Thursday, November 17, 2005

NYT: Repube summary -- Old, grifty and white, and that's a blight

"Senate Debate Over Alito Escalates in Wake of '85 Memo" blares the headline of David D. Kirkpatrick's article in this morning's New York Times. So why is Doug Mills' photo chosen to illustrate this story?

In the photo, a smiling Alito, with legs spread, sits on a couch, photo books on the coffee table before him (one on Paris being the most visible) as Joe Biden rests his hand on Alito's knee.

It's all so cozy (and creepy, let's be honest) and undermines both the headline (which Kirkpatrick didn't write) and the text (which he's credited for). You learn, as Billie pointed out in her e-mail this morning, that Kay Bailey Hutchison is having a snit fit over the prospect of a filibuster and calls such a move "outrageous." When you've enraged the polyester clad KBH watch out. And when KBH is enraged, as Billie points, she can out Corny John Cornyn.

Which she does in this morning's story stating of Alito's statements regarding the 1985 memo: "he has even gone against what are his stated personal beliefs to adhere to precedent."

Or, KBH, he's proven that like a horny, nerdy teen on prom night, he'll tell just about any lie to get what he wants.

Final comment, the photo is embarrassing to both Alito and Biden and should launch a hundred jokes.

It's not a good job to be old, grifty and white -- no it's a blight. (Playing with a converse of Nina Simone's "Young, Gifted and Black.")

Where do we go next? How about Che-Che-Che-Chain of fools Cheney?

Elisabeth Bummiler has a tiny article. Every administration has a weak link, and Cheney's had about all he can take, before he can break. Apparently, judging by "Cheney Says Senate War Critics Make 'Reprehensible Charges'" which runs on A25. "Chain of Fools" Cheney re-emerges from whatever rock he's been hiding under to lash out, in an organized attack, at those who dare to say the emperor has no clothes on.

Public nudity, presumably, belongs in a suppressed, long out of print novel by his wife Lynn and no where else. Chain of Fools says in a speech that "The president and I cannot prevent certain politicians from losing their memory or their backbone . . ."

Maybe he should concentrate a little harder on the lost lives in Iraq due to the lies that led us into war? Oh but if he did, he wouldn't be "Chain of Fools" Cheney and the current death toll for American troops 2080 (remember the 2,000 mark?) for the year and 51 for the month.

Leaving the Aretha Franklin theme (Franklin recorded "Young, Gifted and Black" and, obviously, "Chain of Fools") to move over to Jean Knight, we learn that "Mr. Big Stuff" Tom DeLay ("who do you think you are?") faces a new subpoena -- this time records are sought of "transactions between his national political action committee and a political committee run by his successor as House majority leader, Roy Blunt of Missouri." "Prosecutors Seek More of DeLay's Records" is the title of the six paragraph, tiny article buried on A21 and credited to "The New York Times" but promoted in the Times daily e-mail as if it was a lengthy report.

Remember to catch Democracy Now! today. (More entries to come, I'm running late this morning.)

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