Saturday, February 01, 2020

Some Tweets from David Sirota

David Sirota is the speechwriter for candidate Bernie Sanders.

  • Absolutely true
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    it has to be said: largely indifferent to david sirota the person, but i respect david sirota the poster
  • Sky right now in Englewood, CO
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    If at the end of my life I am remembered as one of the people who intently and obsessively worked to help focus public attention on Social Security during the 2020 election, I’m good with that.
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    People are searching the hell out of “Biden Social Security” in Iowa and New Hampshire (and, amusingly, Washington DC)
  • Personal news: I’m now a type
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    While the leading scientists are telling us that we are running out of time on climate change, Trump is continuing his quest to roll back 100 regulations. This is why young people across this country have been going on strike to demand climate action.
  • Live shot: photographic proof of pancake mix in Denver
  • I’ve had the phone off for the last 16 hours and am home in Denver making pancakes for my kids. If nonetheless you’d like to blame me for anything happening in American politics, my mentions are open. Fire away, I’m here for you.
  • While I was out with my longtime friends in Denver tonight, a buddy told me I made an appearance in a climate denier’s NYT column. I didn’t believe him. But alas I was wrong. Thank you, Bret Stephens.
  • Celebrate. And stay in Denver.
  • Hung out with my journalism pals in Denver tonight, and it was a much-needed long overdue reminder of my pre-existing life and community outside of all this.
  • I’ve known for 20 years. He is my friend. He is right.
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    Bernie has a 30-year record of fighting not just to prevent Social Security from being cut, but to expand benefits for senior citizens, veterans & people with disabilities. Biden has a 40-year history of working with the GOP to try to cut Social Security. We break it down here⬇️
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    🚨Bernard Schwartz, chairman emeritus and funder of , which is advertising against Bernie Sanders (), donated $100,000 to the pro-Joe Biden super PAC last month.