Saturday, October 27, 2018

Iraq: New p.m. but same problems

When you were in college at Oxford, you literally spent your time protesting/interrupting ANTI- Iraq war protests. You were advocating for an an illegal invasion, for sending bombs to innocent people’s homes in an innocent country. You’re all just different types of terrorists.

The truth can hurt.  Doesn't mean it's not the truth.

Meanwhile, while Chelsea continues to live off millions that somehow, someway, her parents stumbled upon, the people in Iraq suffer.

Yes, they have a new prime minister.  But they have the same problems.  Such as the water in Basra.

270,000+ kids at risk of waterborne diseases in , . Here are the facts:

Exclusive footage of from shows the extent of water pollution in the city. More than 277,000 children are at immediate risk of contracting water-borne diseases in schools. More details in the press release:

Iraqi Human Rights Commission: we call on PM Abdel-Mahdi to take decisive actions to address water pollution in Basra Province. There have been 117,000 cases of water poisoning. Many Baghdad officials have visited Basra but without results.

Ibrahim al-Marashi (ARAB WEEKLY) reminds:

As of Thursday, Iraq's highest executive positions have been announced, with 14 out of the 22 cabinet posts allocated. Key posts remain vacant, and Adel Abdul Mahdi, Iraq's new prime minister, will hold the unallocated portfolios of ministers of defence and justice.  
The new ministers will now join Barham Salih, Iraq's new president, and Muhammad al-Halbusi, the speaker of the parliament, at the helm of an Iraqi state that needs to tackle seemingly insurmountable domestic challenges, ranging from protests in Basra to reconstruction after the Islamic State group invasion. 

No minister of defense, no minister of interior.

We're all supposed to look the other way.

IRAQ NEWS reports:

The Iraqi Interior Ministry has mourned two officers, who were killed while on duty, northeast of Diyala province.
In a press release, the ministry said “officers of the federal investigations and intelligence agency, within the ministry, still do their best for the sake of Iraq. Today we mourn Lt.Gen.Hussein Mohamed Ebeid and policeman Abdullah Kazem Jasim.”

The statement added that they were killed while being on duty near Hamrin mountains, northeast of Diyala.

The Ministry issued a statement?  Good because we all know the Minister of Interior didn't -- since he or she doesn't exist at present.

al-Mahdi's choice got shot down.  Are you wondering why?

This is the photo of Faisal al-Jarba, the new PM Adil Abd al-Mahdi's selection for the post of defense minister, that was circulate in Iraq's parliament before MP's walked out of the session.

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