Sunday, July 26, 2020

Protesters shot at

Protests continue in Iraq.  Deeba Shadnia Tweets:

Some graphic content coming out of #Baghdad, #Iraq this evening as anti-government protests have resumed over socio-economic conditions. Several videos circulating show protesters wounded. Unclear what sort of ammunition is being fired by security services. #ساحة_التحرير
4:33 PM · Jul 26, 2020

#BREAKING The protest starts in #Baghdad , with the slogan of ( no electric in #Iraq #العراق #iraqprotests #العراق_بدون_كهرباء
5:45 PM · Jul 26, 2020

Now wave of protests arrives to #Karbala in #Iraq demanding electricity and basic services, after protesters in Tahrir Square in #Baghdad expanded their protests to other streets within the capital city. #IraqProtests #العراق
4:40 PM · Jul 26, 2020

Protests near An Najaf International Airport Iraq
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Heshmat Alavi
#HappeningNow July 26—Najaf, S #Iraq Locals have taken control of the boulevard leading to the city airport. Protesters are demanding the governor & all other officials who have links to #Iran's regime to resign immediately.
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4:00 PM · Jul 26, 2020
Mswih also notes the protests:

there are currently protests that have been going on for 10+ months in iraq, the people want what every human NEEDS, clean water, electricity, a good government, but the response from iraqi government to their peaceful protesting is brutally murdering them in the streets?
1:20 AM · Jul 27, 2020

The protesters are attacked, not welcomed, by government forces. Ruba Ali al-Hassani notes:

Let me emphasize this: security forces' use of tear gas, live fire, & snipers against peaceful protestors is taking place under the watchful eye of PM Kadhimi who insists that he supports the #IraqProtests So, if he didn't support the protests, what would he be doing now? #Iraq
8:58 PM · Jul 26, 2020

EXCLUSIVE IN #IRAQ: A protester filming crackdown the protests when he shot dead. #IraqProtests | #IraqUprising
6:52 PM · Jul 26, 2020

Worth noting that PM Khadimi launched a “fact-finding” investigation in June to provide justice for the hundreds of people killed, wounded or kidnapped during the protests in October 2019

Yesterday Iraqi PM Kadhimi tweeted that they are in the last stages of revealing the names of the killed protesters during October 2019 protests in #Baghdad and other southern provinces in #Iraq. However, tonight more protesters will be added to the list. #IraqProtests #العراق

We're covering the protests via Tweets because the press is ignoring what's going on.