Monday, July 14, 2014

Nouri's up to his old tricks while the press remains silent

Violence continues in Iraq today.  All Iraq News notes the Iraqi Air Force bombed northern Iraq and killed 10 suspects, from the safety of the sky the military bombed what they hope were suspects in northern Tikrit leaving 3 people dead, and 7 corpses were dumped in al-Hidaya Village. Sinan Salaheddin (AP) adds a Baghdad car bombing killed at least 4 people and left at least twelve injured. And AFP reports, "Militants on Monday assaulted the final area of the Iraqi town of Dhuluiyah still outside their control, after tribesmen rejected an offer to let them enter uncontested, an official said."

US President Barack Obama maintains a political solution is needed for Iraq; however, elections were held April 30th and there's still no government being formed.  Yesterday's session of Parliament was a bust (see Third's"Editorial: The Political Solution Nouri al-Maliki Can Offer") and that's Nouri's doing yet again.  Knowing the Sunnis do not and will not support him for a third term as prime minister, he derailed the session by attempting to make his bloc's vote for Speaker of Parliament dependent upon the Sunnis supporting him for a third term.  (Speaker of Parliament is the first position that has to be selected, then president and then prime minister -- they are known as the three presidencies.)

These are documented facts.  It would be nice if the press could start to recognize them.  (The Iraqi press is aware of them and reporting the facts.)  All Iraq News notes that US Vice President Joe Biden spoke on the phone yesterday with Sunni leader and previous Speaker of Parliament Osama al-Nujaifi:

"For his part, Biden stressed the need to adhere to the constitutional timings in the nomination for the three presidencies and to form a government of national partnership able to eliminate the challenges facing Iraq, especially the security challenges posed by the ISIL with the need to adopt a new policy based on adopting citizens' needs and aspirations," the statement concluded.

As long as Nouri derails sessions and doesn't get called on it by the western press, he'll keep doing it.  His plan is to exhaust his opponents, that's what he always does.  The rabid dog has no new tricks and only an ignorant press stays silent as he does the same thing over and over.

The Parliament is supposed to meet again on Tuesday.  If the western press hasn't found a voice by then (and the White House is silent as well), look for Nouri to continue his antics.  And remember, in 2010, he pulled this stunt for over 8 months in a row -- that was the political stalemate.

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