposed to be thrilled that a thug was killed.  Another thug has already taken the post vacated.

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    ISIS announced its new leader Abi Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishi, in an audio message on ISIS media wing al-Furqan, the successor to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. (via & - for )

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