Saturday, February 29, 2020

Even in a win, Joe has to face the fact that he's less popular than Hillary

War Hawk Joe won South Carolina.  Bernie came in second.  The corporate media's attacks on Bernie were well executed.  They knew what they were doing and they influenced the vote.  But that's not likely to happen again.

So let's all let Joe enjoy his first victory as we remember that he started running for president -- officially -- 32 years ago.  It only took him 32 years of seeking the presidential nomination to finally win a state.  Who knows where he might be if he had another 32 years to try?  He might win two or even three states.

In other sad news for Joe, Bernie increased his numbers in South Carolina from 2016.  Joe?  He got less than Hillary's 271,514 votes in 2016. 

Meanwhile, there is this.

It appears tonight that Elizabeth Warren, after struggling mightily in 4 straight states, just decided to throw under the bus. It’s sad to see her make this turn. Even after this, Bernie would never speak ill of her.
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In terms of the states who have voted thus far, Elizabeth Warren is currently in fourth place.  Her campaign has been in deep trouble for months and by the campaign's own polling in late January, she did not have a strong shot at the nomination.  It's now worse than it was then.  It's unlikely it gets better for her.

How much of this is her own campaign lying to her?

That's not the case, I'm told (by the same person with the campaign who gave me their internals back in January).  The reality is that she's not willing to accept reality. 

That did surprise me but she's not the first candidate to fail to have any perspective on their own campaign. 

She's going to do what she's going to do. 

If she's staying in, her job is to fight for her campaign.  Her remarks are disappointing but, at this point, desperation is sinking in. 

In Iraq, as the protests continue, the attacks on the protesters continue. 

  1. Today early morning the tents of protesters in Tahrir Square in set ablaze by unknown people. Only a week ago I was inside those tents which are exactly under the freedom monument in the Ummah Garden. Video via Telegram

Tahrir Square in is getting packed w/ protesters coming from Iraqi southern provinces to conduct a million person march tomorrow in the capital city alongside the students who will be on strike as well demanding real change. Video of 20 mins ago

Tahrir Square in tonight is crowded, as protesters are planning to conduct a million person march with the help of the students in Baghdad tomorrow from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm to put pressure on the political parties to meet the demands of the .

Meanwhile, Iraq still does not have a new prime minister.  Back in December, Adil Abdel Mahdi announced his resignation.  All this time later, there's still not a new prime minister.  Last weekend, the prime minister-designate Mohammad Allawi indicated that he would be putting forward his Cabinet in a matter of days.  He's refused to court the Kurds, among others.  Hard to see how you lead a nation without attempting to build deals.  AFP reports that "for a second time," Parliament has "postponed" their vote.  AFP also notes that Iraq's president, Barham Saleh, is claiming that if Parliament does not vote, SAleh himself has the ability to "designate a premier unilaterally."  No, that power is not in Iraq's Constitution.


Iraq’s Kurds and Sunnis who remain sceptical about Allawi, who enjoys the full backing of Iraq’s two main Shia blocs — the Popular Mobilisation Forces’ Fatah alliance and Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s Sairoon Alliance.
“The steps taken by Mr Allawi so far have not earned the trust of many Iraqi parties and communities. Therefore, we ask that his work plan and agenda be revised in a way that the future government addresses and meets the demands of all Iraqi communities,” Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani said on February 24.
The powerful Sunni Iraqi Forces Alliance, affiliated with Halbousi, also expressed concern about the independence of Allawi’s proposed cabinet.

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