Saturday, September 01, 2018

Hero Ibrahim needs to shut her mouth or be tried for treason -- it is that simple

RUDAW reports:

Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, widow of former Iraqi president and PUK founder Jalal Talabani, insists the post of Iraqi president must remain in PUK hands.

“All the PUK members and I believe that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan be adamant on assuming the post of this sovereign position which is a symbol for the success of Mr Mam Jalal during his tenure as president,” Ahmed said in her statement.

The PUK and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) have both staked a claim to the presidency. The position has consistently been held by a member of the PUK since the removal of Saddam Hussein. As the biggest Kurdish party, however, KDP officials say they have a right to field a candidate of their own.

Lying trash says what?

Hero was married to fat ass Jalal -- so fat and obsese he had to come to the US to get his fat sucked.  So fat that after his procedure, he collapsed in a US bookstore toppling several book cases. 

Now Jalal was responsible for what he put in his own mouth but, honestly, Hero couldn't have ever said, "That's enough, that's more than enough"?

She had no problem speaking . . . when Jalal had his stroke.

He was out of the country for 15 months.

Hero spoke.

Well, let's give her full credit, she lied.

And she lied repeatedly.

She told the Iraqi people that Jalal was fine.  She took part in posing him for photos to make it appear he was speaking with underlings.

Reality: Jalal couldn't speak.  He did not have control over his body.  He was incapacitated and would never recover.

Hero lied and Iraq had no president because Jalal couldn't fulfill his duties.

Dropping back to the July 22, 2014 snapshot:

December 2012,  Iraqi President Jalal Talabani suffered a stroke.   The incident took place late on December 17, 2012 following Jalal's argument with Iraq's prime minister and chief thug Nouri al-Maliki (see the December 18, 2012 snapshot).  Jalal was admitted to Baghdad's Medical Center Hospital.    Thursday, December 20, 2012, he was moved to Germany.  He remained in Germany until last weekend. 

Amid continuing political deadlock in Iraq, the selection of the country’s next president remains mired in confusion despite the return of incumbent president Jalal Talabani from medical treatment abroad on Saturday.
Reports say that Iraq’s Kurdish parties were unable to agree on the nomination of a single candidate for the presidency over the weekend, despite expectations that a parliamentary session to confirm the choice will take place on Wednesday.
The Iraqi presidency, a largely ceremonial post, is reserved for a member of the country’s Kurdish minority under an informal agreement that emerged during attempts to form a new government in the wake of the 2003 US-led invasion of the country.

What the law demanded was that Hero tell the truth.  Instead, she lied.  She risked the state of Iraq for her own personal gain.  She shouldn't be speaking today.  She should never speak publicly again.  She should be shunned for the lying trash that she is.

While she was lying, Nouri al-Maliki's actions were helping create ISIS. 

That's on her lying ass as well.

Had Iraq a president during that time, Nouri might have been held in check or even semi in check.

Hero is a traitor to the Iraqi people.

A traitor.

She needs to step away from public life unless she's the Iraqi people to put her on trial for her lies and her actions.  A trial in Iraq would result in a guilty verdict and lead to her execution.  So she should just shut her mouth and find a way out of public life.

If the PUK is upset that they don't get the presidency, they should take it up with Hero.

Again, for 15 months she personally lied to the Iraqi people claiming her husband was carrying out his duties as president.  Jalal couldn't speak, he couldn't move.  He wasn't even aware who was around him.  She lied and the country suffered.  Per the Constitution, he should have been immediately replaced but her lies protected him and they protected her.  They did not protect the Iraqi people.

Due to those lies and that deceipt, the PUK should not even be considered for the presidency at this time.  Actions should have consequences.

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    I have to give it to the state & corporate propagandists on McCain death, they have been brilliant. Vietnam became "honorable," McCain's warmongering imperialism normalized & the people further conditioned to accept the next illegal military attack - probably in Syria. Nice work.
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  • Didn’t know that John McCain’s legacy of embracing wars and regime change operations throughout the world made him a “warrior for peace”. The people of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and others whose families were killed and nations were destroyed by his warmongering won’t miss him.
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  • If Putin or Assad had blown up a school bus heading to summer camp in Syria, killing 40 children, instead of US-UK-armed Saudi Arabia in Yemen, there’d be a never-ending stream of global outrage along with calls for sanctions and regime change.
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