Saturday, April 08, 2017

Where is the outrage? (Rania Khalek)

Some Tweets from Rania Khalek.

  1. CAIR basically endorses trump's airstrikes in Syria and calls for more they also lobbied for regime change in Libya
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    No one will shame me into not calling Arabs who support U.S. bombing of our countries what they are: shameless treacherous cowards.
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    Nothing in the whole world justifies an Arab supporting U.S. bombing of our countries, whichever side the bombing is happening on. Nothing.
  4. Residents near Syrian airbase hit by US say the base was instrumental in protecting them from ISIS
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    Dafuq is wrong with these ignorant people. How disrespectful and disgusting to treat a woman like this.
  7. The Lebanese Communist Party released a statement condemning US aggression against Syria
  8. Where is the outrage? Is CAIR gonna step up and defend her?
  9. NYPD beat up and ripped off the hijab of this young Muslim activist while she protested the bombing of Syria
  10. I spoke to on about the Syria insanity this week
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    For this we were called "Assadists".
  12. Bolivia's Sacha Llorenti is the man
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    In Chicago, possibly 100 out to protest against Trump's attack in Syria. Left, progressives not too upset apparently
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    Rep. Gabbard: “Yes, I’m skeptical” that Bashar al-Assad's regime was behind chemical weapons attack
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    Maybe Assad should bomb Yemen because that seems to be the only way to get anyone to pay attention to the massacre going on there.
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    march in solidarity with , denouncing the recent airstrikes on Al-Shuairat airfield in
  17. lol