Monday, May 29, 2017

ISIS attacks Baghdad

The Islamic State staged an attack today.

Happy islamic terrorist bomb . Did u know Iraq wasn't an islamic Republic until we bombed them?

At least 10 killed, dozens injured in bomb blasts in central ,

moment of blast that targeted a busy district tonight , it was an ice cream shop

BREAKING: ISIS blows up a popular ice cream shop in Iraq's Karradah, slaughtering dozens of Iraqi Shia men, women and children. 💔

****GRAPHIC*** Bombing rocks Karrada Iraq just now. Many casualties reported! News coming to us from those on the ground. Spread the message

And the US Special Envoy Brett McGurk Tweeted:

ISIS terrorists tonight in Baghdad target children & families enjoying time together at an ice cream shop. We stand w/Iraq against this evil

Murtada Faraj (AP) counts 13 dead and twenty-four more injured and reports, "A number of wounded lay on the ground, others propped themselves up on the colorful park benches outside the ice cream shop. One young girl, wearing a ribbon and bow in her hair, wandered the scene dazed."

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