Saturday, October 10, 2020

John Peeler is a whore, it's that simple, there's nothing progressive about him

 The always laughable LA PROGRESSIVE is featuring garbage from John Peeler.  Excuse me, more garbage from John Peeler.  He's nothing but a war whore.

Trashy Peeler wants to play like he's Colin Powell.  Even Al Franken rejected Colin Powell's b.s. of 'you broke it you bought it.'  In fact, Al even had a segment on his AIR AMERICA RADIO show explaining that, despite Colin's lies, Pottery Barn didn't have such a policy.  Rachel Maddow and Lizz Winstead also exposed the lie that Pottery Barn had such a policy.

But here comes John Peeler and he's upset that US troops are leaving Iraq and he wants you to know that you broke it, you bought it.

To which any real leftist needs to respond, "Whore, shut the f**k up."

I'm not in the mood for this garbage from 'progressives.'

This site started almost 16 years ago.  When "SHOULD THIS MARRIAGE BE SAVED?" went up, sixteen years ago, it was an argument that needed to be made and one that was, eventually, largely accepted on the left.

We're not accomplishing anything in Iraq.  We weren't there, we aren't now.  We occupy Iraq with our troops to prop up a government we created and installed with the hope that we can wear out Iraqi objections to this government and that their resistance to it will crumble at some point.  We repeatedly appoint our helpers in starting that war -- cowardly Iraqis who fled the country and only returned years later after we invaded -- as prime minister.

Then we marvel over how these cowards who fled Iraq are not accepted as leaders by the Iraqi people.

Nothing has been accomplished except for destroying the way of life in Iraq, destroying women's rights in Iraq, putting Shi'ite extremists in charge allowing activists of all stripes to be threatened, endangering Iraq's LGBTQ population . . . 

Nothing has been accomplished nor will it be.

US forces do not create democracy.  Nor is any honest person ever going to claim that they do.  The US forces have done what they were tasked with.  They do it today: Prop up an unpopular government.

When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State (a detail a whore like Peeler ignores), the Iraqi government rejected any involvement from the State Dept -- that was training (they took over the training from the US Defesne Dept) of security forces, that was everything.

Peeler is a whore and he writes:

You cannot just wipe the slate clean in foreign policy.  You always work with what previous leaders have left you, for good or ill.  In these two cases, that legacy is that we created the messes in Afghanistan and Iraq.  When we walk away from them, we allow the enemies we have made to come to power.  They will take their revenge.

We broke it, we own it.

You f**king piece of xenophobic trash.

Iraq was never for sale.  You didn't buy s**t.  It was an occupied land with a people living in it.  Drop your racism and check your damn ego.  You are trash and you're a whore for war.

Shame on you and shame on LA 'PROGRESSIVE' for pimping this garbage.

The US destroyed Iraq.  Iraq's owed an apology.  If Iraq ever gets its own government -- as opposed to US installed thugs like Nouri al-Maliki -- then the US government owes Iraq restitutions.  (Restitutions at present would be a joke due to the deep and continuing corruption of the Iraqi government which brings in billions in oil revenues but can't take care of 35 million Iraqi people.)  

Shame on them.  This is the same garbage I had to respond to in 2004 -- but back then it was from Thomas Friedman and William Safire.  Today, the whorish LA PROGRESSIVE presents it from the whore John Peeler.

Let's sum this up real quick.  We went into Amar's home without any invitation.  While there, we spilled red wine on Amar's white carpet.  Days later, we still aren't gone.  At this point, Amar wants us to just leave.  

And that has been the position of the Iraqi people throughout this ongoing and never-ending war.  That's among the many facts John Peeler -- like war whores before him such as Thomas Friedman and William Safire -- chooses to ignore.  

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 From IAVA:



As the leading voice for the post-9/11 community, IAVA continues to create awareness on issues and topics impacting our community. Below are articles and news sources from the past week:



Stars and Stripes: First monument honoring all military women to be unveiled at Arlington

By Nikki Wentling

The Women in Military Service for America Memorial, at the gateway to Arlington National Cemetery, is regularly placed on lists of “hidden gems” within the nation’s capital — a perspective on the memorial that its leaders are trying to change.

Connecting Vets: Trump tweets video touting military, veteran accomplishments

By Elizabeth Howe

The two-minute-long video of the president, wholly dedicated to touting his contributions to military personnel and veterans, included mention of the Army’s new uniforms, troop pay increases, Department of Veterans Affairs approval rates and the Mission Act.

NBC Buffalo: Gillibrand pushing for new legislation that would provide veterans coverage who have diseases linked to ‘burn pits’

By Staff

Gillibrand was at the Veterans One-stop Center of WNY as she tries to get a law passed that would require the VA to cover claims for veterans who have diseases linked to ‘burn pits.’ ‘Burn pits’ are areas on military bases that are used to get rid of waste and ammunition by burning them with jet fuel.

InsideNJ: Booker, Blackburn Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Help Improve Maternal Health Outcomes for Pregnant Veterans

By Staff

U.S. Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) introduced a bipartisan bill, Delivering Optimally Urgent Labor Access for Veterans Affairs, or the DOULA Act, to establish a pilot program to encourage the use of doulas in the Veterans Health Administration to support pregnant veterans and improve maternal health outcomes.

New York Times: Trump Suggests Gold Star Families May Be to Blame for His Infection

By Jennifer Steinhauer

In an interview on Fox Business, Mr. Trump described an event at the White House on Sept. 27 with a group of Gold Star families — those whose relatives have died in military conflicts — and said he had “figured there would be a chance” he would become infected there, because the family members “come within an inch of my face sometimes.”

The Guardian: Trump’s Afghanistan withdrawal announcement takes US officials by surprise

By Emma Graham-Harrison

Donald Trump has announced on Twitter that he wants to bring all US troops home from Afghanistan by Christmas – a plan that came as a surprise to administration officials and which puts complicated peace negotiations in jeopardy. Multiple officials told the Associated Press they had not been informed of any such deadline and military experts said it would be impossible to withdraw all 5,000 US troops in Afghanistan and dismantle the US military headquarters by the end of the year.



Law360: Veterans Urge 9th Circ. To Hear Challenge To DEA’s Pot Status

Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have urged the Ninth Circuit to reconsider the classification of marijuana, writing that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s designating the drug a highly controlled substance has impeded medical research that could save lives. The nonprofit Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America in their brief focused on suicides among returning soldiers and cannabis’s potential to treat post-tramatic stress disorder.

We Are The Mighty: Navy updates its CBD product regulations

By Jessica Evans

The latest Navy update follows the House of Representatives’ approval on an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow service members to use legalized CBD products. Of course, as with all things, the military is going to take its time in making a final decision about the legality of CBD products. But with backing from big-name veteran organizations like the IAVA, maybe there’s a chance that CBD will be coming to a commissary near you.

VETERAN NEWS COVERAGE ‘Tainted,’ ‘Screw This:’ Study Reveals Male and Female Vets Have Different Suicide Triggers

By Steve Beynon

The study, published in September in the journal Social Science & Medicine, found that, of a pool of 25 male and 25 female veterans who had made a recent suicide attempt, different gender-specific thought patterns emerged. According to the veterans’ own recollections of their thinking in the periods immediately preceding their suicide attempts, women tended to recall feeling “shameful,” “tainted” and “worthless,” while men said they felt “it just wasn’t worth it,” “I’ve had enough,” and “screw this.” Trump Orders DoD, VA and Other Agencies to Probe Link Between Pandemic and Suicides

By Richard Sisk

President Donald Trump has ordered the military, the Department of Veterans Affairs and other government agencies to come up with a plan within 45 days to address mental health issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that may lead to suicide.

TownHall: How Congress and Partisanship Continue to Fail Our Warfighters [Opinion]

By Matthew Betely

A few weeks ago, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Rep. Raul Ruiz (D-CA-36) introduced The Presumptive Benefits for War Fighters Exposed to Burn Pits and Other Toxins Act of 2020, which is the first substantive piece of legislation that would address the criminal-like behavior of the VA, specifically, denying 80% of veterans’ claims for burn-pit-related illnesses. VFW demands that special prosecutor investigate COVID-19 deaths at NJ veterans homes

By Scott Fallon

One of the largest veterans groups in New Jersey called Wednesday for the appointment of an independent prosecutor to investigate the high number of COVID-19 deaths at two state-run veterans homes after 47 new deaths were confirmed by last week.

Government Executive: Civil Rights Groups Pressure VA Ahead of GAO Racism Audit

By Erich Wagner 

GAO has agreed to investigate the prevalence racism at the Veterans Affairs Department after a survey revealed that the vast majority of bargaining unit employees had either experienced or witnessed acts of discrimination on the job.

Military Times: Trucking school owner sentenced to four years in prison for GI Bill fraud

By Leo Shane III

The owner of a California trucking school was sentenced to four years in prison on Tuesday for a GI Bill scam which drew more than $4 million in fraudulent payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs over four years

Stars and Stripes: ‘Thousands’ of veterans with bad paper discharges might not know they can upgrade

By Steve Beynon

Veterans kicked out of the military due to negative behavior related to post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and sexual trauma have been upgrading their discharges after a 2017 law change, but there are potentially thousands of others left without access to care or benefits because of less-than-honorable discharges.

New York Daily News: Veterans group may have been exposed to COVID during White House visit

By Brian Niemietz

Members of the Greatest Generations Foundation were “quietly” warned by the White House on Oct. 2 that their visit may have put those in attendance at risk. The indoor event honoring Gold Star Families came a day after a Rose Garden celebration for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, where several attendees later tested positive for COVID-19, including President Trump.


VETERAN NEWS COVERAGE Civil rights leaders call out SecVA, president over reports of racism at Veterans Affairs

By Abbie Bennett

Days after a government watchdog announced it would investigate the Department of Veterans Affairs over allegations of widespread racism at the massive federal agency, emails went out canceling antiracism events at VA.

The Hill: The nation’s understanding of military veteran suicide is incomplete [Opinion]

By Jim Lorraine 

The cause of this misunderstanding is that national records underrepresent the reality of veteran suicide within several communities. Correcting this is an essential step towards ensuring that policymakers, service providers and communities understand the true scope of veteran suicide.

Bloomberg Government: Fiscal 2020 Civilian Contracting Hits Record $228 Billion

By Robert Levinson

The Department of Veterans Affairs increased its contract spending about $4.4 billion in fiscal 2020 over fiscal 2019 — about 15%. The biggest single increase at VA in fiscal 2020 was on the Patient Centered Community contract. This contract, held by Triwest Healthcare Alliance Corp., allows veteran patients to access care in their local communities under certain conditions.

Wall Street Journal: How New Jersey Nursing Home Suffered One of America’s Deadliest Outbreaks

By Christopher Weaver and Nora Eckert

Nearly 100 people died during the height of the coronavirus outbreak at the Menlo Park Veterans Memorial Home in April, more than 10 times the number in a typical month. Administrators discouraged the use of masks, conserving them in a storage closet as more residents and workers sickened, employees said. The nursing home’s chief executive waited more than a week after one resident tested positive to alert families.



Stars and Stripes: Families of veterans who die from coronavirus would have survivor benefits protected under House bill

By Steve Beynon

A House bill would ensure that any veteran who dies from coronavirus in the care of the Department of Veterans Affairs would have service-connected disabilities noted in the cause of death to protect survivor benefits. The VA Is Working Harder Than Ever to Connect with Isolated Veterans [Opinion]

By Paul R. Lawrence

The pandemic slowed travel. So we’ve found another way to stay connected: conducting multiple telephone town hall meetings each week. Since March, I’ve conducted 69 tele-town halls in 50 states and connected with more than 2.5 million veterans.

mHealthIntelligence: Congress Expands Veteran Access to Telehealth for Mental Health Care

By Eric Wicklund

A bill headed to the President’s desk will expand efforts by the Department of Veterans Affairs to improve veteran access to mental health services, including offering more services via telehealth.

Medill News Service: New Productivity Targets for Counselors Could Hurt Mental Health Care for Veterans: GAO

By Arnab Mondal

New productivity expectations for Department of Veterans Affairs mental health counselors requiring them to see more patients could be detrimental to the quality of care they deliver, a Government Accountability Office report warns.

MeriTalk: Legislation Introduced to Address VA Transparency Issues

By Jordan Smith

A bill Introduced by Sens. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., would require the Secretary of the VA to submit a report to Congress on the use of security cameras at VAMC’s. This legislation follows in the wake of the deaths of veterans at the Clarksburg, VA Medical Center.

Military Times: GI Bill protections extended for student veterans dealing with campus coronavirus changes

By Leo Shane III

As part of the budget deal approved last week, Congress extended several financial protections for student veterans whose education plans have been disrupted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Post and Courier: SC attorney could pay nearly $3 million for scheme targeting veterans and investors

By Andrew Brown

The owner of a small law firm in South Carolina could be ordered to pay nearly $3 million for her role in orchestrating a nationwide financial scheme suspected of cheating veterans and retirees out of millions of dollars.

Blue Virginia: New Warner Campaign Ad Emphasizes Work to End Tragedy of Veteran Suicides

By Staff

On Monday, Senator Mark Warner’s re-election campaign announced it has begun airing a new campaign ad, “It Has To End,” highlighting the tragedy of veteran suicides in the U.S. The latest ad is part of a seven-figure, eight-week statewide television buy.



New York Times: For Veterans, Bonds Forged in Battle Are Tested by 2020’s Rancor

By Dave Philipps

Toxic rhetoric and political polarization are doing what nothing else could: driving apart ex-Marines who had one another’s backs through wars and the stresses of civilian life. The Facebook group the men once relied on for support is now clogged with divisive memes and partisan conspiracy theories, disputes over policing and protests, and, of course, strong views on the president. Many say they still want to support their fellow Marines but cannot stand the toxic political traffic.

Military Times: Veterans unemployment flat for September as national rate declines

By Leo Shane III

Even as the national jobless rate dropped from the previous month, the overall veterans unemployment rate remained largely unchanged at 6.4 percent in September, the same level reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in August. The rate for veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars era rose slightly over that time frame, from 7 percent in August to 7.5 percent in September. The figures translate into about 570,000 veterans looking for work last month, up almost 300,000 individuals from one year ago.

Military Times: Union officials praise plans for investigation into accusations of racism at Veterans Affairs

By Leo Shane III

Officials from the largest federal workers union on Friday hailed news of an upcoming investigation into problems of racism within the Department of Veterans Affairs, saying that attention on the problem is overdue. The Government Accountability Office has agreed to investigate charges of racism within the department stemming from an AFGE membership survey during the summer.

CBS Minnesota: ‘I Became Hopeless’: Veteran Grateful He Asked For Help After Suicide Attempt

By Reg Chapman

The state of Minnesota will recognize the second annual Minnesota Veteran Suicide Prevention and Awareness Day. The hope is to get veterans to ask for help and use the state and federal resources available to keep them safe. The VA Is Working Harder Than Ever to Connect with Isolated Veterans

By Paul R. Lawrence

While our country is dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Veterans Benefits Administration within the Department of Veterans Affairs has modified its outreach to meet veterans where they are in a safe environment: by conducting multiple telephone town hall meetings each week. 

Global Awareness Initiative Reports Azerbaijan Bombs Cathedral in Nagorno-Karabakh


Global Awareness Initiative Reports Azerbaijan Bombs Cathedral in Nagorno-Karabakh

YEREVAN, Armenia, October 10, 2020 ( -​​​​​To stop disinformation surrounding the current conflict with Turkey and Azerbaijan and spread awareness in the international community, Armenia's tech community leaders came together to form the Global Awareness initiative.

What's happening on the frontline of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh)

  • CNN held an interview with the president of Azerbaijan, where he was asked about the presence of Turkish F-16s in their territory. The president confirmed they are in the base. The statement of the president contradicts the one made by his assistant Hikmat Hajiyev a day before, where he claimed there were no F-16 fighter-jets on their soil.

  • The Human Rights Ombudsman of Artsakh published a document, where it’s clearly seen that under the authoritarian regime of the Aliyev clan there has been a rise in Armenophobia across Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, the situation is not only in politics but also among the people of Azerbaijan and the educational system.

  • Recently there have been thousands of pages created by Azerbaijani people trying to spread national propaganda across Facebook and Instagram. Facebook removed 589 Facebook accounts, 7,906 Pages and 447 accounts on Instagram, which were used to boost pro-government activities. These accounts even attacked influential people like Cardi B and Elton John, threatening and forcing them to remove their posts. Facebook cited these as “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

  • The City Council of Geneva City just adopted a Resolution (49 yes, 18 abstentions, 2 no) condemning the military aggression of Azerbaijan, recognizing the right of the Armenians from Karabagh to self-determination, and demanding from the federal government to freeze the assets of the Aliyev family in Switzerland.

More from today:

See the complete press release here
Press kit

Global Awareness​

Saagar and Krystal, Katie Halper's not the story, keep the focus where it belongs on Tara


Again, Katie's not the story.  She's their friend.

The outrage isn't over Tara, the outrage Krystal has is over the treatment of Katie Halper.

Would have been great if you could shut up about Katie and talked about, oh, I don't know, Tara Reade.  That is the story.  As it is, you aired a clip and patted yourselves on the back for doing so.

That clips has been highlighted twice during the week by this site and by other sites.  You didn't do anything amazing.

But when you do highlight it, you don't tell your viewers about Tara's story and what was done to Tara -- she was trashed -- you instead whine about Katie Halper.

If you want to worry about Katie, send her some shampoo because that dirty hair needs washing.  If you want to focus on the news, Tara Reade came forward and the press ripped her apart, destroyed her reputation, ran with unfounded rumors (there's been no change in her expert status in court despite a Democrat issuing all those public statements in May about how this was going to impact hundreds of cases) and held her to a standard no one has ever been held to while holding accused Joe Biden to no standards at all.

Call voter suppression ‘voter suppression’



We are in the midst of a voter misinformation crisis, and the mainstream media is adding fuel to a raging fire. Voters already face incredible confusion about the safest way to vote in the midst of a pandemic, and the Trump administration continues to intentionally spread disinformation in an attempt to maintain its hold on the White House.

SIGN NOW: Covering and communicating election information is one of the most sacred and significant duties the media performs. It is ESSENTIAL they cover them correctly.

We are calling upon the media to ensure that all election coverage is given the gravity it deserves:

  1. Do not repeat baseless claims of voter fraud.
  2. Reject coverage that fuels partisanship, hate and violence.
  3. Cover and confront Trump’s attempts to derail the election directly. Don’t default to “both-sides” framing.
  4. Support and amplify local-news reporting on voter-suppression tactics.

What is at stake is more than just the election; more even than the integrity of the democratic structures we rely upon to guide a free society. In a country where police murder Black people with impunity, and the President empowers those murders both explicitly and implicitly, our lives are on the line.

The fourth estate serves an essential function in a free society. It serves to safeguard the truth, and protect the public from the violence which springs inevitably from propaganda. 2020 is the Year of Truth, and without truth in our media we can not have truth in our government.

Join us in calling upon the mainstream media to stay tied to the dignity of Truth in a time when its protections have never been more vulnerable.

For future generations,

Rev Yearwood
Founder & President
Hip Hop Caucus

Hip Hop Caucus

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