Saturday, January 26, 2019

Protests in Iraq

Yesterday, protests took part in Basra, they have been taking place since July.

in against lack of services and jobs and rampant have been continuing for months. Coverage recently reached a global audience after they adopted the 'yellow vests' movement hi-viz approach. Will this lead to action from the ?

Still, why is it only now that heads are turning? Friday protests have become one of 's distinguishable trademarks. But, to what extent can one argue that protests in France inspired Iraqis living in the worst-off province, where inequality is most pronounced, to stand-up..

There are many reasons the people of Basra are protesting.  There are not enough jobs in Basra, one reason.  A second reason, the lack of services.  This includes potable water.  Over 150,000 people -- Iraqi government figures -- have been hospitalized in the last months because they drank the water.  They are protesting for the release of peaceful demonstrators who have been arrested.  They are protesting the corruption in Iraq.

Oumayma Omar (ARAB WEEKLY) reports:

Poverty across Iraq caused by years of war, compounded by corruption and economic crises, has led to the rise of a black market in organs that has grown in recent years.
Young men such as Mohammad, unemployed and desperate for money, are wooed into selling their organs via networks of shadowy dealers and middlemen in Baghdad and other cities.
Mohammad said he offered his kidney for sale through an online network disguised as a charity. He had to travel to Sulaymaniyah for the surgery, which took place covertly in the shabby ward of a private hospital.
“I was afraid and wanted to cancel the deal but I was threatened and forced into surgery along with a young woman, who must have been the receiver,” he said.
Mohammad said he gets regular messages and calls warning him against revealing what happened to him.
Hundreds of Iraqis are believed to have sold kidneys and other organs through dealers in the past few years. About 23% of Iraqis live in poverty, meaning they survive on $2.20 a day or less, Index Mundi stated.

A protest took place today in the Kurdistan Regional Government, specifically near Dohuk where the government of Turkey has set up a military camp.  Kurdish protesters arrived.  At some point, they were shot at with one left dead and others injured.  REUTERS reports:

A Kurdish official in the region of Dohuk said the crowd was demonstrating over a recent Turkish air raid that killed four civilians. The official did not want to be named.
A second Kurdish official, who also did not give his name, said Turkish troops at the camp in Shiladze, east of Dohuk, had initially shot at the protesters and then left the camp.
Kurdish security forces are trying to control the situation, he said.

Let's note two other things.  First up, David DeGraw:

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