Saturday, May 11, 2019

As Shirley MacLaine told us, gorgeous isn't everything

The good news for Dave DeCamp is that he's cute enough that he can probably make a career out of online porn.  The bad news is that he's probably not going to be able to make money off his writing.

At ANTIWAR.COM, the himbo hottie has a post entitled "Where Is The Antiwar Movement In the US?"  Maybe if he'd just left it at that -- a post with just a single sentence -- it would have gone better for him?

Who knows?  Clearly Dave doesn't.

His column about war fails to name Afghanistan or Iraq.  (He does work in WMD and Saddam Hussein.)  The ongoing wars go on because of so much silence and Dave DeCamp is part of that silence.

Dave types, "There are a few activist groups like CODEPINK and Veterans for Peace but there are almost no antiwar voices in the mainstream media."

He's right that there are almost no antiwar voices in the mainstream media.  How is that different right now then it was in the lead up to the Iraq War?  (For easy on the eyes Dave who thinks cute is enough, let me answer that rhetorical question: There is no difference between then and now.)

So on the second part of his sentence, he's right.  On the first?  He's a fool and opens himself up to charges of racial bias.  If you're honestly interested in peace actions in the US, how do you not know about the Black Is Back Coalition? Black Alliance for Peace?

Equally true, you leave yourself open to charges of historical ignorance when you don't name Cindy Sheehan who has remained active regardless of who was in the Oval Office -- a claim CODESTINK cannot make.  They made it their job not to end wars but to elect Barack Obama (and hid the fact that Jodie was a bundler for Barack in 2008) and then spent years minimizing his actions and covering for him.  Where was their protest, in 2012, when he started sending US troops back into Iraq?  [Late to the story, see November 7, 2012's "Let the fun begin (Ava and C.I.)."]  Nor did they organize protests in the summer of 2014 as Barack (this time publicly) began exploring sending more US troops back into Iraq.

CODESTINK does nothing but get publicity for themselves.  At the top, they're a group of attention whores who rush from one issue to the next based upon what's getting media attention.  They will not do any hard work or any real work and they will not stick with an issue.  They are a joke.

Like CODESTINK's Medea Benjamin's recent piece that we called out because she felt Joe Biden's problems with Iraq began and ended with his 2002 vote for the war (I Need Attention Benjamin missed that Barack tasked Joe with Iraq in both of Barack's terms as president), Dave has a limited view of Joe.  He's a "centrist" insists Dave.  The one comment currently to his column rebukes him for that generic characterization.

Here's a tip, for reality on Joe Biden and for reality on peace actions, the best online resource remains BLACK AGENDA REPORT.

Dave has a bright future typing things like "Will cam to cam in real time for money" and "Want to see how big mine is" but if this failure to answer the basic question that he decided to ask ("Where Is The Antiwar Movement In The US?") is any indication, he really can't do journalism at present.

So he's left with a choice: Either hunker down and get serious about journalism or choose his online cam handle for private shows.  If he's going with the latter, I'd suggest Big Boy In  Tighty Whiteys would probably get him the most clicks.

Good luck, Dave.

("Gorgeous isn't everything," Shirley explained in her TERMS OF ENDEARMENT -- her Academy Award winning role.)

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    Fake news from the BBC: 'Tensions between the US and Iran can be traced back to Iran's Islamic Revolution in 1979, which overthrew the pro-Western Shah...' Try 1953 when the US overthrew Iran's democratically elected government. The motive: oil.
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    18 years, thousands of dead, trillions of dollars. We’re right back where we started. Our leaders have failed us. It’s time our troops in Afghanistan came home.
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