Saturday, February 22, 2020

Bernie wins Nevada and, in Iraq, Iraqis overwhelmingly support the protesters

wins huge👍

The results are in from Nevada's caucus and, as John Stauber notes, Bernie Sanders has won.  Peter Marsh (Australia's ABC) notes:

Bernie Sanders is projected to win the Nevada Democratic Caucuses and take the lead in the party’s race to face Donald Trump at November’s presidential election.
Results are still coming in but multiple US media outlets are reporting that Senator Sanders is already in an insurmountable position.

AP goes with, "Bernie Sanders scored a resounding victory in Nevada’s presidential caucuses on Saturday, cementing his status as the Democrats’ national front-runner [. . .] The 78-year-old Vermont senator successfully rallied his fiercely loyal base and tapped into support from Nevada’s large Latino community as the Democratic contest moved for the first time into a state with a significant minority population."  Adam Edelman (NBC NEWS) explains, "Sanders' win -- in the third contest in the 2020 Democratic primary -- strengthens his status as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination and shows that the Vermont senator can compete strongly among a more diverse electorate: participants in Saturday's contest are much more racially diverse than voters in any presidential contest so far this year, according to results from the NBC News entrance poll."


Who's got the electability again?  Oh, right, Bernie.  He got the most votes in Iowa, he won New Hampshire and now he's won Nevada. David Siders, Laura Barron-Lopez and Marc Caputo (POLITICO) predict, "The victory will likely reverberate far beyond Nevada, with the contest soon turning to Super Tuesday. Sanders is well positioned to compete on that broader electoral map, with an army of small-dollar donors to fund his campaign."

What do you call it when you’re strong in every demographic group including age race and class? I think that’s called electability.

Jake Johnson (COMMON DREAMS) reports:

Jennifer Medina of the New York Times reported that the leadership of Nevada's powerful Culinary Workers Union "urged members to vote for anyone other than Sanders because of his 'Medicare for All' plan, including in texts this morning."
"Many rank-and-file members of the Culinary Union voted for Sanders anyway," Medina reported. "It looks like Sanders did well at caucuses for casino workers on the Strip."
Monica Smith, a Culinary member since 1987 and a server at the Bellagio, told Buzzfeed that she caucused for Sanders out of concern for those without union-negotiated health insurance.

"We have so many people that have walked that picket line, blood sweat and tears, for us," said Smith. "We're going to be here to protect it, but I worry about other people that aren't protected by unions. How do they get healthcare? What's the dollar amount that they have to go through, do they have to worry about not being able to go to a hospital?"

  1. Our multiracial, multigenerational movement is not only going to win in Nevada. It is going to sweep this country.
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Iraq continues to see protests.

There are protests in Baghdad again. At least two demonstrators were injured in clashes with the police.


Lujain Elbawldabi (AL-MONITOR) reports:

Parliamentary speaker Mohammed al-Halbusi expressed full support for protesters’ demands Feb. 17, meeting with a 13-year-old protester whose nickname, Hamid Daghethoum, translates to "pressuring them," as in, pressuring the government. Hamid is known for posting videos of himself on social media, reciting poetry that voices the demands of Nasiriyah's protesters. He posted a video challenging Halbusi to meet with him if he supported the protests.
Hamid is not the only youthful Iraqi who is active in the protests taking place in the squares of Iraqi cities throughout the country.
The current protests are different from ones in years past due to a large number of youths under the age of 18, and many even under the age of 13, calling for the restoration of an Iraqi national identity, something the country has lacked for decades given successive crises, wars and the US occupation, in addition to sectarianism.
Iraqi youths under the age of 18 have been killed, kidnapped and detained while participating in protests. Al-Monitor learned from medical sources that no less than 50 out of the 600 protesters killed in the protests were under the age of 18. These are violations of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which Iraq is a signatory. It states, “The child shall have the right to freedom of expression,” and provides for “the rights of the child to freedom of association and to freedom of peaceful assembly." It adds, “No child shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference” and that “the child has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”

And IIACSS looks at the support for the protesters in Iraq:

1. the independent research group, the only representative of the GAF International Research Foundation conducted a survey of Iraqi public opinion on the events that took place in October 2019 and are still ongoing. The research conducted with Iraqis representing all the provinces of Iraq and in various social, demographic, economic, educational and sexual sectors was based on more than 2000 interviews conducted face-to-face and computerized by the group of researchers and according to the latest technology used in this field. The survey was conducted during February 2020. Where the random sample method (PPS) was used.
2. Top Results:
1. There is absolute support for more than 85 % for demonstrations and in various regions, including more than 80% of support among the kurds while the ratio has reached much more in the rest of the regions. While various southern and Baghdad provinces have shown a very close level of support for demonstrations, the provinces of diyala, kirkuk and Mosul have shown the highest levels of support compared to the other provinces that were occupied (or parts) by ISIS gangs.
2. The percentage of Iraqis who support the demands of the protests and are legitimate over 90 % WHILE ONLY 5 % of those who say it is illegal, and the percentage of those who say it is an external conspiracy on Iraq only 10 %.
3. The two highest demands in support of the two leaders are to hold those responsible for killing and killing protesters and then early elections.
4. About 50 % of Shia and more than 15 % of the year reported that they personally participated in these demonstrations in different ways and at least once. The citizens of Mosul and Tikrit showed the highest desire to participate in the demonstrations if they broke out in their wallets compared to the other provinces where the demonstrations did not break out.
5. Although there are some relative differences, Iraqis have not encouraged any of the major political leaders to discontent their political performance. None of the political leaders (other than the Kurds) were able to reach 20 % of confidence in their performance.

Let's note one more development:

  1. Two, as if Iraq isn't polarized enough, Muqtada al-Sadr has threatened a massive protest & sit-in at the Green Zone if Allawi isn't approved on Monday. Given what happened in 2016, this is a threat to parliament itself.

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