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ISIS, Turkey -- things that plague Iraq

There is no 'win' in Iraq.  Yet the failed war never ends.  RUDAW reports:

Retired United States Army Lieutenant General Jay M. Garner says President Joe Biden’s “timid” responses to attacks on international targets in Iraq are sending the wrong message to Iran. 

Rudaw's Bestoon Khalid on Tuesday interviewed the former commanding general for US forces during the 1991 Joint Task Force Bravo-Operation Provide Comfort, which delivered humanitarian aid to Kurds fleeing the Baath regime’s persecution and enforced a no-fly zone.

“When you’re attacked, you respond with force is a way to do it, but they haven't,” said Garner, who was also briefly appointed as Director of the Office for Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance for Iraq following the 2003 invasion of Iraq. “We've always responded with force. [...] He's only been president for about three months. So you got to wait and see what he does, but he has been very timid with his responses thus far." 

Rocket attacks widely blamed on pro-Iran militias take place frequently across Iraq. Erbil International Airport was the target of a rocket attack in mid-February and a drone attack in mid-April.

“I think he gives the wrong signal to the Iranians, and it gives the wrong signal to our Arab allies," he added, arguing that the US has not had a coherent policy in Iraq in 18 years.

Why is the US still in Iraq?  The lie is that it's 'defeating' ISIS.  But Cheryl Hines (SWORD TODAY) reports, "Eighteen Iraqis were killed in four jihadi attacks between Thursday and Saturday, April 28Is In May, security sources told Agency France-Press (AFP). The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police recruiting center in Baghdad. Scott Matthews covers it hereXINHUA reports, "Seven members of a Kurdish security force, known as Peshmerga, were killed and two wounded on Saturday in an attack by militants of Islamic State (IS) group in the northern province of Kirkuk, a provincial police source said."

ISIS was never defeated in Iraq.  It was a lie and we said so in real time and ever since.  The aim of a terrorist group is not to rule a country.  Thanks to the inept Nouri al-Maliki, ISIS was able to not only carry out terrorist attacks in Iraq but also to seize territory -- most infamously, Mosul.  While those areas were 'liberated,' ISIS was not defeated. Prior to 'liberation' of areas, ISIS carried out attacks and it continues to carry out attacks.  

Why does the truth matter?  If we ever arrive at the point where some in the US government truly embrace withdrawing US troops and contractors from Iraq, the argument will be made that ISIS will carry out attacks.  ISIS has never stopped carrying out attacks and keeping US troops in Iraq to pretend they're Matt Dillon  in MY BODYGARD is not going to work tomorrow and it's not worked any day previously.

Meanwhile the government of Turkey continues to terrorize Northern Iraq with bombings and sending troops into Iraq.  AP observes, "Turkish warplanes, military helicopters, and artilleries have carried out extensive bombings on the areas in Kesta, Jilki, and Herur villages in Dohuk, in the northern Kurdish region of Iraq.  Local residents, many of them farmers in the villages, said they feared for their security, amid the constant attacks."  The issue of establishing bases in northern Iraq?  MEHR NEWS AGENCY notes:

The Security and Defense Committee of the Iraqi Parliament announced that it will hold an extraordinary meeting to review the statements of the Turkish Interior Minister, who said that Ankara intends to establish a military base in northern Iraq.

Badr al-Ziyadi, a member of the defense and security committee, said, "Turkey's advance on Iraqi soil is a clear violation of the country's sovereignty. The Parliamentary Security and Defense Commission will hold an extraordinary meeting to review the Turkish Interior Minister's remarks about the construction of a military base in northern Iraq and to ensure its accuracy."

Mohammed al-Baldawi, a member of the Iraqi Parliament's Security and Defense Committee called the prime minister's silence over Turkey's decision to build a military base in northern Iraq "suspicious and surprising."

"Turkey's announcement of a military base in northern Iraq is a provocative step and a declaration of war," he said.

PRESS TV adds:

Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said Ankara would press ahead with its military operations near its border in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. 

Emphasizing the strategic significance of the Metina region of Duhok Province in Iraqi Kurdistan, Soylu said, “Just like we did in Syria, we will establish bases and control the area.”

It is an act of war for one country to establish a military base in another country without the host country's permission or request.

In other news, Christopher Kanus (GUARDIAN) reports:

The wife of an Australian man arrested in Iraq has pleaded with the foreign minister, Marise Payne, to intervene and help her husband, who she says is being kept in jail as “leverage” to help the country’s central bank.

Mechanical engineer Robert Pether, 46, remains behind bars in Baghdad without the means to contact his family after being arrested without warning three weeks ago.

Pether was involved in the construction of the Central Bank of Iraq’s new headquarters, but the project became mired in a contractual dispute. He flew to Baghdad from Dubai at the invitation of the bank to resolve the problem, only to be arrested when he and a colleague turned up for the meeting.

His wife, Desree Pether, said that prior to travelling to Baghdad her husband had asked the Australian embassy in Iraq whether he would be safe. He was assured he would be, according to her.

Speaking to the Guardian from Ireland, Desree Pether urged the Australian foreign minister to intervene in the case.

“This is one of the top engineers from Australia and he went over in good faith after dutifully checking with the embassy and specifically explaining the situation that there was a dispute between his employer and the Central Bank of Iraq,” she said.

Ask Prof Wolff: Capitalism and Racism

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Becoming an Ally and a Food Security Activist in the Sacred Valley of Peru

The drive to industrialize agriculture to produce food for export markets is having a distressing impact on food security in rural and indigenous communities globally, as well as Black communities in American inner cities. Racism in the food system has created structural barriers that thwart the right for BIPOC people to have access to healthy food and deprives those communities the power to determine the destiny of their food system. The food sovereignty movement is empowering communities to have decision-making and economic clout to design their own culturally-appropriate, healthy food systems. Community gardens in Detroit, a Native American seed sovereignty network preserving the collective heritage of traditional seeds, and a unique intercultural collaboration in the Sacred Valley of Peru are just three examples of how food sovereignty is expressing itself within the distinct contexts of local culture, community needs and cultural traditions. 

“The project is Indigenous female-led, because in my experience, when women are positioned in a place of decision-making, they make choices that increase the health of the land, the community and future generations.” -Caroline Putnam
Carolina Putnam works in Peru with an intercultural team of Indigenous wisdom-keepers, inspiring leaders, and global pioneers committed to a socially and ecologically thriving world.  Welcomed as an apprentice by a Peruvian maestro, Caroline’s spiritual journey runs parallel to her work as a food security activist as she gains valuable insights on how to become an ally to another culture. ...

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"It’s imperative that those who are most impacted by food insecurity and food injustice have agency. The agency to change the conditions in their community rather than be subjects that are acted upon by others…We don’t need white people to fix us or save us. We don’t need missionaries. We need leadership that grows organically from communities."
-Malik Yakini


Malik Yakini, the co-founder and Executive Director of The Detroit Black Food Security Network, is a life-long activist for Black liberation. In a video of his Bioneers keynote presentation, he describes how the concept of race was conceived as a social construct to divide people and create an artificial hierarchy based on unearned privilege.

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Seeds Are Life

Seeds are the living foundation of food sovereignty. Indigenous traditions teach that seeds are a precious collective inheritance and that food self-sufficiency is dependent on the caring stewardship of seeds. In this short video produced by The Cultural Conservancy in collaboration with the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance, Native seed-keepers share their reverence for the embodied knowledge of seeds as the intergenerational bridge between the past and the future. Watch Indigenous Seed Keepers Network.

Black and Hispanic families are twice as likely to experience food insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic than white families.
-Northwestern Institute for Policy Research 

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There's a new album from Manchester Orchestra in record stores across the country, starting today.
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At one point though, the ONLY record store you could buy a Manchester Orchestra record from was their local hometown record store, Criminal Records. There's a strong bond between local bands and local record stores and Criminal Records has been there to celebrate Manchester Orchestra as they've grown.
That AMAZING shot above, maybe our favorite photo from an in-store ever, is Manchester Orchestra's Criminal Records selfie situation in April 2014.  

(And when we started throwing a party to shine the spotlight on record stores, guess who's been there since the beginning to celebrate Criminal Records?  A full band performance in 2017, and check out singer Andy Hull down there on the very first Record Store Day ever.) 

We tell you this story about this band and this record store, but the same thing plays out with bands (and solo artists) and record stores around the country. Around the world. New artists need places to nurture them, embrace them, sell their consigned DIY releases. Check out the local section of the next record store you head into.
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