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Sinan Mahmoud (THE NATIONAL) reports:

Iraq’s national football team were given a heroes' welcome upon their return to Baghdad on Friday, a day after winning the Arabian Gulf Cup in the southern city of Basra.

Thousands of Iraqis packed the main streets of the capital, mainly along the motorway linking Baghdad International Airport to the city centre, to greet the Lions of Mesopotamia.

After their plane landed, the team were received on a red carpet as the Iraq National Band for Musical Heritage danced and sang, waving Iraqi flags.


Following a cruise on Friday afternoon on the Shatt Al-Arab river, where fans from Basra province greeted the players and staff, the Iraqi team headed to Baghdad.

From Baghdad airport to the Grand Festivities Square, the side was welcomed by fans along the side of the road, which extends for around 16 miles (26 kilometres).

Iraq Football Association President Adnan Dirjal and other officials were first to ascend the podium in the square before the players and staff joined them.

In addition, Iraqi foreign ministry spokesperson Ahmed Al-Sahhaf said Minister of Foreign Affairs Fuad Hussein ordered diplomatic passports to be given to the members of the national side in recognition of their win, official news agency INA reported.

The 25th edition of the Arabian Gulf Cup ran from 6 to 19 January 2023. The tournament takes place every other year.

Members of the winning team include: Fahad Talib, Jalal Hassan, Ahmed Basil, Manaf Younis, Zaid Tahseen, Mustafa Nadhim, Ali Faez, Alai Ghasem, Dhurgham Ismail, Hussein Ammar, Hussein Ali, Ibrahim Bavesh, Hassan Abdulkareem, Sherko Karim, Rewan Amin, Amjad Attwan, Amir al_Ammari, Mohammed Ali Abboud, Hussein Jabbar, Moammel Abdul-Ridha, Alaa Abbas, Aymen Hussein and Aso Rostam.


In other news, Hadani Ditmars (THE ART NEWSPAPER) reports:

Just in time for Iraq’s football victory at the Arabian Gulf Cup in Basra that drew thousands of fans to the Southern port town, the Basrah Museum has initiated a new project highlighting Iraqi cultural patrimony. Director Qahtan al Abeed has just launched the first part of a planned “Garden of Civilization” project in the courtyard of the museum.

Funded by the local governorate, a copy of the famous Lion of Babylon and the Assyrian Lamassu from the Iraqi Museum in Baghdad have been installed. Subject to further funding, plans are afoot for a copy of the Ziggurat of Ur and Babylon’s Ishtar gate to be installed in the garden.

“There are many Iraqis who can’t afford to visit their own heritage,” says Abeed. “This garden will allow them to ‘travel’ across Iraq and experience their country’s patrimony.”

The Garden of Civilization.  Iraq is the birthplace for many historical moments and innovations.

Suffer not Your neighbor's afflictionSuffer not Your neighbor's paralysisBut extend your hand Extend your handLest you vanish in the city And be but a traceJust a vanished ghost And your legacyAll the things you knew Science, mathematics, thoughtSeverely weakened Like irrigation systemsIn the tired veins forming From the Tigris and EuphratesIn the realm of peace All the world revolvedAll the world revolved Around a perfect circleCity of Baghdad City of scholarsEmpirical humble Center of the worldCity in ashes City of BaghdadCity of Baghdad Abrasive aloof
Oh, in Mesopotamia Aloofness ran deepDeep in the veins of the great riversThat form the base Of EdenAnd the tree The tree of knowledgeHeld up its arms To the skyAll the branches of knowledge All the branches of knowledgeCradling CradlingCivilization In the realm of peaceAll the world revolved Around a perfect circleOh Baghdad Center of the worldCity of ashes With its great mosquesErupting from the mouth of god Rising from the ashes likea speckled bird Splayed against the mosaic skyOh, clouds around We created the zeroBut we mean nothing to you You would believeThat we are just some mystical tale We are just a swollen bellyThat gave birth to Sinbad, Scheherazade We gave birthOh, oh, to the zero The perfect numberWe invented the zero And we mean nothing to youOur children run through the streetsAnd you sent your flames Your shooting starsShock and awe Shock and aweLike some, some Imagined warrior productionTwenty-first century No chivalry involvedNo Bushido
-- "Radio Baghdad," written by Patti Smith and Oliver Ray, first appears on her TRAMPIN'

So many artifacts have been stolen from Iraq.  The country's been plundered over and over and people seem to think that if they made it out of Iraq -- for example, Rukmini Callimachi -- that whatever they took is now their own.  "They're robbing the cradle of civilization," Patti sings in "Radio Baghdad." And that's been true forever. 

Matthew Weaver (GUARDIAN) reports:

The Iraqi-American artist Michael Rakowitz has proposed in a letter to the British Museum that it return one of its ancient Assyrian treasures to Iraq in exchange for the donation of his fourth plinth sculpture to the UK.

Rakowitz’s contemporary interpretation of an Assyrian winged bull, known as a lamassu, decorated in tins of date syrup, appeared on the plinth in Trafalgar Square from 2018 to 2020.

He has tentatively agreed to gift the sculpture to Tate Modern on the basis that it shares custody with Iraq. But, as part of the deal, he said that the British Museum should return one of its two Assyrian lamassu sculptures, which were discovered in Nineveh by the Victorian archaeologist Sir Austen Henry Layard.

Rakowitz said returning one of these treasures would help replace a 700BC lamassu, which had stood at the Nergal Gate in Nineveh. It was left in place by Layard but deliberately destroyed by Islamic State fighters in a raid on Mosul Museum in 2015. Rakowitz’s proposal is expected to be on the agenda of a visit to London next month by Iraq’s new minister of culture, Ahmed Fakkak, when he is expected to be given a tour of the British Museum.

RUETIR notes:

In 1938, the German archaeologist Wilhelm König found a clay jar at Khujut Rabu, just outside the Iraqi city of Baghdad. The jar was covered with an asphalt plug and is believed to be around 2,000 years old.

But the curious thing about the whole thing and what amazes the world is what they found inside: an iron bar inside a copper cylinder. This made some wonder: could it be an old battery?

König was the first to suggest that the vessel was used as a battery, 18 centuries before the first real battery was invented. Although the idea was certainly somewhat impossible, the jar would actually work as a battery.

After World War II, engineer Willard Gray took a replica of the Baghdad Battery, he filled it with grape juice and was capable of producing between 1.5 and 2 volts of electricity. In other words, in ancient Iraq they were capable of producing electricity, more than a thousand years ahead of other countries.

While there is debate over what the discovery noted above was used for,  ARAB AMERICA explains Iraq is responsible for inventing the wheel, the world's first written code of law, the written word, boats to transport, maps, the concept of time, math and much more.  Iraq has given and given and the world has taken and taken.  

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SAG-AFTRA Statement on 'Rust' Charges


SAG-AFTRA Statement on 'Rust' Charges  

SAG-AFTRA released the following statement on today's news regarding charges in the Rust tragedy.

"The death of Halyna Hutchins is a tragedy, and all the more so because of its preventable nature. It is not a failure of duty or a criminal act on the part of any performer. 

"The prosecutor's contention that an actor has a duty to ensure the functional and mechanical operation of a firearm on a production set is wrong and uninformed. An actor’s job is not to be a firearms or weapons expert. Firearms are provided for their use under the guidance of multiple expert professionals directly responsible for the safe and accurate operation of that firearm. In addition, the employer is always responsible for providing a safe work environment at all times, including hiring and supervising the work of professionals trained in weapons. 

"The Industry Standards for safety with firearms and use of blank ammunition are clearly laid out in Safety Bulletin 1, provided by the Joint Industry-Wide Labor Management Safety Commission. The guidelines require an experienced, qualified armorer to be put in charge of all handling, use and safekeeping of firearms on set. These duties include 'inspecting the firearm and barrel before and after every firing sequence,' and 'checking all firearms before each use.'  

"The guidelines do not make it the performer’s responsibility to check any firearm. Performers train to perform, and they are not required or expected to be experts on guns or experienced in their use. The industry assigns that responsibility to qualified professionals who oversee their use and handling in every aspect. Anyone issued a firearm on set must be given training and guidance in its safe handling and use, but all activity with firearms on a set must be under the careful supervision and control of the professional armorer and the employer."

Octavia Spencer Posed the Wrong Way at Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

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Kid Dancer Indy Bugg Performs to Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Savage’


GLAAD Announces Nominees For The 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards


It’s that time of year again! With the help of RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Salina EsTitties and Sasha Colby, GLAAD announced the nominees for the 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards through an enchanting Drag Story Time. 

“You know what’s scary? People with guns, not queens with books!” EsTitties reminds us before beginning the announcement. 

Honoring LGBTQ stories feels more important than ever this year. “With violence, harmful legislation, false rhetoric and other attacks on the LGBTQ community continuing to escalate, it’s more crucial than ever that our community remains visible and included in the stories that the world sees in film, television, music, journalism, and other forms of media. This year we have more nominees than ever before to represent immensely impactful projects that entertain, educate, and grow acceptance of LGBTQ people. From new stories that debunk lies about transgender youth to kids and family programming which allows all families to be represented, this year’s nominated media images are beloved by audiences and are creating real change,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.      

The GLAAD Media Awards honor media for fair, accurate, and inclusive representations of LGBTQ people and issues. Since its inception in 1990, the GLAAD Media Awards have grown to be the most visible annual LGBTQ awards show in the world, sending powerful messages of acceptance to audiences globally. The 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards are presented by Gilead Sciences, Inc. and Ketel One Family Made Vodka.

For the full list of nominees, see below or here. Follow #glaadawards and @glaad for updates and reactions from nominees throughout the day.

The 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards nominees were published, released, or broadcast between January 1 and December 31, 2022. The GLAAD Media Awards ceremonies, which fund GLAAD's work to accelerate LGBTQ acceptance, will be held in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hilton on Thursday, March 30, 2023, and in New York City at the Hilton Midtown on Saturday, May 13, 2023.

With more nominees than ever before, GLAAD announced 295 nominees across 33 categories. Two new categories were added this year including Outstanding Podcast and Outstanding Live TV Journalism - Segment or Special. Some additional changes that were made were that the Outstanding Reality Program category was split to nominate both reality competition series and non-competition series independently and The Outstanding Kids & Family Programming category was also split to nominate animated and live action programs independently. This year also includes ten nominees in the Outstanding Film - Wide Release category for the first time.

Streaming services saw a total of 70 nominees, 54 nominations for cable, and broadcast networks received 30. With 21 nominations, Netflix earned more nominations than any other network. ABC had the second most with 12 nominees, then HBO MAX with 10, and Hulu received 8. In the Spanish-language categories, TelevisaUnivision and both received 8 nominations, and Telemundo and received 3. 

2022 was a year where anti-transgender violence rose and lawmakers across the U.S. introduced an unprecedented number of bills attempting to stop transgender youth from participating in sports and accessing gender-affirming healthcare, many of the nominees at the 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards centered transgender people and issues in timely, nuanced, and empowering ways. From television series and talk shows to video games and comic books, this year’s nominees provided much needed representation for trans and non-binary folk.  

Of the 30 television shows nominated across Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Drama Series, and Outstanding New TV Series, 17 feature trans and/or nonbinary characters, including:, Sort Of, 9-1-1 Lone Star, Chucky, Grey’s Anatomy, Good Trouble, Gossip Girl, P-Valley, September Mornings, Star Trek: Discovery, The L Word: Generation Q, Umbrella Academy, A League of Their Own, Heartbreak High, Our Flag Means Death, Queer as Folk, The Sandman and Somebody, Somewhere. Other nominated shows and films featuring trans and/or nonbinary people or characters include: A Man Called Otto, Bros, Death and Bowling, Neptune Frost, Wendell & Wild, Anything’s Possible, Framing Agnes, Queer for Fear, Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story, The Book of Queer, The Best Man: The Final Chapters, Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrls, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Generation Drag, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, The Come Up, We’re Here, Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City, Dead End: Paranormal Park, The Dragon Prince, The Owl House, First Day, Heartstopper, Monster High: The Movie, Raven’s Home, Rebel Cheer Squad: A Get Even Series, and Zombie’s.  


A significant number of nominees at the 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards also include impactful stories about LGBTQ people of color. 

In the film and television categories, those nominees include: Bodies Bodies Bodies, Bros, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Lightyear, Nope, Strange World, Neptune Frost, The Inspection, Wendell & Wild, Anything’s Possible, B-Boy Blues, Crush, Do Revenge, Fire Island, The Fallout, Wildhood, Maurice Hines: Bring Them Back, Sirens, Harley Quinn, Love, Victor, Never Have I Ever, Only Murders in the Building, Sex Lives of College Girls, Sort Of, Good Trouble, Gossip Girl, The L Word: Generation Q, P-Valley, Heartbreak High, A League of Their Own, Interview with the Vampire, Our Flag Means Death, Sandman, The Rookie: Feds, Queer as Folk, among others.

Many LGBTQ artists of color and/or acts featuring LGBTQ artists of color were nominated for Outstanding Music Artist, including: Anitta, Demi Lovato, Hayley Kiyoko, Honey Dijon, MUNA, Rina Sawayama, Doechii, Dreamer Isioma, Isaac Dunbar, Omar Apollo, and Steve Lacy.

Many of this year’s nominees feature powerful stories of lesbian, bisexual+, and queer women. Of the 10 nominees for Film: Wide Release, more than half featured prominent lesbian, bisexual+, or queer female characters, including Bodies Bodies Bodies, Bros, Lightyear, Scream, Spoiler Alert, and Tár.

Of the 30 television shows nominated across Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Drama Series, and Outstanding New TV Series, 17 feature lesbian, bisexual+, and queer women, including: Derry Girls, Hacks, Harley Quinn, Never Have I Ever, Only Murders in the Building, Sex Lives of College Girls, Good Trouble, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, P-Valley, The L Word: Generation Q, Heartbreak High, High School, A League of Their Own, Queer as Folk, and The Rookie: Feds. Additionally, many nominees in the Spanish-language Scripted Television category also feature stories of lesbian, bisexual+, and queer women, including: La flor más bella, Los Espookys, Smiley, and Las de la última fila.

A tip sheet with a full breakdown of nominations by media and trends among the nominees is available here.

Each year, GLAAD presents non-competitive Special Recognition Awards to media projects that do not fit into one of the existing GLAAD Media Awards categories. For the 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, GLAAD is presenting Special Recognition honors to eight media projects that spotlighted diverse segments of the LGBTQ community in innovative ways. The eight media projects include: Alejandra Caraballo, transgender rights activist, civil rights attorney and clinical instructor at Harvard Law School, Drag Story Hour, a nonprofit organization seeking to use the art of drag to read books to kids in libraries, schools, and bookstores, Rothaniel (HBO), the Emmy-award winning standup special written and performed by Black queer comedian Rothaniel Jerrod Carmichael, The Lesbian Bar Project a docu-series created by Erica Rose and Elina Street to celebrate lesbian queer bars across the U.S., #Letters4TransKids, a social media campaign started by Axios’ Ina Fried to share letters of support to trans children in the face of anti-trans legislation and sentiment, and "En Sus Palabras" [serie] (TelevisaUnivision), an impressive and ambitious interview series produced by the Social Impact & Sustainability Team at TelevisaUnivision. These stories feature LGBTQ people who, in long interviews, share their personal stories of resilience and courage.

GLAAD's Barbara Gittings Award for Excellence in LGBTQ Media honors a pioneering individual, group, or community media outlet that has made a significant contribution to the development of LGBTQ media. The award is named after Barbara Gittings in recognition of her groundbreaking work as editor of The Ladder, and for her appearances as an out lesbian on national news media throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

This year, The Barbara Gittings Award for Excellence in LGBTQ Media will be presented to The Los Angeles Blade and Washington Blade. Washington Blade is the nation’s oldest LGBTQ newspaper, founded in 1969 just after the Stonewall Rebellion and is the only queer outlet with a dedicated seat in the White House briefing room and the only such outlet that is a member of the presidential pool rotation and the White House Correspondents Association.Together, representing 50 years, the Los Angeles Blade and Washington Blade’s relentless reporting reflects best-in-class journalism, reminding us all that LGBTQ issues and people have a stake in every news story and headline.

The 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards are presented by Gilead Sciences, Inc. and Ketel One Family Made Vodka. For more information on how to become a corporate sponsor, please contact: Melissa Harris, Deputy Vice President of Partnerships at

To purchase tickets for the 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, please visit:





Outstanding Film - Wide Release

A Man Called Otto (Sony Pictures)

Bodies Bodies Bodies (A24)

Bros (Universal Pictures)

Everything Everywhere All at Once (A24)

Lightyear (Pixar)

Nope (Universal Pictures)

Scream (Paramount Pictures)

Spoiler Alert (Focus Features)

Strange World (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Tár (Focus Features)

Outstanding Film - Streaming or TV

Anything's Possible (Prime Video)

B-Boy Blues (BET+)

A Christmas to Treasure (Lifetime)

Crush (Hulu)

Do Revenge (Netflix)

The Fallout (HBO Max)

Fire Island (Hulu)

The Holiday Sitter (Hallmark)

Three Months (Paramount+)

Wildhood (Hulu)

Outstanding Film - Limited Release

Anaïs in Love (Magnolia Pictures)

Benediction (Roadside Attractions)

Death and Bowling (Wolfe Releasing)

Firebird (Roadside Attractions)

Girl Picture (Strand Releasing)

The Inspection (A24)

My Policeman (Prime Video)

Neptune Frost (Kino Lorber)

The Swimmer (Strand Releasing)

Wendell & Wild (Netflix)

Outstanding Documentary

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (HBO)

The Andy Warhol Diaries (Netflix)

The Book of Queer (Discovery+)

Framing Agnes (Kino Lorber)

Mama' Boy (HBO)

Maurice Hines: Bring Them Back (STARZ)

Mormon No More (Hulu)

Queer for Fear (Shudder)

Sirens (Oscilloscope)

Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story (Netflix)

Outstanding Comedy Series

Abbott Elementary (ABC)

Derry Girls (Netflix)

Hacks (HBO Max)

Harley Quinn (HBO Max)

Love, Victor (Hulu)

Never Have I Ever (Netflix)

Only Murders in the Building (Hulu)

Sex Lives of College Girls (HBO Max)

Sort Of (HBO Max)

What We Do in the Shadows (FX)

Outstanding Drama Series

9-1-1: Lone Star (Fox)

Chucky (Syfy)

Good Trouble (Freeform)

Gossip Girl (HBO Max)

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

The L Word: Generation Q (Showtime)

P-Valley (STARZ)

September Mornings (Prime Video)

Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount Plus)

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

Outstanding New TV Serie

A League of Their Own (Prime Video)

Heartbreak High (Netflix)

High School (Amazon Freevee)

Interview with the Vampire (AMC)

Our Flag Means Death (HBO Max)

Queer as Folk (Peacock)

The Rookie: Feds (ABC)

The Sandman (Netflix)

Somebody Somewhere (HBO)

Willow (Disney+)

Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series

American Horror Story: NYC (FX)

The Ignorant Angels (Hulu)

The Best Man: The Final Chapters (Peacock)

Welcome to Chippendales (Hulu)

The White Lotus (HBO)

Outstanding Reality Program

Bargain Block (HGTV)

The Come Up (Freeform)

Family Karma (Bravo)

Generation Drag (Discovery+)

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness (Netflix)

Mathis Family Matters (E!)

The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans (Paramount+)

Southern Hospitality (Bravo)

Trixie Motel (Discovery+)

We’re Here (HBO)

Outstanding Reality Program – Competition

The Big Brunch (HBO Max)

Dancing with the Stars (Disney+)

Legendary (HBO Max)

Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls (Prime Video)

RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1)

So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)

Top Chef (Bravo)

Upcycle Nation (Fuse)

The Voice (NBC)

Worst Cooks in America (Food Network)

Outstanding Children’s Programming

“Adoptasaurus Rex" Dino Ranch (Disney Junior)

"Family Picnic" Sesame Street (HBO Max)

Firebuds (Disney Junior)

"The Mint Gala" Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City (Netflix)

Pinecone & Pony (Apple TV+)

Outstanding Kids & Family Programming - Animated

Amphibia (Disney Channel)

Battle Kitty (Netflix)

Big Nate (Nickelodeon)

Craig of the Creek (Cartoon Network)

Dead End: Paranormal Park (Netflix)

The Dragon Prince (Netflix)

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (Netflix)

The Owl House (Disney Channel)

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder (Disney+)

Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! (Cartoon Network)

Outstanding Kids & Family Programming - Live Action

Better Nate Than Ever (Disney+)

First Day (Hulu)

Heartstopper (Netflix)

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Disney+)

Monster High: The Movie (Nickelodeon, Paramount+)

Power Rangers: Dino Fury (Netflix)

Raven’s Home (Disney Channel)

Rebel Cheer Squad: A Get Even Series (Netflix)

Trevor: The Musical (Disney+)

Zombies 3 (Disney+)

Outstanding Music Artist

Anitta, Versions of Me (Warner Records)

Betty Who, BIG! (BMG)

Demi Lovato, HOLY FVCK (Island Records)

FLETCHER, Girl of My Dreams (Capitol Records)

Hayley Kiyoko, PANORAMA (Atlantic Records)

Honey Dijon, Black Girl Magic (Classic Music Company)

Kim Petras, Slut Pop (Republic Records)

MUNA, MUNA (Saddest Factory Records)

Orville Peck, Bronco (Columbia Records)

Rina Sawayama, Hold the Girl (Dirty Hit)

Outstanding Breakthrough Music Artist

Brooke Eden (BBR Music Group)

Doechii (Capitol Records)

Dove Cameron (Columbia Records)

Dreamer Isioma (AWAL Recordings)

Ethel Cain (Daughters of Cain Records)

Isaac Dunbar (RCA Records)

Jordy (300 Entertainment, Elektra Records)

Omar Apollo (Warner Records)

Renee Rapp (Interscope Records)

Steve Lacy (RCA Records)

Outstanding Broadway Production

& Juliet

Ain't No Mo

Kimberly Akimbo

A Strange Loop

Take Me Out

Outstanding Video Game

Apex Legends (Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts)

Desta: The Memories Between (ustwo games)

Haven (The Game Bakers)

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist (Northway Games/Finji)

Need for Speed: Unbound (Criterion Games/Electronic Arts)

SIGNALIS (rose-engine/Humble Games)

The Quarry (Supermassive Games/2K Games)

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (Gearbox Software/2K Games)

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (Blizzard Entertainment)

Wylde Flowers (Studio Drydock)

Outstanding Comic Book

I Hate This Place, by Kyle Starks, Artyom Topilin, Lee Loughridge, Pat Brosseau (Image Comics)

Immortal X-Men, by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, Michele Bandini, David Curiel, Dijjo Lima, Clayton Cowles (Marvel Comics)

New Mutants, by Vita Ayala, Danny Lore, Charlie Jane Anders, Danilo Beyruth, Rod Reis, Jan Duursema, Guillermo Sanna, Alex Lins, Alberto Alburquerque, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, Dan Brown, Ruth Redmond, Carlos Lopez, Tamra Bonvillain, Travis Lanham (Marvel Comics)

The Nice House on the Lake, by James Tynion IV, Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Jordie Bellaire, Andworld Design (DC Comics)

Poison Ivy, by G. Willow Wilson, Marcio Takara, Atagun Ilhan, Brian Level, Stefano Gaudiano, Jay Leisten, Arif Prianto, Ivan Plascencia, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (DC Comics)

Sins of the Black Flamingo, by Andrew Wheeler, Travis Moore, Tamra Bonvillain, Aditya Bidikar (Image Comics)

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, by Alyssa Wong, Minkyu Jung, Natacha Bustos, Rachelle Rosenberg, Joe Caramagna (Marvel Comics)

Superman: Son of Kal-El, by Tom Taylor, Nicole Maines, John Timms, Cian Tormey, Raul Fernandez, Bruno Redondo, Wade Von Grawbadger, Adriano Lucas, Clayton Henry, Ruairi Coleman, Scott Hanna, Hi-Fi Color, Federico Blee, Wes Abbott, Matt Herms, Marcelo Maiolo, Romulo Fajardo, Jr., Dave Sharpe, Bruno Redondo (DC Comics)

Tim Drake: Robin, by Meghan Fitzmartin, Riley Rossmo, Lee Loughridge, Tom Napolitano, Rob Leigh (DC Comics)

Wynd: The Throne in the Sky, by James Tynion IV, Michael Dialynas, Andworld Design (BOOM! Studios)

Outstanding Original Graphic Novel/Anthology

Chef's Kiss, by Jarrett Melendez, Danica Brine, Hank Jones, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Oni Press)

Coven, by Jennifer Dugan, Kit Seaton (Putnam)

DC Pride 2022 (DC Comics) [anthology]

Doughnuts and Doom, by Balazs Lorinczi (Top Shelf Productions)

Fine: A Comic About Gender, by Rhea Ewing (W.W. Norton & Company)

Galaxy: The Prettiest Star, by Jadzia Axelrod, Jess Taylor (DC Comics)

Heartstopper Volume 4, by Alice Oseman (Graphix)

Magical Boy, by The Kao (Graphix)

Marvel's Voices: Pride #1 (Marvel Comics) [anthology]

Young Men in Love (A Wave Blue World) [anthology]

Outstanding Variety or Talk Show Episode

"David Archuleta" The Jennifer Hudson Show (syndicated)

"Don’t Say Gay" The Amber Ruffin Show (Peacock)

"Here I Am" Tamron Hall (ABC)

"Jackie Goldschneider & Danny Pellegrino” Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen (Bravo)

"JoJo Siwa Celebrates Her Golden Birthday" The View (ABC)

"LGBTQ Trailblazers" If We're Being Honest with Laverne Cox (E!)

"Spirit Day" The Kelly Clarkson Show (NBCUniversal Syndication Studios)

"Transgender Rights II" Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

"Virtel It Like It Is: Gay Velma Drives GOP Mad" Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC)

"The War Over Gender" The Problem with Jon Stewart (Apple TV+)

Outstanding TV Journalism Segment

"Critics Say New School Policies In Florida Ostracize LGBTQ Students" PBS Newshour (PBS)

"A History That Never Should Have Been: Julius' Bar" PIX11 Morning News (WPIX-TV [New York])

"How Psychiatrist 'Dr. Anonymous' Impacted The Fight For Gay Rights" Sunday TODAY (NBC)

"HIV in the Deep South" In Real Life (Scripps News)

"Inside The Effort To Ban Conversion Therapy" (NBC News NOW)

“Introducing Nora J.S. Reichardt” (WOI/KCWI-TV [Des Moines])

"Life As A Trans Soldier" VICE News Tonight (VICE)

"Man Who Helped Stop The Club Q Shooter: 'I'm Just A Normal Guy'" Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN)

"The Show Must Go On - Pride Events Targeted" Nightline (ABC)

"The Struggle Of Coming Out In A Religious Family" Good Morning America (ABC)

Outstanding TV Journalism – Long-Form

"Dear Noah: Pages from a Family Diary" (NBC News NOW)

"Families of Trans Kids Are Seeking Sanctuary" VICE News Tonight (VICE)

"NY1 Celebrates Pride: The New Generation" (Spectrum News NY1)

"Our America: Who I'm Meant To Be" (ABC Localish)

"PRIDE | To Be Seen" Soul of a Nation (ABC)

"Pride And Backlash" (NBC News NOW)

"Pride of Stage and Screen" (MSNBC)

"This Is Football" Beyond Limits (CBS)

"Unapologetic: A Conversation on Pride" (MSG Network)

"VIRAL: A World Without AIDS" (ABC News Live)

Outstanding Live TV Journalism - Segment or Special

"25 News: Celebrating Our Pride" (KXXV-TV [Waco])

"Chris Hayes on the Right-Wing War on LGBTQ Existence" All In with Chris Hayes (MSNBC)

"Don Lemon on the Anti-LGBTQ Congressman Who Attended His Gay Son's Wedding" CNN Tonight with Don Lemon (CNN)

"GMA Out Loud: A Live Proposal in Times Square" Good Morning America (ABC)

"Joy-Ann Reid Interviews Will Larkins On Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill" The Reid Out (MSNBC)

"The Last Thing Before We Go: Stephanie Ruhle Talks Spirit Day" The 11th Hour (MSNBC)

"Out Loud: ABC News Celebrates Pride" (ABC News Live)

"Reggie Aqui Interviews Doctor and Mpox Patient on His Experience" (KGO-TV [San Francisco])

"Robin Roberts Interviews Zander Moricz on His Censored Graduation Speech" Good Morning America (ABC)

"Symone Sanders-Townsend Interviews Colorado Springs Shooting Survivor Michael Anderson" SYMONE (MSNBC)

Outstanding Print Article

"Activists Face An Avalanche Of Anti-Transgender Bills" by Casey Parks (The Washington Post)

"After Threats From Extremist Groups, LGBTQ Activists Rally In Support Of The Center" by Desiree Stennet (Orlando Sentinel)

"A Country Music Comeback: Ty Herndon Knows He Should be Dead" by Jason Sheeler (People)

"EXPLAINER: Pronouns, Nonbinary People and the Club Q Attack" by Jeff McMillan with Jesse Bedayn, Jim Mustian, Colleen Slevin, Jake Bleiberg, Lindsey Tanner (Associated Press)

"'King Richard' Star Aunjanue Ellis Speaks Her Truth About Being Bisexual: 'I Am Queer - This Is Who I Am'" by Angelique Jackson (Variety)

"Niecy Nash And Wife Jessica Are Sure Betts" by Demetria L. Lucas (Essence)

“Pediatricians Who Serve Trans Youth Face Increasing Harassment. Lifesaving Care Could Be on the Line” by Madeleine Carlisle (TIME)

"Pride And Prejudice And Fire Island" by E. Alex Jung (New York Magazine)

"Take My Wheelchair,' Club Q Victim Tells Nurse Upon Leaving 22-Day Hospital Stay" by Carol McKinley and Tina Siegfried (The Gazette [Colorado Springs])

"Will Russia Bring Its War On LGBTQ People To Ukraine?" by Kate Linthicum (Los Angeles Times)

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"A 25-Year-Old Got In A Taxi Outside An N.Y.C. Gay Bar. He Was Dead An Hour Later" by Jay Valle (

"Alabama Is Trying to Raise the Legal Driving Age for Trans People to 19" by Nico Lang (

"Does Providing Prep, A Drug That Prevents H.I.V., Clash With Christian Beliefs? An Overview Of Church Teaching" by Michael J. O’Loughlin (

“The Fear And Loathing Some People Show Sports Pride Events Brings Fear And Pain To This Fan” by Karleigh Webb (

“‘I See Myself In Her’: Brittney Griner’s Russia Trial Resonates With Queer Black Women And Nonbinary People” by Orion Rummler (

“My Experience As A Target Of Kiwi Farms Speaks To A Scary Truth About Internet Culture” by Katelyn Burns (

"The New York Times, The Atlantic, More Keep Publishing Transphobia. Why?" by Lexi McMenamin (

"School Board Meetings Are the New Frontline for LGBTQ+ Rights" by Colleen Hamilton (

"There Is No Legitimate 'Debate' Over Gender-Affirming Healthcare" by Kit O’Connell (

“What’s So Scary About A Transgender Child?” by Emily St. James (

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"+TALK: Sex, Dating & Disclosure" by Karl Schmid (

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"Florida’s So-Called 'Don’t Say Gay' Bill Explained" (

"How Is the Gay Rodeo Different?" by Jordon Jones (

“How Medicine's Fixation on the Sex Binary Harms Intersex People" (

"How New Anti-LGBTQ Laws Echo An Infamous Conservative Activist's Campaign From 1977" by John Avlon (

“Lawmakers Say Trans Athlete Bans Are About Protecting Women’s Sports …” by Julie Kliegman (

"Logo's Trans Youth Town Hall" by Raquel Willis (

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"Activistas exigen a Corrección trasladar de inmediato a Aurora a una cárcel de mujeres" Las Noticias de Teleonce (Teleonce)

"Avanzan en Ohio y Texas propuestas similares a la ley 'Don't say gay' de Florida" Hoy Día (Telemundo)

"Azafata le pide matrimonio a su novia piloto" Edición Digital (TelevisaUnivision)

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"La Familia de la Sigla XX1" Primer Impacto (TelevisaUnivision) 

"Jesús Ociel Baena, la primera persona no binaria en América Latina en llegar a un cargo de magistrado electoral" Perspectivas México (CNN en Español)

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"Vico Ortiz" Primer Impacto (TelevisaUnivision)

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"Amelio Robles fue el primer hombre trans mexicano y revolucionario" por Luis Garcia (

"'Esta es mi vida intersexual': así fue cómo una boricua se convirtió en una heroína" por Marcos Billy Guzmán (ElNuevoDí

"Con miedo, pero peleando sus derechos: así viven las familias con niños LGBTQ en estados que quieren criminalizarlos" por Patricia Clarembeaux (

"Hay que votar por nuestras vidas: la comunidad hispana LGBTQ explica qué le motiva a participar en esta elección" por Albinson Linares (

"Madres con hijos de la comunidad LGBTQ unen fuerzas en América Latina para luchar por sus derechos" por Rodrigo Serrano (

"Mucho más que hablar con 'e', qué es ser no binarie" por Marina Prats (HuffingtonPost.Es)

"No nos quitarán la risa" por Lucas Garófalo (

"El Primer Comedor Comunitario LGBTQ de la Ciudad de México" por Delilah Friedler, fotos de Luis Pimental (

"Proyectos de ley anti LGBTQ+ en Florida son una 'licencia para discriminar' y reviven el dolor de Pulse, dicen grupos locales" por Jennifer A. Marcial Ocasio (

"Por qué los bisexuales, el colectivo no heterosexual más numeroso de España, siguen siendo invisibles en televisión" por Héctor Llanos Martínez (ElPaí

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"Las abuelas trans buscan dignificar su vejez" por Liliana Rosas y Silvana Flores (

"Un hogar para las mujeres trans en México" por Gladys Serrano (ElPaí

"¿Al clóset? ni pa' coger impulso: Carolina Giraldo, congresista bisexual" por Mariana Escobar Bernoske (

"La comunidad trans recibe atención médica de calidad y con calidez, en la USIPT" por Jorge Ángel Pablo Garcia y Tania Molina Ramírez (

"Migrantes Trans buscan una nueva vida en Estados Unidos" por Alma Paola Wong (

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