Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Some Tweets from Ajamu Baraka

  • For your listening pleasure on Christmas eve:
  • If Green new deal, large parts of it "Borrowed" from Green Party by democrat part sheepdogs is praised by Washing Post and other mainstream media, and if our campaign was Russian inspired, does that not make these same outlets complicity in the Russian takeover? Just asking!
  • I continue to argue mature politics requires that we move from analysis of personalities to "interests." What social force or class benefits from certain decisions. Folks, who benefits from smear campaign against 3rd parties? The Russians or democrats? Don't let them chump you!
  • Black Alliance for Peace is clear on class interests of U.S war agenda. .
  • Don't let democrats confuse you into believing there is some objective, rational basis for the U.S. to be involved vicious, illegal wars across the planet. Here is a statement from veterans who at one point served the war agenda but now see the light.
  • Every time I think liberal democrats have hit political bottom they manage to exceed themselves. They are now defending a Secretary of State who is called "Mad Dog" for a reason - he is a warmongering criminal. Democrats have been exposed for what they are - imperialists!
  • If you ever wondered why it was difficult to build an Anti-war movement in the U.S. just check out right-wing framing of Trump's decision to end the illegal invasion and occupation of Syria. Instead of welcoming, right-wing neoliberal democrats & left allies push continued war.
  • I will stop referring to CNN as Clinton News Network & refer to it for what it is- the Criminal News Network (CNN) for pushing straight up U.S. gangsterism. CNN believes the U.S. has right to invade, occupy, disrupt and destroy nations? And they call Trump a white supremacist!
  • I am so glad that I have done the work to de-colonize my consciousness. I really feel for those who can still be manipulated by the kind of crude propaganda we have seen over last few days. But being able to think brings the burden of the responsibility for action.
  • Why is it that the Post would slam the Green Party Green New Deal as “deeply unrealistic” but praise Ocasio-Cortez’s version as “the smartest, most practical idea in U.S. politics,"? Perhaps they are two different plans.
  • U.S. out of Africa! Shut down the U.S. African Command (AFRICOM)! The Trump administration continues the deadly militarism increased under Bush and Obama.
  • Fighting the power.
  • My proudest moment in life would be if I was able to drive black folks off of the democratic party plantation. The black working class must be an independently organized force unbeholden to either of the white supremacist, pro-capitalist, pro-war parties.
  • In the 50s African Americans felt compelled to drop our demands for human rights because they were seen aiding the Soviets. So our struggle became one for "civil rights." Today we are being told once again that our struggles are foreign influenced & a danger to the U.S. state.
  • Politics in U.S. where an alignment of liberals, conservatives & imperialist left take arrogant position that they - citizens of the most violent human rights violator on the planet are in moral position to impose sanctions for human rights violations.
  • The liberal mainstream human rights industry will not tell you that capitalist neoliberal globalization is incompatible with human rights but the Black Alliance for Peace will. We say build a People(s)-Centered Human Rights movement if you want real human liberation.