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The words flowing from Nouri al-Maliki's mouth

Black in the Empire Tweets:

Biden should have campaigned on higher gas prices, food prices, supply chain issues, inflation, food shortages and trying to start WWIII He could have at least now said that he kept his promises, since he didn't keep any of the ones he actually ran on

We open with that to remind both of what a failure Joe Biden is as a president and to remind that, when out of office, a politician will say anything.  Anything.

Which brings us to what I said we'd cover on Saturday, Nouri al-Maliki's latest comments.

Nouri al-Maliki, called on the Iraqi government to take action over the war between Turkey and the PKK, expressing concern over the displacement of Christians living in the border area amid Turkey’s renewed cross-border operations. #NRTnews #TwitterKurds

The government of Turkey continues to attack the Kurds.  It is ecocide, their actions, and it is yet another genocide carried out by the Turkish government.  People pretend to be outraged over the attacks on the Nazi regime in Ukraine (the people of Ukraine are not Nazis, they are, however, let by a Nazi government and you thank Americans Victoria Nuland, Barack Obama and Joe Biden for creating the opening back in 2014).  

It's funny no one ever makes the obvious point (you know we will, hold for it), that Turkey bombs civilians while claiming that they're after the PKK but, while assigned to Iraq by THE TIMES OF LONDON, Deborah Haynes had no trouble finding the  PKK camps to interview them.

Wow, Deborah Hayens knows more than the Turkish government?  She's one person, but she's smarter than the entire Turkish government put together.

That's what it means.  That . . . or that the Turkish government lies when it says its targeting the PKK.  Before some despot loving, pro-Erdogan type rushes to insist that the prime minister of Turkey is smart, grasp that, at this point, stupidity might be the only excuse and legal cover for the ongoing War Crimes.

Iraqi Shia politician and the leader of the State of Law Coalition, Nouri al-Maliki, has urged the Iraqi government to end the presence of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in its border areas. #Iraq | #Kurdistan | #TwitterKurds | #PKK | #Turkey

Nouri al-Maliki served two terms as prime minister of Iraq.  In 2006, Bully Boy Bush appointed him (because the CIA assessment argued Nouri's vast paranoia would make him easy for the US to control) and, in 2010, when the Iraqi people ejected him at the ballot box, Barack Obama gave him a second term via The Erbil Agreement.  Nouri swore he wouldn't seek a third, honest, hand to God.  And then did.  In a strange twist, the 2014 elections, held in April of that year, were the only time that Nouri won at the ballot box.  He did not become prime minister because Barack Obama told him no.  

As the head of the State of Law coalition, Nouri is part of the coordination framework that has a little bit more time to try to form a government -- after Moqtada al-Sadr failed three times in a row in a two month period.  (Moqtada has bowed out for forty days.)  The current prime minister is a joke and a liar -- remember he said he'd do one term only and now he wants a second term.  Mutafa al-Kadhami is said to be the choice of the framework but he's not the clear choice and that may be a reason Nouri's saying what he's saying.

Mustafa is a failure in every way and the beefed up, latest wave of attacks from Turkey only  make that clear -- a does Mustafa's silence.  Nouri calling out the attacks is a popular move.  Though the western press tries to present this as normal and not treat them as the very serious acts of war and violations of national sovereignty that they are, Iraqis are not applauding Turkey yet again invading their country.  That's before you factor in the growing ill will towards Turkey over that country's dam building and how it has impacted water resources in Iraq (Iran is also building dams, we're not talking about Iran, so anyone who feels they have a point to pull out of their ass, shove it back up there for another time) and, for some outside the KRG, Turkey's extra-legal access to oil, let's it put it that way (the underground - above ground supply they have via the KRG).   


Along with Mustafa being a failure, Nouri is speaking out about a pipeline he feels the current government (Mustafa) is trying to push through during this stalemate.  PARS TODAY reports that he's denouncing a proposed pipeline out of Basra to Jordan's port of Aqaba as a Zionist plot and illegal and a Constitutional violation -- the latter two charges he demands  Iraq's Supreme Court address.   He states the current government, that would be Mustafa, should stop their actions immediately and allow the new government to address this proposal.

Nouri insists this is a way for Jordan, Egypt and Zionists to steal Iraqi oil that would be provided for peanuts while the Iraqi people would be left with the building costs for the pipeline and its facilities.  In speaking out on this issue, Nouri joins other Iraqi politicians such as Karim al-Nouri and Yousef al-Kalabi as well as Sheikh Ali al-Asadi.  The Sheikh, who has now been criticizing this proposed pipeline for over a week, he argues it is part of the efforts of the US and the UK to continue to destabilize Iraq (as noted also in this April 13th report from YJC). 

#Iraq | The former Prime Minister of Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki, condemns the attacks perpetrated by Turkey and declares: "The knife has reached the bone".

Mustafa's a lousy prime minister and he's said nothing on the latest attacks on Iraq from Turkey.  Nouri's made some comments.

People say a lot when they want the job
People say a lot when they want the job, yeah
People say a lot when they want the job
She was awfully good at fire (fiery fiery hussy burn)
She burned bridges where she could (she really couldn't burn them very well)
She turned young men into torches (burning scarecrow)
She had a way with wood (do away with wood, do away with wood)
People say a lot when they want the job
Lining up eager around the block
Promising, promising never to quit
Well it's a full time job to be a hypocrite
Maybe they remember that they've done it before
Practicing, with their dolls on the floor
The lie itself becoming the seed
The messy mascara, the future deed
The actor's bow, the junkie's need
They line up again just to wipe you clean
They line up again just to wipe you out
Line up again around the block
A mighty force of youth for hire
Spouting ideas that geniuses would rob oh

People say a lot when they want the job
People say a lot when they want the job, yeah
People say a lot when they want the job

-- "People Say A Lot When They Want The Job," written by Carly Simon, first appears on her album THIS KIND OF LOVE

People say a lot when they want the job.  Joe Biden did.  Nouri's doing it now.  

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