Saturday, October 28, 2017

Patrick Cockburn exposes his hatred of Arabs yet again

Patrick Cockburn is such utter trash.  It was years ago that we stopped trusting his 'reporting.'  Arab social media posters were noting how biased it was, how anti-Sunni he was, how wrong he was.

Those who doubted what Arab voices saw need only read his latest garbage which is rah-rah Baghdad

Rah-rah about Baghdad attacking the Kurds.

Sad and pathetic enough but he also writes this:

The Sunni, a fifth of the population, have lost comprehensively because Isis became their main vehicle for opposition to the central government.  Justly or unjustly, they share in its defeat.

There are so many responses to those two sentences -- none of them kind.

First, how outrageous that he likens Sunnis to terrorists.

How is that different from some Americans branding all Muslims terrorists?

It's not.

Patrick Cockburn has just labeled Sunnis as terrorists.

It's the sort of hatred so many Arabs have sensed in his writing for years now.

It's outrageous and goes to both Cockburn's lack of ethics and lack of basic fairness.

"Justly or unuslty," the group ISIS did not become the Sunnis "main vehicle for opposition to the central government."

Sunnis were protesting.

ISIS only became bigger than the protests when Nouri al-Maliki began attacking the protesters.

ISIS was not championed by the Sunnis and for Patrick Cockburn to claim otherwise is just for him to expose the deceitful and dishonest core at the center of Patrick's very being.

It is a lie and a slander.

His hatred allows him to lie and slander Arabs.

He's been doing this for some time and it's past time the left stopped going along with him.

Reality, Patrick's covered Iraq for 14 years -- what did he ever expose?

Did he expose Abu Ghraib?


Did he expose Nouri's torture chambers?


Fourteen years of so-called independent 'reporting' and he has nothing to show for it but one Tiger Beat filing over a Shi'ite after another.

He's not a reporter.

He's an anti-Arab propagandist who should be shunned by any educated reader.

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Real Love (Jody Watley)

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I hope the Democratic Party understands this McCarthyism against Black dissidents is not going to end well for them

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

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    Omg 😩😍😍😍 TOO ADORABLE! Repost from dessedra_b_maheia:
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    Destruction of Libya was one of the greatest crimes this century. A country that had the highest living standard in Africa reduced to rubble
  • I am listed as one of 10 women who rocked the globe in 2016. Who knew? I didn't until a few minutes ago.
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    BAP member Charo Mina-Rojas () addressed the Security Council on gender violence in Colombia. -->
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    There was a massive study on racism, and the media only focused on the part about white people
  • Black secret service agent was imprisoned for revealing previous JFK murder attempts. I wrote about .
  • was the first black secret service agent. When he tried to reveal prior JFK assassination attempts he was imprisoned.
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    The FBI is fundamentally opposed to human rights of Black people. Repression of Black liberation movement is their job.
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    Here at Sputnik we never purchased one ad from Twitter. Our shows in 2016 were fiercely critical of Trump (and Clinton).
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    Whatever yr view of issue, US/UK/EU stance hypocritical.The ‘integrity’ & ‘sovereignty’ of Yugoslavia didn’t matter 2 them in 90s
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    BAP member Charo Mina-Rojas addresses the on the peace process for Afro-Colombians and Indigenous peoples.
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    Replying to  
    I hope the Democratic Party understands this McCarthyism against Black dissidents is not going to end well for them come 2018/2020.
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    "I’m looking to sue": Black activist banned from after being falsely labeled a "Russian bot".
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    Replying to  
    And Black liberals that are co-signing this witch hunt are only discrediting themselves more & more in the minds of the Black masses.
  • Campaign staffer for a GA politician was interviewed on . Now forced to resign from his job.
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    ✊🏿 Surely, Cambridge University was built upon the wealth created from the colonization of African people- they need to pay reparations.
  • is a smart young woman speaking up for black people. But the consequence of doing that is predictable.
  • Who is this woman being harassed by ?
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    ICE is a white supremacist hate group that engages in racial profiling
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    The divestment movement is a way for the public to revoke its consent for the war machine:
  • teams up with to fight sexual harassment? I can’t with this bullsh*t.
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    "Celluloid Heroes" - how the export of experience to destroys and discernment
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    WashPo reports: Clinton campaign & DNC COLLUDED with Russian Government to help throw U.S Presidential Election.
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    Since Twitter now bars RT and Sputnik from buying ads I will boycott any product I see an ad for here. Join me.