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CHALLENGING Jim Clyburn in One of the Country's Poorest Districts


Look who's playing dumb

THE NEW YORK TIMES and HARRATZ love to flaunt their stupidity.  Mutlu Civiroglu Tweets:

Attack on Kurdish prison in Syria shows ISIS is still alive and kicking


Their humble-brag of stupidity from two major press outlets.

ISIS has now demonstrated that they're still a threat?  Now?

What world do these iditos live in?

ISIS was never defeated in Iraq.  Just because the press loses interest doesn't mean a terrorist group ceases activity.  

As last year drew to a close, Cole Bunzel looked at ISIS for The Wislon Center and noted:

In terms of attack numbers and casualties, the trendlines are somewhat down over the past year, but not to such a degree as to inspire confidence that the tide is turning. In the latest reports of the U.N. Security Council and the Department of Defense (namely, the U.N. sanctions monitoring team report and the lead Pentagon inspector general report), no one is doing victory laps. The Islamic State insurgency is presented as “entrenched” and in some ways poised to grow worse. According to the United Nations, there are still some 10,000 Islamic State fighters between Iraq and Syria, though the real number is anyone’s guess. (I would assume a somewhat lower number.)

The two news outlets want to feign shock today is laughable.

In other news, AFP reports:

Each working morning, oil engineer Safa al-Saeedi dons a safety helmet and heads into a gas complex for another day challenging conservative prejudices by being a professional woman in Iraq.        

"Society does not accept that a girl can live outside the family home," said 29-year-old Saeedi, who works in Iraq's southern oil and gas fields around Basra.

Saeedi, one of just 180 women among the 5,000 employees of the Basrah Gas Company, sees herself as a change maker and encourages other women to join the industry.

For many, a single woman working away from home in a male-dominated sector is frowned upon, and it is a hard task for women to break out of the role of wife and mother traditionally assigned to them.

"I often hear them say to me: 'You are almost 30, you will miss the boat! You will end up single,'" said Saeedi. "It makes me laugh, but I do not answer."

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Can We Learn Anything From Russian-Canadian Pacifists?

Can We Learn Anything From Russian-Canadian Pacifists?

Image Source.

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, January 28, 2022

Tolstoy said the Doukhobors belonged to the 25th century. He was talking about a group of people who have traditions of refusing to take part in war, refusing to eat or harm animals or put animals to work, engaging in communal sharing of resources and communal approaches to work, gender equality, and letting deeds speak in place of words — not to mention using nudity as a form of nonviolent protest.

You can see how such people might have run into trouble in a Russian empire or the great nation of Canada. One of their most important historical events is the Burning of Arms which happened in 1895 in Georgia. With roots in Ukraine and Russia, with members living in those countries and throughout Eastern Europe, as well as Canada, the Doukhobors might draw attention in this moment of war fever more than the Mennonites, Amish, Quakers, or any of the other communities of people who have struggled to fit into a war-extraction-exploitation-mad society.

Like any other group, the Doukhobors are made up of individuals, who have differed from each other, done heroic things, and done shameful things. Their way of life may have little to offer in the way of sustainability that surpasses the way of life of the people who were displaced in Canada to make room for the Europeans. But there’s little question we’d have a better chance of seeing a 25th century with human life on Earth if we sought more wisdom from 25th century people who’ve been living among us for many years.

Tolstoy was inspired by and inspired the Doukhobors. He sought to live out a life of love and kindness without major systemic contradictions. He saw this in the Doukhobors and helped fund their emigration to Canada. Here’s a new book of biographies of Doukhobors that I was just sent. Here’s an excerpt from a chapter by Ashleigh Androsoff:

“Historically, Doukhobors have made important calls for peace. We value our ancestors participation in the great Burning of Arms event for good reason: this was a definitive moment in Doukhobor history, and a dramatic testament to the participants’ pacifist convictions. Some of our grandparents had opportunities to show similar resolve during the First and Second World Wars by refusing to register for military service, even if it meant working at Alternative Service or facing imprisonment for failure to report. In the 1960s some Doukhobors participated in a series of ‘peace manifestations’ at military installations in Alberta and Saskatchewan. I believe that twenty-first century Doukhobors have much more work to do as peacebuilders. I believe we should not only be participating more actively in peacebuilding, but that we should become more visible as leaders in the peace movement.”

Hear! hear!

Well, I think that EVERYONE should be a bigger part of the peace movement.

And here’s what I think we should do. Invite both NATO and Russia into the Donbas with all of their weapons, to be dumped onto a massive pile.

Burn, baby, burn.


David Swanson is an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is executive director of and campaign coordinator for Swanson's books include War Is A Lie. He blogs at and He hosts Talk World Radio. He is a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and U.S. Peace Prize Recipient.

Follow him on Twitter: @davidcnswanson and FaceBook.

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Iraq snapshot

Friday, Januay 28, 2022.  Wars continue and start anew because too many people refuse to use their voices.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  Is there an e-mail campaign going on to this site?  Martha and Shirely counted 32 e-mails insisting that he'd made a fool of himself with his remarks on Anne Frank and that I must be embarrassed.


I love him.  He's a friend.  And I didn't hear anything embarrassing in his remarks regarding Anne Frank.  Sorry.  If I'd spoken to him about it, I would've said, here's what you should have said as people tried to imp a fux controversy:

I want to offer my sincere apologies to the borther and sister of Anne Frank who my remarks may have offended -- Huh?  THey're dead?  Okay, to her parents -- Also dead?  It's a historical event.  Anyone can use to build a comparison.  Noting what was done to Anne Frank keeps her memory alive.  I am someone whose father and uncle were assassinated.  I've never tried to police the use of them for analogies.  I haven't thrown a public hissy.  Not even when a US Ambassador elected to mock the death of my uncle John F. Kennedy at an official State Dept event in a tasteless and embarrassing manner.  Didn't say a word.  I mentioned Anne Frank because she's someone I respect.  I know why I talked about her.  My question is why, after I spoke, some people decided to talk about her?  Seems it was less about Anne Frank and more about trying to smear the ideas that I was addressing.

He wouldn't have said that because he's a nicer person than I am. 

I'm not embartrassed by him at all.

He is a strong person who has been through a lot and he's come through it without losing his soul.  

He's used his time and name to address serious issues and done so repeatedly.  When he passes away, he will know his life was not wasted.  

I'm not so sure that his critics can say the same thing.  

The wasted? That would be the faux 'resistance.'  Where are they with Michael Avennati today?  He was their hero and holy savior and now he's on trial.  Do they still love him?  He was a disgusting con artist and, as Ruth noted, that was obvious from the very start.  I question the 'values' of those who rushed to slobber over the ambulance chaser.  But that's the least of their sins against humanity.  Aussie Oracle notes:

From Vaush to Richard Spencer to Rachel Maddow…all in lock step. All supporting war with Russia. All I can say is the CIA is really diverse…

And John Stauber responds:

Of course. are united in their visceral hatred of #Russia, a bunch of warmongers since Truman.

Is that what the Maddow crowd's embrace of the neocons was really all about?  They knew they would whore for war so they forgave the other whores?  There was no accountability for the liars who took the country into war with Iraq.  None at all.  And don't bring up crap-ass media.  MOTHER JONES hired what blogger?  There were tons of antiw-ar and peace bloggers but they went with the hideous Kevin Drum who promoted the Iraq War.  That's MOTHER JONES.  A joke, I know.  But it wasn't always the big joke that it is today.  

FAIR's a pretty big joke as well.  They act as media criticis but, as we've noted so many times before, when talking about people not being held accountable for promoting the Iraq War, they never want to call out MOTHER JONES -- or the PACIFICA reporter who went on air defending the Iraq War, calling it a success and insisting things were going great.  As I'm remembering it this was four months before Camp Casey kicked off in Crawford, Texas.  

A lot of whores were in so-called independent media.

The only one ever held accountable for reporting or commentary on Iraq was . . . Judith Miller.  And where did she get her start?  Oh, that's right:  THE PROGRESSIVE.  

The fakery continues as they're silent about the push for war on Russia.

Not everyone is silent, fortunately.  

The conflict that Washington is provoking with Russia over Ukraine threatens the globe with a catastrophe beyond measure. Driven by insoluble internal crisis and rapacious geopolitical ambition, US imperialism is recklessly marching to the brink of World War III.

The crisis over Ukraine has been manufactured by the United States and its NATO allies on the basis of lies. The Biden administration denounces Russia for the movement of troops within its own borders. The claim of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine is repeated endlessly by the White House and echoed unquestioningly by the mass media.

It is hysterical war propaganda. Russia has never threatened to invade Ukraine. Moscow has stated, however, that it cannot tolerate Ukraine becoming part of NATO.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is not a geographical alliance of “democratic” states but an imperialist cabal for war with Russia and other countries. Incorporating Ukraine would station NATO arms and forces on Russia’s immediate border and would bind the forces of US and Western European imperialism, under Article 5 of the NATO Treaty, to go to war on behalf of the far-right regime in Kiev, tied to neo-Nazis and fascists, in the event it provoked a conflict with Moscow.

US officials have revealed plans to deploy up to 50,000 troops to the borders of Russia and Ukraine. On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered a statement spurning Moscow’s written request for guarantees that Ukraine would not be allowed to join NATO. The Biden administration is not negotiating. They do not seek to ease tensions but to goad Putin into armed conflict so that he can be presented as the aggressor.

While US and NATO troops are being mobilized, Washington has set into motion the apparatus of economic warfare. Biden and Blinken have both threatened “severe economic sanctions” against Moscow, and Russia is preparing for Washington to cut its access to the global SWIFT financial system for US-dollar transactions, which would exclude the country from much of the world economy.

The US has invaded countries all over the world, and Putin knows what defeat at its hands would entail for him. Manuel Noriega and Slobodan Milosevic died in prison, Muammar Gaddafi was brutally murdered, and Saddam Hussein was hanged. Washington wants Putin dead.

The Biden administration has created a situation that Putin and Russia must construe as an existential threat. There is no concession that Moscow can make that will prevent the advance of NATO forces, short of complete capitulation. It faces the choice of war now or war in the near future when NATO stands on its doorstep.

The White House is recklessly marching to war, yet no one is discussing the implications. No reporter asks Biden what the worst-case scenario might be, and not one has asked if it might entail the use of nuclear arms. Washington acts as if the conflict it is pursuing will be neatly contained in the eastern regions of Ukraine, sealed off in the Donbass.

The United States has waged a series of wars since 1991, and each has ended in catastrophe. Millions are dead, and entire societies in the Middle East and Central Asia have been reduced to dust and rubble. They were primitively armed. Washington now has the country holding the world’s second largest store of nuclear weapons in its sights.

If the US and NATO have convinced themselves that they can level an existential threat against Russia without raising the tremendous danger of nuclear war, they are deluding themselves. How can they exclude this possibility? If they do recognize the risk, their actions are mad.

All of the war propaganda of the US and NATO depicts Putin as a deranged criminal; all of their strategy relies upon his conduct being saner than their own. There is a deeply reactionary faction within the Russian ruling elite and military circles, many of whom are imbued with all sorts of fascistic conceptions.

War has an inexorable logic of its own; it does not abide by the tidy plots drawn up on the Resolute desk of the Oval Office. The logic of the military vortex that Washington is setting into motion will drag the great powers into a global conflict.

China confronts Washington’s demand that it abandon its Zero COVID policy and allow the pandemic to kill millions of its people. The US war drive in the Asia Pacific region, almost as advanced as that confronting Russia, presents Beijing with a similar existential threat. China sees in the US deployment of troops to Taiwan a direct parallel to the developments in Ukraine.

British imperialism, donning again the pith helmet, invents its own lies in service to the war drive. Washington pressures the German bourgeoisie, with the blood of 28 million Soviet citizens on its conscience, to again set its sights eastward.

The unleashing of a war with Russia would within weeks—if not days—drag in Iran, Israel, China and Taiwan. Japan and Australia would rapidly be caught up in the ever expanding fray. Military imperatives would take over. The world would be engulfed. The loss of life that is being prepared is incalculable.

The American ruling class has shown that it is impervious to mass death. Over 900,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 in less than two years, but the Biden White House does not even speak of it. The evening news anchor discusses the daily weather and not the daily dead. There is not a shred of a conscience that will prevent Washington from starting a catastrophic global war.

If you have a voice, why are you not using it to say no more wars?  


On THE CONVO COUCH (above), FIorella rightly called out what our 'indy' media is doing currently.

And it makes no sense.   Being silent.  

You want to wait until everything's over.  An indymedia name did that, didn't she?  She can't sleep now.  I'm supposed to feel sorry for her because I've known her for years. 

A mutual friend called and said I should reach out.  

When hell freezes over.

She should feel awful.  Her husband stood for what he believed in.  And she did what?  Undercut him on Amy Goodman's hideous show.  Undercut him.  DIdn't use her position to flood the market with calling out Russia-gate.  Yeah, she published one guy who can't stop slobbering over her to this day.  But that was it.

And now her husband's dead.

Did she think she had time to make it up to him.  When she pulled the stunt on Amy Goodman's show, Elaine and I both called the husband who we'd also known for years and who we still spoke with -- while avodiing the woman.  He was so hurt by what she did.  Thats why Elaine went to town on the woman that night at her site.

Now her husband's dead and she's got guilt and she should.  

He was being brave and speaking truth and she tried to maintain her position by undermining him.  That's how he saw it -- from his mouth to my ear.  

So, no, I'm not reaching out to her and if she's in pain, good.  She should be.  She made a calculated choice.  And she gambled that she'd have time to make up for it.  Sorry, he passed away, you don't have any time to make up for it.

She knew better.  She's promoted herself as an expert on Russia for decades -- as laughable as her attempt to once claim -- in the WIKIPEDIA entry she had her intern write and police -- that she had won an award when she didn't win it, the magazine did.  

When you lie over something that minor, you really have issues.

We all know who I'm talking about, right?  The panty wetter Katy van van who kicked Elaine in the shin when she (Katty van van) was a child because Elaine noticed Katty had wet herself and asked if she needed to change?  That's Katty van van.

Am I too harsh on her?

Let's see, let's check out THE NATION.  

War on Russia is being pimped and where is Katty van van and THE NATION?  

Worthless articles on the front page about elections and candidates that pretend to be about something.

John Nichols tries.  At least?  Are we supposed to be saying that?  

Over 100 links to pieces of 'journalism' on the front page and only John's writing about Russia.  But look at the title:  "There Is No Military Solution Out of This Ukraine Crisis."

It's a crisis?  Hmm.  For who?

It's a matter that the people need to decide for themselves.    The US government and war mongers insist its a crisis.  How nice of John to use that framing?

He's worthless.

Call Katty van-van?  When hell freezes over.  She's haunted?  She should be.    She did something she knew was wrong and she made the calculation that it was the thing to do even though it meant betraying truth, betraying poeple and betraying her husband.  She hurt him very badly.  So she's getting what she deserves.  Actions have consequences.

I'm embarrassed for her and for what passes for her notion of social responsibility.  You'd think your mother killing herself in a really dramatic manner only a few years back would have taught Ktty that life was brief.  But she didn't like her mom and she didn't even know her.  Which is why she never found ______. 

If I was running THE NATION, it wouldn't be doing lifestyle pieces -- like Dave Zirin's latest -- how the Dem Party is antagnozing "young Jews."  I guess to 'sports' writer Dave, that's the most important topic in the world today.  

That's John Pilger speaking with Lee Camp about important topics: War on Russia, the ongoing persecution of Julian Assange, etc.   Two topics THE NATION refuses to lead on.  

I long ago grasped that we'd be one of a very small number of sites covering Iraq.  I rarely even bother to point that out any more.  It has to be an important anniversary for me to point to all the silence on Iraq.  That they walked away is clear.  

But they're apparently not even going to give one serious moment to war on Russia.  

Maybe that's better?  

I eman, I remember the editorial about Iraq and elections.  They ran the start of that editorial on the cover of the issue.  It was stating that they would not vote for anyone who had supported the Iraq War.  Then they promoted John Edwards and they promoted this and that person.  And it finally boiled down, to, "We won't vote for Joe Lieberman!  We'll vote for every other Dem that supported this war but we draw the line at Joe Lieberman!"

Such passed for bravery when Katrina and her buddy predator were interested in Iraq.  Hmm.  He went on my local PACIFICA and trashed me.  Is it finally time for me to tell the truth about him, the ugly truth about that horrible man and why he really hates me?  He called it a pass.  I called it an assault.  I wasn't his date.  I certainly wasn't his friend.  But he was all over me while I was screaming "No" and "Get off me" and kneeing him in the balls to get him off me.  That's why trashes me to this day.  

I trash him because he's a fake and a fraud.  And I don't base that upon attempted rape.  If you know me, you know I put myself last of the list.  I base him being a fake and a fraud upon the fact that he's a  fraud who sells out every time.  I gave to THE NATION -- up until he trashed me on my local PACIFICA -- and set aside what he'd done to me.  I stopped donating because it was obvious that THE NATION was a fraud that was never going to actually hold anyone accountable.  Remember when they had the chance to print storeis -- by Naomi Klein -- about how James Baker and Mad Maddy Albright were profiting from the Iraq War?  And they only printed the one on Republican Baker.  THE GUARDIAN prtined both reports.  Remember when the reporter did a lengthy investigtion into the corruption of Senator Dianne Feinstein and THE NATION paid him but refused to run it so he had to sell it to alternative weeklies?  Time and again, they betray.

Katty vann   refused to cover War Resisters.  Refused to support them.

Time and again, the rag demonstrated what their priorities are.

Rockets hit the BAghdad airport today -- six of them.  Some are wondering if the adjacent US military base was the target.  

The Iraq War never ended and a fucntioining Independent Media would have told you that.

The following sites updated:

Kamala LEAST POPULAR VP In Modern Times | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Colonialism and Looting of the Middle East


Masculinity Today



The newsletter to fuel — and thrill — your mind. Read for deep dives into the unmissable ideas and topics shaping our world.

Jan 27, 2022TODAY

It’s an interesting time to be a man. Expectations are changing. Bad actors are being held accountable for their toxic behavior. Powerful men are recognizing that they can’t always get away with unacceptable actions. “In my mind, I’ve never crossed the line with anyone, but I didn’t realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn,” former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said as he announced his resignation last summer after a probe commissioned by the state attorney general concluded that he had sexually harassed a large number of women. “There are generational and cultural shifts that I just didn’t fully appreciate.”

So how do we teach the next generation of boys to be better stewards of the changing times? From toxic masculinity to sexual fluidity, today’s Daily Dose explores the future of manhood, introducing you to the societal shifts and faces of change redefining the male identity.


1 - Sound of Silence

Hush. Don’t talk about it. That’s long been one of the trademarks of toxic masculinity when it comes to a subject that’s often swept under the carpet across the world: male victims of sexual violence. Nearly a quarter of American men experience contact sexual violence during their lifetime. And 1 in 4 men who are victims of rape or attempted rape first experience it when they’re between the ages of 11 and 17. Yet while sex crimes against women go underreported, men are even less likely to speak up about sexual violence they’ve faced, according to the World Health Organization.

2 - Mental Health Pandemic

But it isn’t just sexual violence. Some 6 million American men battle depression every year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. But they’re much less likely to seek help compared to women. Instead, men struggling with mental health often try to self-medicate, turning to drugs and alcohol to hide their problems. But the problems don’t go away. Deaths from suicide in the U.S. are four times higher for men compared to women.

3 - The Underlying Problem

The COVID-19 pandemic has only underscored how deep-seated gender identities can hurt not just individuals who subscribe to them but entire societies. Multiple studies have shown that men are less likely to wear protective masks or to maintain social distancing compared to women. In Hong Kong during the SARS outbreak and in Mexico City during the H1N1 crisis, similar scenarios were observed. To some, it’s just not cool. To others, any sign of vulnerability runs counter to their idea of masculinity. Yet having good friends can help counteract toxic masculinity, a recent Australian study suggests. It found a direct correlation between decreased positive support from friends and traits that foster bullying and misogynistic and homophobic behaviors.


1 - Jason Rogers

A romance book club . . . for men? That’s what former Olympic fencer Jason Rogers started in 2019 after getting inspired by Lyssa Kay Adams’ novel The Bromance Book Club . The idea is to get men together, discussing romance, love, intimacy — subjects that have traditionally been seen as feminine — through books. “It’s an interesting mechanism to get guys to question their ideas and perceptions of gender norms, especially gender norms in relationships,” Rogers tells OZY. “It has served as a bridge to get us into really important discussions about love, sex and intimacy that guys aren’t really having.” It’s the opposite of locker room talk. And it’s about time.

2 - William Jackson Harper

Emerging faces in Hollywood are doing their part to change societal assumptions of masculinity. Harper, best known as Chidi in the Emmy-winning NBC sitcom The Good Place, takes the stereotype of a male lead and rips it apart in his role as an indecisive philosophy professor. “I think realizing that there are certain ideas of Blackness and certain ideas of maleness that sort of pervade a lot of art and media, I like to subvert that when I can,” Harper told OZY on The Carlos Watson Show.

3 - Adebayo Oke-Lawal

The Nigerian designer is defying his conservative country’s deep-rooted traditional views of masculinity with a gender-fluid clothing brand that has become wildly popular — in a nation where same-sex marriages are banned and gay groups are criminalized. Orange Culture deliberately embraces styles and fabrics perceived as effeminate to challenge mainstream notions of what men should wear.

4 - Thomas Page McBee

What about trans men? As he started pumping his body with testosterone in 2010, Thomas Page McBee knew he wasn’t a woman, and transitioning to a man was something he had to do. But he was scared: He associated men with violence, and that’s not what he wanted to become. More than a decade later, McBee is a leading trans voice using that unique perspective of transitioning to not just spotlight toxic masculinity but to address it with sensitivity. He has even been in a boxing match at New York’s Madison Square Garden in a bid to understand the need for violence that many men feel. It’s an unconventional approach. Maybe that’s what we need.


1 - Genderless Language

Can changing the way we speak alter the gender stereotypes we otherwise grow up with? Yes, suggests a growing slate of research. According to a 2011 study, societies with genderless languages — such as Finnish, Chinese and the Bantu language system of Africa — have less gender inequality than countries with languages in which gender is central. That’s why Spain’s socialist government has proposed rewriting its constitution in gender-neutral language, while Argentina’s Parliament is debating whether to make such words mandatory for its proceedings. But it’s a divisive subject, with similar initiatives in France and Germany facing pushback.

2 - It’s Good to Cry

From the American Psychological Association through powerful public service videos to the emergence of academic programs focused on masculinity studies, there’s a growing movement working to destigmatize the need for mental health care among men . . . and the need to cry. While the taboos around gender and mental health are problematic in the U.S., they’re even more entrenched in several other parts of the world, including the Middle East and South Asia. There is a good reason for those stigmas to be torn apart: They’re unhealthy. Research has shown a direct correlation between repressive coping mechanisms like holding back tears and cardiovascular diseases.

3 - And Bathe

It’s also about having fun while breaking down stereotypes. That’s what a growing number of groups are doing, reimagining activities traditionally considered feminine. Take Men Who Take Baths, a group founded in 2017 amid the #MeToo movement. It facilitates conversations on how to become better men . . . through interviews conducted in bathtubs.

4 - Men Teaching Men

If the examples of Jason Rogers, Adebayo Oke-Lawal, Thomas Page McBee and William Jackson Harper tell us anything, it’s that men need to — and can — lead the way in redefining masculinity. Men need to rethink what to teach boys moving forward. Thankfully, a growing number of organizations, initiatives and programs — including at universities — are trying to help men do just that through peer-to-peer learning.

5 - Sexing It Up

If the problem is the misguided notion that seeking mental health care is weak, effeminate and unattractive to an intimate partner, why not flip that script? From TikToks to women publicly speaking up about how they’ll only date men who seek self-help and therapy when needed, the conversation is changing.

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