Saturday, February 15, 2020

Joe Biden refused to denounce Dick Harpootlian for racist comments -- remember, because NBC doesn't

In the US, the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination continues and War Hawk Joe Biden continues to flounder but corporate media keeps pimping him.

The latest example?

In an exclusive interview airing tomorrow on , called on to accept greater accountability for tactics and rhetoric of his staunchest supporters: "If any of my supporters did that, I’d disown them.” READ MORE:

They put that out?  NBC did? That's not reporting.

Where the hell are the adults? 

Joe's upset about what some Bernie supporters supposedly said in Tweets and he's insisting, "If any of my supporters did that, I'd disown them."

NBC, let's try reporting, how about that?

Joe said he'd disown them?

Two Fridays ago, in a televised debate, Tom Steyer brought up the remarks made by Joe's personal friend -- remarks some South Carolina lawmakers found racist.  And Tom gave Joe the opportunity to denounce the man, Dick Harpootlian.  Not only did Joe refuse, repeatedly, on national TV to denounce the man, he also refused to call out the remarks.

Now NBC's going to let Joe get away with grandstanding about how he's handled his supporters?


Joe has no higher ground to stand on. 

What a piece of filth.  Sorry, we're going to comment on Jill in our next piece.  We have tried to avoid that, Ava and I, but we're going to have to.  The Biden family is out of control and lying like crazy.

Let's move on . . .

As the protests continue in Iraq, so do the attacks on protesters -- and another one has been killed.  In addition, Twitter bans an Iraqi activist.  First up, the protests.

A demonstrator was shot dead near the 's capital's main protest camp by unidentified attackers using a gun silencer, medics said, as police reported a spate of activist abductions.

  1. Protesters in try to put out the fire which security forces have set ablaze to end the revolution by force and make |is miss their chance of a .
  2. Where is the United Nations and the Security Council about what is happening in Iraq for the demonstrators? This is chaos, terrorism.

  1. - Protesters Tents Burned; Live ammo being fired directly at Protesters. Tahrir square under attack. T - 2.25 Hours. Ongoing.

  1. Replying to 
    Our peaceful protesters are facing the terror of the government on one side and one the other side the terror of pro-Iranian militias I hope you can do any thing helpful and meaningful to save them

  1. Security forces once again target protesters’s tents near Khilani Square in which is close to protesters’ HQ Tahrir Square. Security forces are aiming to storm Tahrir Square before Allawi hands over his cabinet to the parliament to undergo voting.
  2. Where are the humanitarian organizations? Our youth are being killed for the sake of their homeland

Where is the world's attention -- or even that of those who pretended to give a damn about Iraq only a few weeks ago?

Hey what is going on? You leave the negative trolls and suspend female activist who are risking their lives in a place like Iraq???

Why was she restricted?  I've read the feed going back to February 10th and there's nothing she's written that called violence.  She did Tweet about the protests, she did Tweet about dignity

It is suspicious. Accounts calling for the suppression of protesters operate normally while the accounts of peaceful activists have been suspended. The situation is more frequent on Facebook than on Twitter.

Meanwhile, ARAB NEWS and AFP report:

Iraq is close to announcing an independent and impartial cabinet made up of competent and impartial individuals, the country’s caretaker Prime Minister Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi said on Saturday.
"We're nearing a historic achievement: completing an independent cabinet of competent and impartial people, without the intervention of any political party," Allawi said on Twitter.

He pledged to "submit the names of these ministers within the current week", which begins on Sunday in Iraq.

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