Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

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    I continue to argue mature politics requires that we move from analysis of personalities to "interests." What social force or class benefits from certain decisions. Folks, who benefits from smear campaign against 3rd parties? The Russians or democrats? Don't let them chump you!
  2. Failed Neoliberal Policies Caused Low African American Turnout in 2016 – Not Russians by More debunking please. I'm convinced this story is a lie.
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    Evolution of fake news techniques: * Use of single quotes 'this is a quote' for made up quotes * "12 current and former officials" to conceal that its a single current source * "sources say" without specifying what type, how many or why they need anonymity *"we know echoes say"
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    Haha, that's what I was saying earlier today too. It's weird that they didn't blame Russia already.
  5. Wait for it, wait for it. Putin sent drones to Gatwick. That will be the story.
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    Today the Guardian innovates a new fake news technique "We know echoes" to suggest that Assange was secretly behind Brexit -- after it was caught outright fabricating Assange-Manafort meetings [Assange has never communicated with Aaron Banks or anyone from the Russian embassy].
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    I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. May, 2019 be full of happiness, prosperity, and peace for everybody. Jesus loved everyone and wanted us to love all. God Bless
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    Christmas Eve The night before billions around the world celebrate the birth of a courageous truth teller, who sought to bring peace to mankind by instilling love & kindness for each other into their hearts.
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    If Green new deal, large parts of it "Borrowed" from Green Party by democrat part sheepdogs is praised by Washing Post and other mainstream media, and if our campaign was Russian inspired, does that not make these same outlets complicity in the Russian takeover? Just asking!
  10. My latest convos with plus and all my latest and greatest. Check out my little blog.
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    You'll see new articles in Black Agenda Report in January. But this week we have new Black Agenda Radio segments featuring Carrie Tirado Bramen, Anthony Monteiro and Ajamu Baraka. Enjoy!
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    Have you ever noticed how in American sci-fi movies the heroes always call themselves a "rebellion", and never a "revolution"? We can imagine time travel, space ships, aliens, etc, but we can't imagine changing the way society is organized – only replacing the leaders.
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    Adjectives that tacitly justify what the speaker purports to oppose: --"unauthorized" war --"crony" capitalism --"unwarranted" deportation --"excessive" force --"illegal" surveillance --"overzealous" policing
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    When Clinton rigged the primary, against Sanders, through the DNC in 2016, she probably handed the presidency to Trump. She bears much responsibility for what the US is going through now.
  15. Palestinian Christians can’t get to Bethlehem.
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    Also hilarious/telling here is acknowledgement that a $100k operation that “imitated Russian tactics” was too small to impact 2017 Alabama Senate race. Given that, how could even more microscopic Russian tactics have impacted a $2.5b 2016 election?
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    learn more about the Black Alliance for Peace and the work we do:
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    Listen to "Margaret Kimberley" by via I had a great conversation on . We discussed the Russiagate cult, surveillance state collusion between US and UK and many other issues. Please listen.
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