Sunday, July 08, 2007

NYT knows best . . . if best is A4 for Iraq

The nightmare session at The Third Estate Sunday Review finally ends (well almost, we've still go the note). Let's turn to the New York Times which was so very kind this Sunday (I'm sure just for me) and only featured one story on Iraq.

Now 9 US service members were announced dead. You might assume that would make the front page.

105 Iraqis die in one bombing? You might assume that would make the front page.

But the paper thinks the best spot for Richard A. Oppel Jr. and Ali Adeeb's "Truck Bomb Levels Section of Iraqi Village, Killing 105" is A4. Here's a clue for one and all, when you see Cornelia Dean's byline on the front page, you should always pay very close attention to who she is writing about and then trace it back, higher up, to figure out how the non-earth shattering news (the feature stories) made the front page of an alleged newspaper. Helmut Weymar, a weathly man with a pet cause, is front page news. 9 dead US service members, 105 dead Iraqis, they aren't. The clue is who does Weymar know? (And it's no fair blaming Weymar, he can't put himself on the front page.)

Content at The Third Estate Sunday Review.

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But Carl Hulse and Jeff Zeleny are on the front page! A story on Dems and Iraq! Yeah, I'm trying to stay awake right now, I don't need a fairy tale to put me to sleep. The article's not journalism, it's fluff. It's the paper trying to manage public opinion. The Dems in the Senate could have filibustered the supplemental, could have (as John Edwards had suggested) just kept sending the Pelosi-Reid measure back over and over. They had many things to do, they elected not to do them. The only surprise here is that Ad Nags didn't get the assignment. It's the usual push for the center, push for the center 'reporting' he does. Marvel over the happy ending!

And they all lived happily ever after . . . as they discussed an e-mail Harry Reid sent.

How do they know about the e-mail? Isn't that part of the story. And someone self-leaking probably did so to look good.

And that's it. I'm going to sleep. Something like 32 hours (check my math) after I woke up . . . Saturday morning. We'll cover more news -- including Los Angeles Times -- tonight. I'm just too tired this morning.

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