Saturday, October 21, 2017

They never see it coming because they're so stupid

Martin Chulov isn't much of an analyst as his latest piece for THE GUARDIAN:

The extraordinary capitulation – which followed an indepedence referendum that was supposed to strengthen their hand – has not only shattered Kurdish ambitions for at least a generation; it has also laid bare an evolving power struggle in Iraq, and a regional dynamic that is fast taking shape in the wake of the shattered so-called caliphate declared by the Isis leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in mid-2014.

At least a generation?

Was Martin also shocked by the fall of the Soviet Union?

What just took place is the best thing for Kurdish independence.

The Kurds have witnessed the reaction to their resolution -- a non-binding resolution.

It was for Baghdad to send Iranian-backed Shi'ite militias after them.

They are not Iraqis.

There is no place for the Kurds in Iraq.

That is now obvious.

It should have been obvious when the Shi'ite prime ministers refused to follow the Iraqi Constitution.

But now they've seen that the Iraqi system is completely against them -- what passes for legal courts, a Constitution, the prime ministers and now the military.

How stupid is Martin Chulov?

This isn't smothering a fire for independence, it's putting more matches to it and make the fire burn higher and brighter.

In what world do you think people take that?

And the battle that largely wasn't?

It was due to the Talabani clan.

A family of professional liars.

That's what they are -- even if Martin and the press won't tell the truth.

For the last years of fat ass Jalal Talabani's presidency, he couldn't serve.

And yet Hero Talabani and every other member of his family concealed that from the Iraqi people.  He was not fit to serve and the Constitution demanded that he be replaced.

But they lied to the Iraqi people repeatedly to maintain their hold on power.

Would Nouri al-Maliki -- a thug, granted -- had gone so far in 2012 and 2013 if Jalal hadn't been paralyzed by a stroke?

Did the Iraqi people not have a right to know Jalal was paralyzed and couldn't speak?

As the country spiraled into further violence, where was their president?

They had no president.

But they were lied to over and over.

That reality hurt the Talabanis in the last election.

Approximately 92% of the Kurds voted for independence.

And they saw the Talabanis make another corrupt deal that led to the Talabanis pulling the Peshmerga out of Kirkuk.

You think the 92% is pleased by that?

The Talabanis have always been the biggest obstacle to Kurdish independence.

And now they are fully exposed as the whores they are.  A cheap and tawdry family who formed their own political party because they couldn't get along with the existing one, a cheap and trashy family who betrayed the people of the KRG for coin over and over.

All of my statements above are readings -- and they could be misreadings -- but they're a lot more grounded in reality than Martin Chulov's nonsense.

A generation away?

Any sane analysis of what just took place will argue the people are more determined than ever before and they now know who their enemies are (the Talabanis).

The Barzanis look like heroes.  The Talabanis are pawns of foreign powers.

That's how it looks in Kurdistan.

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Isakson Announces Committee Vote on Three Pending VA Nominations


Senator Johnny Isakson (above) is the Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.  His office issued the following yesterday:


Friday, October 20, 2017

Contact: Amanda Maddox, 202-224-7777
Camlin Moore, 202-224-9126

Isakson Announces Committee Vote on Three Pending VA Nominations
WASHINGTON – The Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, chaired by U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., will hold a business meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017, to consider three pending nominations to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
The committee will consider the following nominations during an off-the-floor meeting held in conjunction with afternoon votes:
·         Melissa Sue Glynn, of the District of Columbia, to be assistant secretary of Veterans Affairs for Enterprise Integration
·         Cheryl Mason, of Virginia, to be chairman of the Board of Veterans’ Appeals
·         Randy Reeves, of Mississippi, to be undersecretary of Veterans Affairs for Memorial Affairs

WHO:         Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
WHERE:    Off the floor in conjunction with afternoon votes
WHEN:      Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017, TBD

       Business Meeting to Consider Pending Nominations
The Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs is chaired by U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., in the 115th Congress. Isakson is a veteran himself – having served in the Georgia Air National Guard from 1966-1972 – and has been a member of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs since he joined the Senate in 2005. Isakson’s home state of Georgia is home to more than a dozen military installations representing each branch of the armed services as well as more than 750,000 veterans.

I don't need lessons from either one of them. Why don't they get paid for speeches and leave the rest of us alone

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  • I don’t need lessons from either one of them. Why don’t they get paid for speeches and leave the rest of us alone.
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