Sunday, July 10, 2005

Carole King & Carly Simon (upcoming CDs and Simon's upcoming TV appearences)

First, music news.

Carole King's double disc, live CD, The Living Room Tour comes out July 12th. The following week, Carly Simon's Moonlight Serenade comes out. (Simon's is an album of standards.)

I know there are Carly fans in the community (including me), so here's her upcoming appearences:

CNN - People In The News
7/16/05 - 5 PM
7/17/05 - 5 AM
7/17/05 - 2 PM
7/17/05 - 7 PM

(Some of the above are rebroadcasts of the same segment.)

ABC's Good Morning America

ABC's The View

CBS's The Early Show

FYI, posts will probably start late tomorrow morning. I'm not in a great mood currently because we just lost "Five Books, Five Minutes." In publishing, it just wiped out. Right now no one's in the mood to attempt to recreate it. If we do, it will be another all nighter. If we don't, I'm honestly in the mood to sleep in for a change.

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