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Kadhimi wants to push back elections longer than necessary

That's FRANCE 24 discussing Iraq as it exists today with the US and Iran competing for control of the country.   But that's not the big news for today.  The big news is the upcoming election and, after that, the bigger news.

Iraq’s Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi on Friday called an early general election for June 6, 2021, roughly a year ahead of when it would normally be held, reported Reuters.

Early elections are a key demand of Iraqi anti-government protesters who staged months of mass demonstrations last year and were killed in their hundreds by security forces and gunmen suspected of links to militia groups.

Iraqi’s parliament must still ratify the election date.

Kadhimi was selected by parliament in May to head a government that would guide the country towards early elections. His predecessor Adel Abdul Mahdi quit under pressure from protests in December last year.

It’s unclear under what electoral law the vote will be held. The premier’s announcement has effectively thrown the ball in parliament’s court, which now must officially vote on the new date. But political differences prevail over the implementation of a new electoral law passed late last year.

Parliament approved the law in December, aiming to give political independents a better chance of winning seats in parliament and weaken the hold of ruling elites.

Abdul Mahdi’s government proposed to parliament a new electoral law that was quickly passed late last year. But the section detailing voting procedures and constituency boundaries has not been finalized, according to diplomats and experts. It was not clear what role Iraq’s election commission — regularly accused of bias — would have in organizing the polls. The UN mission in Iraq welcomed Kadhimi’s announcement. “Early elections fulfil a key popular demand on the road to greater stability and democracy in Iraq,” it said in a statement.

So what has Kadhimi done?

Really nothing.  The law was approved in December and that has nothing to do with him.  He didn't become prime minister until May 7th.  All he's done is say that the vote would take place June 7th.  What's the bigger story here, the one the press seems to miss?

Kadhimi is only prime minister to bring about elections.  That's the whole purpose of his brief term.  And last month he promised he wasn't trying to extend his term.

So why June 6th?  That's ten months from now.  Seven months is all that's required to hold elections -- it could be done in six.  But that's what's been established by past elections -- and by hand wringing over them -- think specifically all the high drama the press tried to create in 2009 insisting that there was no way the elections could take place in early 2010.

So the news here is that although elections could be held much sooner, Kadhimi has tacked on extra months and extended his reign. 

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David DeGraw: In Defense of the American People: Exposing Our Near & Present Danger

In Defense of the American People: Exposing Our Near & Present Danger

Military & Intel Community Report Back #1

Aug 1

I have spent much of the past week talking to people, mostly within the military, Intel Community and health / medical experts who are affiliated w/ various Pentagon programs, focusing on nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, and vaccines. To make a long story short, my consciousness has been saturated in the wickedly EVIL aspects of these 3 fields.

During this process, out of the blue, a line that my old Italian Grandmother used to yell when she was shocked by something keeps echoing through my mind: "Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph!"

The way she would say that, her tone & the vibe of it, growing up in my young mind it always alerted me to something bad that I needed to be aware of, I guess that is the deep psychological trigger that was set off while trying to comprehend the evil that we are confronted with right now.

Before continuing, let me be clear, I am NOT against the concept of using A.I., nanotechnology or vaccines to cure & prevent sickness and improve our overall quality of life, at all. There are many ways that all 3 of these technological advancements can be deployed in life-enhancing & empowering ways.

However, what I am strongly against is corruption, profiteering, criminal behavior and the ways in which these 3 technologies can be deployed to oppress & exploit people.

So, all that being said… as the people I have been talking to have all made very clear, Big Tech & Big Pharma are run by horrifically corrupt criminal cartels who dominate our political, technological & health systems in what amounts to a highly oppressive EVIL profiteering racket that must be stopped NOW!!

Based on our understanding, the best technical term to label this corrupt criminal cartel is "Techno-Fascists."

The "vaccine" industry / "vaccine" cartel, in particular, is run by wickedly evil people who are hellbent on population reduction, population control & creating sicknesses that they make obscene profits off of by then treating those sicknesses, which they created, with TOTAL DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE!

In countries where their corrupt political connections have made their UNTESTED & UNSAFE "vaccines" mandated, many diseases, auto-immune diseases, many cancers, paralysis, autism, various cognitive disorders, ADD, ADHD, depression, suicide and infertility rates have all skyrocketed in unprecedented fashion. In many cases, they have increased over 1000x!!

If there is any silver lining to be found in this pandemic, "Holy Jesus, Mary & Joseph," let it be that these criminal genocidal profiteers get fully exposed & held accountable, once & for all!!

I am a person who has always believed that things are rarely ever as black & white as they seem. There are many shades of gray. I always thought the Good vs Evil dynamic was a propaganda-driven dangerous oversimplification. And, as I have said before, there are many good people who work for Big Tech, Big Pharma & "vaccine" companies.

However, when it comes to the people who run these companies & engage in corrupt political actions, I have NEVER seen such CLEAR EVIL.

Now, that is what brings us to the nexus of this Techno-Fascist Complex... Big Tech, Big Pharma & Vaccine Cartel Kingpin Bill Gates!! He is at the very core of this Techno-Fascist Complex. This EVIL genocidal maniac knows EXACTLY what he is doing and he has been wickedly strategic in his operations.

Under the guise of philanthropy, he is committing absolute CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY & he is hellbent on population reduction & extremely oppressive population control.

He must be exposed & held accountable!! He is the most dangerous person on the planet & he is a NEAR & PRESENT DANGER.

He is a direct threat to ALL of US. He is a direct threat to our CHILDREN!!!!

I am not typing a s.i.n.g.l.e. letter lightly.

To be clear, he is not the only one. He is part of a much wider criminal cartel, a mappable web of interests, though much of it is covert it is a wider network that we have been investigating with many known links and clear evidence of Crimes Against Humanity.

Doing my best to concisely sum it up, this criminal cartel is ultimately an anti-humanity ideology, a group of people that I would describe as being infected with a mind virus that is primarily driven by pathological shortsighted greed-addicted power-crazed behaviors with a complete disregard for human life.

Bill Gates is just the head of the snake in our garden that is constricted around us.

To be clear, once again, I do not believe in or condone any violence, at all! I believe in the rule of law.

We will put out a joint statement with Intel & Military members, active & veterans, which will basically read something like this, here's a quick 1st pass excerpt, minus the redundancy of everything I already stated throughout this post, just quick notes at this point, you'll get the gist:

We believe in the rule of law and seek peaceful resolution. Bill Gates, along with the cartel that he represents have committed Crimes Against Humanity on a global scale and have engaged in widespread acts of violence against American citizens. They must be brought to justice!

To anyone in the political establishment, NGO community, tech, pharma or the media who stands in the way, or defends this cartel, your actions will expose your complicity.

We are aware of the effective compartmentalization of ongoing operations. However, ignorance is no longer an acceptable excuse.

If you have any information or evidence, if there is any chance of you getting immunity, if you have any soul or conscience at all, you need to step forward and blow the whistle now!

What side of history will you be on?

In closing, there are MANY people within the Pentagon, Military & Intelligence Community who are prepared & proactively engaged to defend their families and this country, as we have sworn an oath and are duty-bound to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

This Techno-Fascist criminal cartel has been above the law for far too long. You have become grotesquely arrogant & abusive in your power.

You are a direct threat to our families! You have brought war to our home!

You are a near & present danger to the United States of America, and if you do not immediately stand down, you shall soon reap what you have sown.

Semper Fi

~ originally posted to Facebook here… much more to come…

I am working w/ a small team of people who are volunteering their time to help investigate & publish the most vital info on these quickly unfolding issues.

We need your support!

Please consider donating here.

Much Gratitude & Respect,

~ David DeGraw

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Some Tweets from Tara Reade

Some Tweets from Tara Reade:

When I was in my 20' s in Hollywood, I was socialized that my value was on my physical appearance and its appeal to men. I went to Washington DC dreaming of being growing intellectually and starting a career not based on looks but my mind. Then, I worked for Joe Biden... :(
6:24 PM · Jul 30, 2020

I believed in my boss and I had no idea what I was walking into in 1993 when I worked for Joe Biden. Every fear inhad regarding coming forward in 2019 came to pass in 2020. However, survivors need to stand up and be heard no matter the political party or how powerful the man.
6:36 PM · Jul 30, 2020

So I spoke up That little girl part of me was so scared But the reality of holding such a dark secret for a powerful man was worse. In 2020, I told the whole history between Biden and me. I have lost everything physically but I am now authentically on my way to a path of healing.
6:46 PM · Jul 30, 2020

I was a believer at this age: in my future, in my boss, Joe Biden, in the Democratic party. That was shattered in 1993. In 2020, I faced my deepest fears that came true the minute I spoke. I have been smeared & marginalized for telling a truth that is politically inconvenient.
11:36 AM · Jul 31, 2020Twitter for Android