Saturday, November 23, 2019

Pence visits Iraq, protesters continue to be attacked by the government

Starting in the US, where the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination continues.  Joe Biden is still treated as the front runner despite all his 'issues.'  The most recent?  Jake Johnson (COMMON DREAMS) reports:

During a campaign event in Greenwood, South Carolina Thursday night, former Vice President Joe Biden told a protestor who confronted him over the Obama administration's mass deportation policies to "vote for Trump," prompting outrage from immigrant rights groups and activists.
"You should vote for Trump," Biden repeated as Carlos Rojas, an organizer with Movimiento Cosecha, urged the former Vice President to depart from the destructive record of the Obama White House and support a moratorium on deportations.
[. . .]
In a statement (pdf) following the town hall, Rojas said, "By now, it is clear that the immigrant community cannot trust Biden."

"Any candidate who claims to be against Trump's raids and family separations needs to commit to a full moratorium on deportations," Rojas added. "We won't accept empty promises of immigration reform, while our families are torn apart. ​We cannot allow history to repeat itself."

So Joe's telling people to vote for Donald Trump?

And this is who we think should be the nominee?

Joe can't handle anything -- his recent CNN interview with Don Lemon proved it.  Did he honestly have a moment where he forgot where he was?  He's discussing Michael Bloomberg and then he takes that awkard pause and resumes speaking but it's as though he had no idea what he just said and now he's talking about Donald.  Did no one register how weird those moment was?  How Joe appeared to blank midstream?

Joe is not the nominee anyone needs.

Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Joe Biden, I'm begging of you please don't take the nomination.

Because you're just not qualified.

Doubt it?

Tonight I and some friends got thrown out of a rally for telling the truth about his record with the pledge. Just before this, they threw out dreamers as the crowd chanted “deport them.” This campaign is not ok, y’all.

Meanwhile, US Vice President Mike Pence visited Iraq today.  As with all trips by US officials to Iraq, this was a sneak-in visit.  That's not a slam at the current administration.  That was also true when Barack Obama was president and it was also true when Bully Boy Bush occupied the White House.

It was our highest honor as Vice President and Second Lady to visit US soldiers stationed in Iraq before Thanksgiving. On behalf of a grateful Nation, THANK YOU for keeping our country safe!

After Mike Pence visit to Iraq, the priminster Adil Abdulmahdi started to kill more iraqies. Yesterday night was the most bloody night in Baghdad and Nassirya. Well done.

  1. Enjoyed surprising the female service members at the Erbil Diplomatic Support Center! We had a great conversation about military spouses and art therapy. It was an honor to give each woman a coin and bracelet. Thank you for your service!! Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. It was an honor to meet with President Barzani in Erbil on behalf of today to reiterate the strong bonds forged in the fires of war between the United States and Kurdish people across this region.
  3. To all the men and women of the Armed Forces in Iraq, on behalf on your Commander-in-Chief , and our family , and every American: THANK YOU! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! ๐Ÿฆƒ๐Ÿฝ
  4. With your courageous service here at Erbil Air Base, you’ve taken the fight to radical Islamic terrorism on our terms, on their soil. We are so proud of you!
  5. Here at Al Asad Air Base, you prove every day what the world knows: The Armed Forces of the United States are the greatest force for good the world has ever known. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
  6. . and I were so inspired being with our incredible military in Iraq! God bless our troops. Happy Thanksgiving! ๐Ÿฆƒ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
  7. "On behalf of the President of the United States and every American, for all the things we are thankful for this week, we are most thankful for all of you." Pence & Karen Pence make unannounced Thanksgiving trip to Iraq to visit US troops
  8. Happy Thanksgiving from Iraq. and I are so honored to be with our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines here in Iraq! We are so proud of you and thankful for you all!

  1. I’m honored to welcome the Vice President of the United States and my friend to Erbil. His timely visit underlines our strong friendship and strategic partnership. I reiterated my appreciation for the U.S. support to the Kurdistan Region during challenging times.

Regional stability was the focus of my meeting with Pence today. I emphasised the importance of continued military and humanitarian support from the US to the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. Our partnership is vital to the security of this region, now more than ever- mb

Setting politics aside, two things to note about the visit.  Hopefully, the troops will get two Thanksgiving dinners -- the one today and the one next Thursday.  Second, Karen Pence was part of the visit.  I may be mistaken, however, I don't believe I am -- this would be the first trip to Iraq since the start of the Iraq War made by the Second Lady of the US.  Good for Karen.  I'd never vote for Mike Pence, sorry, we disagree on far too many things (and homophobia will always be a big NO from me) but I will applaud him for going to Iraq today and I will loudly applaud Karen Pence for being the first person of her office to go to Iraq since the start of the war.  That was a classy move by her.

For any who have forgotten or missed it, last December, Malanie Trump became the first First Lady to visit Iraq since the start of the Iraq War. 

Hopefully, the Pence visit was enjoyable for the troops and, again, hopefully that means two Thanksgiving meals. 

But the visit doesn't have appeared to help the Iraqi people.

  1. After Mike Pence visit to Iraq, the priminster Adil Abdulmahdi started to kill more iraqies. Yesterday night was the most bloody night in Baghdad and Nassirya. Well done.

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