Sunday, December 23, 2018

Still no full Cabinet in Iraq and Rukmini remains a cheap whore

Did you see this?

Council of Representatives to meet Monday to vote on cabinet, consider budget

For those wondering, the Thursday vote never came about.  Remember that?  Last Tuesday, Iraq's prime minister finally got 3 of his Cabinet nominees approved.  That left five more to go.  And he insisted Parliament would vote on Thursday.


Iraq PM to fill up cabinet berths at parliament session on Thursday -

He didn't.

Now the promise is come Monday . . .

Tomorrow, ’s Council of Representatives is scheduled to vote on two more ministers in Abdelmahdi’s Cabinet: Shaimaa Al-Hayali for Education, and Naoufal Moussa for Migration. Nominees for the Ministries of Justice, Defense, and Interior are yet to be agreed upon.

Two months after he was moved from prime minister-designate to prime minister, he still doesn't have a Minister of the Interior or a Minister of Defense.

Meanwhile, protests in Basra continue and these peaceful protests continue to be met by gunfire.

Police use live rounds to disperse protest in Iraq's Basra for second week | Article [AMP] | Reuters

Live rounds.  Let that sink in.

  1. Police use live rounds to disperse protest in Iraq's Basra for second week | Article [AMP] | Reuters
  2. "Police Use Live Rounds to Disperse Protest in Iraq's Basra for Second Week" by REUTERS via NYT

And let it sink in that THE NEW YORK TIMES is not covering this, they're running reports from REUTERS.

What's the thieving whore -- who lied to get a woman fired, by the way -- what's the paper's thieving whore doing?

Oh, that's right, sobbing over Brett McGurk.

  1. Strong words from a former National Security Advisor:
  2. Dawn is breaking in New York and I’m heading to the studio to discuss ’s accelerated resignation, precipitated by ’s decision to yank troops from Syria. My story & other thoughts here:

Susan Rice needs to take her tired War Mongering ass off the stage.  She supported the Iraq War and then tried to lie about that so she Rukmini are best buds -- liars in bed together.  Rukmini, of course, stole documents from Iraq without permission.  When told to return them by her superior, she then worked to get the woman fired by spreading one lie after another.

She's worse than Judith Miller ever could have been.

But Rukmini's going down.  People are aware of her and, as she now knows, she has no friends at the paper.  She has no one left and it's going to take just one more mistake and she's going to be out on her ass -- as she should be, back under her bridge with the other trolls.

Myself?  I'd call her refusal to cover the Basra protests appalling.  But that's what she does, she's a little whore for power and so she sucks up to Susan Rice and ignores the Iraqi people. 

Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Even Monsters Love Candy" went up this morning.  New content at THIRD will be up shortly.  Ava and I wrote two TV pieces.  They were supposed to be one piece but they ended up way too long.  Both revolve around lies and liars.  (Don't worry, Rukmini, we're covering TV, not writing about your ugly ass.)