Saturday, December 29, 2018

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

  1. . I don’t know why claims to have WiFi. It never works. Never.
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    Jesus, we’re back to the Domino theory? What’s next, the missile gap? This is like Democratic Party Dr. Who.
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    By 2020, the neoconservative movement will be fully bonded to their new host body of the Democratic party At least one contender will hire Kristol, Boot or Kagan as a consultant for their campaign
  4. Good points. Also women’s march was a get out the vote effort. No longer needed after the midterm election.
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    Major New Studies Prove the Pundits Are Wrong About Russian Social-Media Involvement in US Politics
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    New research by me on the Integrity Initiative: analysis of 11 journalists associated with the programme shows extensive smearing of Corbyn about Russia. But also a second target – Julian Assange – also falsely linking him to the Kremlin.
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    The magnificent news of the SAA’s arrival in is not just due to realpolitik - the expected withdrawal of US forces from Syria - but also a result of Damascus, and in recent years Moscow, having cultivated close ties with the YPG. And also, Russia’s leverage over Turkey.
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    Why do I get the feeling that the same travel agent who booked Michael Cohen’s trip to Prague Czechoslovakia is the same one who booked Paul Manafort’s trips to London to meet Assange?
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    Gabriel has a narrative to set. You are disrupting that. He won't be responding to you or much unless it suits that false narrative that Russia helped elect Trump president.
  10. Michael Cohen gave Buzzfeed news his passport. He was in Italy in July 2016. That is in the Schengen Area that would allow him to visit other EU nations without a passport stamp. But the Steele Dossier insists Prague in August/September.
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    Just as with the purported Mohammad Atta meeting with Iraqi intelligence officials, it supposedly took place in Prague. The people who put such stories out should get with the times. Czech Republic has been a member of NATO since 1999. Not a good place for clandestine meetings.
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    More recently it should remind people of the Luke Harding - Guardian story that Manafort met Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy. There are records of Cohen's cell phone calls like there are logs and photos of everyone entering the embassy.
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    Recall that while Cohen was indicted by Mueller for lying to Congress about a failed deal, he wasn't accused of lying to Congress in telling them that he never went to Prague (and never witnessed collusion):
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    This sketchy story should ring alarm bells for anyone familiar w/ pre-Iraq war "reporting." Unidentified, unspecified sources cite "foreign intelligence connections" to claim that Cohen's cell phone puts him "in the vicinity of Prague" in summer 2016. All the hallmarks of B.S.:
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    The historical parallel is uncanny. The US takes credit for defeating the Nazis when it was by far the Soviet Union that achieved that. Now the US takes credit for defeating ISIS in Syria, when it was by far Russia that achieved that as well.
  16. In general it is bad for a president to be impulsive. But Trump’s rash decision to go to Iraq without informing the Iraqi government created a new demand for a full U.S. withdrawal. Perhaps a good outcome.
  17. Meet Russia's real 'navy seals' Why did Trump expose the Navy Seal Team? Because he’s going to replace them with Russians. No more Russiagate skepticism for me. Proof of collusion at last.
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    Gee, I dunno. Are these the war criminal Seals or some other Seals?
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    It kinda sucks to be in a movement with folks who’s knowledge of the history of the movement begins with getting Obama elected.
  20. I don’t care if Trump revealed the full names and addresses of Seal Team whatever. If you care please let me know. Because I have to block you.
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    did that hoping would shoot those planes down by accident, knowing the pro-war legions would be at the ready, green-eyed to see the troop withdrawal reversed. US "journalists" would have claimed shot those planes down intentionally b/c he is just that evil.
  22. That's what they did to the Russians. Syrians mistakenly shot a Russian plane because Israelis were using it for cover.
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    "If I had my way I'd give all you peasants a darn good thrashing"
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    I liked the bit where she was sitting on a gold chair in a gold room with her gold fire guard and gold clock in front of a gold mirror beside the gold piano writing with her gold pen next to the gold picture frame wearing her gold bracelet talking about poverty
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    I'm very proud of my un-nuanced view of all wars. I don't even research the people groups involved. I just automatically say the U.S. should not be killing people in that country and bam, I'm totally right. Works every time.