Women Veterans Tell Inspiring Stories

Through an ongoing collaboration with DAV, the cable network INSP has begun broadcasting a series of video productions highlighting veterans and their inspiring stories.

The first of the “Unbroken Soldiers” series on INSP features DAV life member Christy Gardner, of Lewiston, Maine, who plays for the DAV-sponsored injured veterans hockey team, the USA Warriors. The second and third highlight DAV Transition Service Officer and Army combat veteran Naomi Mathis and renowned U. S. Air Force combat photographer and author Stacy Pearsall. All three women are a testament to the courage and strength of injured women veterans returning home and rebuilding their lives.

“The videos focus on the inspiring road to recovery each of these women walked after they were injured in service to our country,” said National Adjutant Marc Burgess. “We are thrilled with the partnership between INSP and DAV that allows us to recognize and commend the service and sacrifice of women veterans by sharing these incredible stories.”

Within the first three months following release, the videos were viewed in nearly 2 million households by an estimated 2.5 million people. Three additional videos focusing on different topics are expected to be added to the series later this year.

INSP as a cable network is available in 75 million homes. It ranks in the top 50 of all 300-plus cable networks for total viewers and in the top five for viewer retention. The network’s web channel, Moments.org, has garnered more than 1.3 million total views.

“We’re grateful we’ve been able to partner with DAV to bring more awareness to the inspiring stories of sacrifice and courage made by brave veterans through our ‘Moments’ stories,” said INSP CEO and Chairman David Cerullo. “These men and women are real heroes and deserve the thanks and appreciation of Americans everywhere. Our ‘Moments’ stories have touched the hearts of millions who watch INSP.”

Those not receiving INSP through their cable, telco or satellite provider can call and ask for INSP to be added to their channel lineup to watch these stories and other family-friendly programming.

Learn More Online

The three videos will run during commercial breaks on INSP and can be viewed at www.moments.org, or through the following direct links:

moments.org/unbroken-soldiers-christy-gardner-moment- hope/