Saturday, December 29, 2018

Iraq's prime minister nominated the sister of ISIS to his Cabinet and Parliament confirmed her

For a little over two months now, Iraq's Prime Minister Adil Abdul al-Mahdi has struggle to form a Cabinet.  After the disappointment of his failure to appoint people to head the security ministries (Minister of Interior and Minister of Defense), the big criticism was his failure to appoint a single woman to his Cabinet.  Last Thursday, he managed to finally find a woman who he was comfortable working with:  Shaima Al-Hayali.

The Parliament was comfortable with her as well and she was confirmed to the Cabinet as Minister of Education.

That was Thursday.  Today?  She resigned. (Or offered her resignation.  Presumably, it's accepted).

RUDAW reports she came under criticism because her brother worked with ISIS.

Accused of?

Normally, we would say "accused of."  But in her resignation statement she acknowledges that he did work with ISIS (she states he was forced to).

Which goes to just how inept the prime minister is.

How do you miss that?

How does your background check miss that?

And if you don't miss it, how do you not anticipate the uproar that will greet this nomination?

Yet again, we are confronted with the reality that Adil Abdul al-Mahdi is not qualified to be prime minister.

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  • Yup. And we can thank Obama, Hillary and their NATO buddies for bombing Libya back to prehistoric times, and making it a reality.
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    My latest article: 2018: Iran and Syria show respect, Israel and Saudi Arabia don't.
  • That a war criminal like Hillary Clinton, whose policies have caused the deaths, suffering and displacement of millions of women and children in Iraq, Honduras, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen, has been voted the most admired woman no less than 22 times, is a little disturbing.
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    Obama and Hillary's terrorists tried to erase us Syrian Christians from existence - but we Syrian Christians descend from the first Christians - we have been here for thousands of years, and thanks to our Army and Russian allies, will continue to be here!
  • Expanding drone strikes ten fold. Transforming Libya, formerly Africa’s most prosperous state, into a paradise for slave-selling terrorists. Bombing 8 countries throughout his presidency. Enabling Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen. Arming jihadists in Syria. What’s not to admire?
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    "Israel may have tried to trick Syria into shooting down two civilian airplanes with their latest airstrike carried out on Christmas Day." (Remember the USS Liberty?)
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    L’aviation israélienne a lancé ses missiles sur Damas à partir du ciel libanais alors que deux avions de ligne (civils) entamaient leur descente vers les aéroports de Beyrouth et de Damas, mettant ainsi en danger la vie de centaines de passagers.
  • This is terrifying. Not only does Israel violate the sovereignty of Lebanon & Syria to bomb Damascus in the middle of the night on Christmas, but it also uses civilian planes as cover during the attack, putting the lives of hundreds of passengers at risk.
  • In Syria’s liberated Aleppo, the spirit of Christmas has prevailed over terrorism, as hundreds of Syrians took to the streets to celebrate the special holiday in peace for the third consecutive year.
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    Le jour de Noël, l’aviation israélienne a mené des raids fictifs au sud du Liban et lâché des leurres thermiques au dessus des villes de Saïda et de Tyr, terrorisant la population.
  • On Christmas, a national holiday for Syria, Israel is bombing Damascus and inflicting terror on tens of thousands of Syrian families in the midst of celebrating. Horrifying.
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    Long live the Syrian Arab Republic
  • Israel violates Syria’s sovereignty and bombs Damascus on Christmas, and nobody even bats an eyelash. But the decision to bring back home US troops illegally present in Syria is announced and the entire world goes totally mad.
  • Merry Christmas to all and especially to the resilient people of Syria, whose capital city Damascus is celebrating today completely terrorism-free for the first time in 7 years. ❤🇸🇾🎄
  • Beautiful. Thousands of Syrians peacefully enjoying Christmas celebrations and festivities in the streets of Syria’s Aleppo, free from Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists.
  • How Syria is celebrating Christmas this year, at peace and free of terrorism.
  • Because, God forbid, Syria finally gets peace and the Obama/Hillary/Neocon interventionists see their barbaric doctrine of permanent war come to an end, right? 🙄