Saturday, April 08, 2017

Stop the wars. Take our money back from the 1% (Ajamu Baraka)

Some Tweets from the 2016 vice presidential candidate Ajam Baraka.

  • Had a great time at New Jersey Green Party convention. Clear politics and serious people. Thanks for inviting me.
  • Stop the wars. Take our money back from the 1% let them and their children fight wars to maintain their privilege.
  • Its interesting. Many condemned Trump for his dictatorial style. But now they are silent on his arbitrary war making.
  • Guess who are raising constitutional and political questions regarding U.S. attack on Syria? Democrats? No the far right. Demos are sad.
  • Where did U.S. right to be the world's policemen come from? Answer: the arrogant, white supremacist idea that U.S. is the exceptional nation
  • Many thought Trump would push an infrastructure bill to build public support. But trump understands the American people and choose war. USA!
  • Two days after 50th anniversary of King's anti war speech war drums are beating again. U.S. has no moral right to wage war on Syria.
  • We have launched this 21st right moment in history.