Saturday, April 08, 2017

Day 172 and the slog continues

The Mosul Slog.

It reached day 172 today.

And still it continues.


If murdering civilians qualifies, it's had progress.

This is Hawraa. She was injured by American airstrikes in that killed most of her family.

And the civilians who don't die from bombs, die from bullets.

: |i Shia militias () executing Sunnis near .

But the US government keeps on supporting death merchants and the American people go along with it.

So Iraq continues to suffer.

Violence continued today, north of Baghdad, 1 civilian was shot dead and a Baghdad roadside bombing left one person dead.  And an Abu Ghraib roadside bombing left four people injured while an explosion in Ramadi left 1 person dead and two more injured.

Thousands turned out in Basra to protest the efforts to privatize electricity -- remember, the destruction of Iraq was about opening markets.

And war on Syria is all the rage with very few bothering to speak out.

  1. "We need to learn our lessons from the past." —Iraq War Veteran responds to strikes in .
    Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on Syria Strikes

US House Rep Tulsi Gabbard remains one of the few in Congress to call it out.

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Back In The Day (Puff) (Erykah Badu)

Erykah Badu performing her hit "Back In The Day (Puff)" (first appears on her album WORLDWIDE UNDERGROUND).

It's as if time stopped (Margaret Kimberley)

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley (BLACK AGENDA REPORT).

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    Liberal: Wow, this is just terrible news Leftist: Yeah.. Because you're anti-war? Liberal: No, because Hillary should be doing the bombing
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    It's very strange that there are so many liberals for whom Trump was the new Hitler only up until the moment he actually started killing.
  3. Impending Clash Between U.S. and Russia Ominous title but Mike Whitney is on the money.
  4. Great work by . A worthwhile read.
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    The Obama regime was a Potemkin village but Trump is Potemkin.
  6. Pink pussy hat folks, Trump may start WWIII. Will you march again? But democrats are on board with war. You'll be marching against them too.
  7. "Trump is a fascist! Impeach him! Oh wait, he risks WWIII? A great leader. Not fascist at all. That whole Putin thing? Forget I said that."
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    New on : On Barbados, the First Black Slave Society by Sir Hilary Beckles
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    Overnight Trump became a respected "leader" of the "free" & "civilized" world. All it took was bombing an Arab country.
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    arrestees and jail supporters celebrating resistance outside the NYPD's Seventh Precinct in .
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    I'm hearing rumors of a trade: 3 of CNN's retired generals for 2 MSNBC generals, a colonel & a former administration official.
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    Bernie would have won! ... and would now be bombing Syria instead of Trump.
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    🇺🇸 media reporting about Syria; We apologise 4 lying abt Qaddafi/ Sadaam but believe us, Bashar al-Assad is the most dangerous creature.
  15. What a difference a day makes. I can't remember what I was doing yesterday before I heard about attack on Syria. It's as if time stopped.