Saturday, August 04, 2018

Special rights for one and silence for all the rest, apparently

  1. Electricity cuts in Iraq have forced this family to live on 2 to 4 hours of electricity a day.

This is how little people care about the Iraqi people in the US.  No US celebrity (that includes the low rungs of celebrity, you know, 'journalists') Tweets about it.

Whining instead endlessly about a woman being deported.  She's not a citizen but appears to deserve special recognition because she . . . Oh, wait, she didn't do f**k.  Her husband served in the military.  Not serves in, served in.

So, per the whiny cry babies, that makes her special.

All the other people deported, let's not worry about them.  Let's just focus on the wife of a veteran because, we all know, right, the whole point of serving is to have a special status, right?

No, that's not the point.  At best, you serve in the military because you love your country.  At worst, you have no other economic opportunities.

Service in the military does not exempt you from rules and regulations.

And, again, this woman didn't serve.

She 'sacrificed.'  She chose to have a family.  That's fine.  Nothing wrong with that.

But wives can't ride on their husband's coat tails regarding the military these days.

Women serve.

The world has changed but cry babies tried to use arguments that might have worked in the 40s to make a case for today.

They also apparently are unaware just how many spouses of veterans have been deported -- including the widow deported under Barack Obama.

The issue is not Donald Trump.  The issue is not Barack Obama.  The issue is deportations.

And if you're against them, great, I am too.

I am not against this crap of "This person is so much more special because of the fact that her husband served!"  F**k that s**t.

The woman with children, whose husband died in Iraq, where the hell were you cry babies?  Oh, right, Barack was in the White House so you were too busy hoping he'd pull off his shirt again so you could swoon or, if you were a journalist, you were hoping he'd wear those tight jeans again (one of the worst moments of journalists ever captured -- on the 2008 campaign trail, them being caught on video getting all excited that he was wearing jeans and looked so 'hot').

This week, a woman was due to be deported.  She chose to return to Mexico on her own.  She knew from 2013 forward this day could come.  She had been advised it would.  If immigration was an issue to her, she should have paid attention -- as should her husband who voted for someone (Donald Trump) who was very clear in his campaign on where he stood on undocumented persons.

I'm not saying what happened to her wasn't wrong.

I'm saying her being the wife of a veteran doesn't make it any more wrong.

And only idiots show they 'care' about a cause by trying to create a 'special class' of more deserving immigrants.

She matters no more than the single-mother who's never dated a US veteran -- let alone married one -- and is at risk of being deported.

How dare you spit on the immigrants in this country -- documented and undocumented -- by pretending that the immigrant married to a veteran deserves special rights.

And how dare you invoke the Iraq War as something special when, day after damn day, you spend time on your games, on your self-promotion, on your hustle for coin, and on everything except Iraq.

Iraq is occupied by the US.  Iraq is the victim of the war the US started.  It's a war that continues.  US troops remain in Iraq.  Our Congress has made no effort to remove them and has no plans to do so.  They keep voting more and more money for more and more wars.

The Iraqi people are suffering.

Maybe Alyssa Milano might care, for example, if we could find an Iraqi married to US veteran who is suffering?

Would that wake her self-interested and self-promoting ass up?


Local media network Al-Mirbad published videos of nightly demonstrations by hundreds downtown. One man shouted to the camera "Sayyid says demands are obtained not granted" in reference to Iraq's revered Shi'i cleric. Protests look calm & peaceful.

Yes, protests have continued in Iraq.

  1. “Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.”
  2. Bloggers reported that people of and joined the anti-corruption protests side-by-side with people in , , and .
  3. 3 hours ago people of preparing for the protests. (as reported.)
  4. Iraqi Security Forces block roads leading to in , where protesters are heading for the Friday protests, which will not end until demands are met. Staring next Friday, protests will escalate—take it as you may.

The Alyssa Milanos of the world won't tell you about it because it's about people demanding their basic rights and the Milanos need heavy drama all the time.

But in Iraq, they are protesting over the corruption, the lack of jobs, the lack of public services and so much more.

They have actually put their lives on the line.  Fourteen of them have been killed.

  1. The excessive violence and cruelty used by the Iraqi security forces ended the lives of 14 demonstrators in 10 days of ongoing protests calling for economic and service improvements," the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said."

Apparently, none of that's important -- not to our Twitter 'activists' in the US.

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