A right to a fair opportunity for normalized, documented immigration status and citizenship without discrimination due to race, ethnicity or national origin and with equal and appropriate regard for domestic and international law.

The PoC Bill of Rights: Implementation and its Relationship to Other Policy Aims
It is my aim to see these rights recognized and protected through legislative means at every level. But in so far as many arise from the rights we were already promised that have not been enforced, I pledge that as President I would use the executive powers of the office to enforce the rights of People of Color.
The enshrining of these rights through legislation and enforcement actions must happen alongside a recognition of the rights of all other marginalized and disfranchised communities, such as women, and the LGBTQIA+ community, and it must recognize the intersectionality of marginalized identities and the effect of that intersectionality in compounding inequalities.

2020 and the Rights of People of Color

A 100% transition to renewable energy is vital. The Hunter campaign supports the Green New Deal. But technology has yet to produce a solar panel that can stop black men and women from being murdered by law enforcement; or one that can stop refugees entering from our southern border from suffering unconscionable human right abuses such as family separations; or one that can end the many new forms of slavery that exist in our society for people of color, from slavery caused by predatory economic practices to our over-representation in this country’s mass incarceration system. The Green Party's 2020 presidential nominee has to be more than just a one trick pony on the Green New Deal and the issue of renewable energy. People who aren’t inheritors of white privilege are looking for more than just an end to the use of fossil fuels. They want their loved ones to stop coming home in body bags simply for being black in the wrong place at a white privileged time.

Our next nominee must be a champion for racial justice and the wider breadth of issues affecting Americans in these streets - in places like Youngstown, OH, Chicago, IL, and yes, Lansing, MI – the boyhood home of the great civil rights leader Malcolm X. And to echo his spirit, I say we must achieve justice for the disenfranchised in this country by any means necessary. The means before us as Greens is to recognize that we are more than just an environmental party, that we must place at the forefront our 2020 campaign our party’s longstanding and robust platform for racial and social justice issues.

The Green Party is the party of justice - everything we do, including the sense of justice we seek for the Earth itself, emanates from that spirit. We need a presidential nominee who reflects that spirit. Our country, oppressed far too long by racism, corporate injustice and environmental abuse, is truly hungry for that kind of change.