Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dumb Ass and Bob Somerby

A piece of flith named _____, a friend of Bob Somerby's, has written an e-mail. That piece of filth is not protected by anything here. He knows (or should) full well why. That he wants to show back up after all this time is a suprise. That his trashy mouth is back is far less surprising. He wants everyone who does a community site to know something.

So why the hell is he writing me?

Bob Somerby was delinked (for good reason) some time ago. I've not written about it here. But _____ has a real problem (he also has a sick crush on Rebecca who thinks he's a creep and I think Rebecca's judgement is mild to the extreme). For some reason Dumb Ass thought we were buddies and bored me with e-mails back in the summer of 2005. Never about this site. Never about anything I've written.

Now he's back with his trashy little crap, whining again about things that went up at other sites.
The public e-mail address is not for that. Anyone thinking they can use it to gripe about things at other sites needs to check themselves real damn quick.

I'm not your secretary, Dumb Ass, I don't pass on your messages.

Among other things, Dumb Ass scribbles, "Thankfully, it seems you folks live in that special and inept bubble of the faux brilliant in NYC and luckily, when it comes to accomplishing the serious change needed for this country and globe, we won't need your help electing Hill anyhow. (BTW, she will be the nominee. Book it.)"

Dumb Ass, you stupid, tiny ___ed man, get it through your thick (and probably hairy) skull that I have not endorsed anyone. Yes, we're all fully aware that you and your buddy Bobby were on board the Hillary train in 2005. That sort of thing really needs a disclosure. In fact, writing that you haven't made up your mind in 2006, when you made up your mind in 2005, really qualifies as a "lie."

You and Bobby aren't setting the political world on fire anymore than you set the comic world on fire. You're both floundering comics who play at life like characters in a Christopher Guest mockumentary. "You folks" appears to include me. I don't live in NYC. I live on the West Coast. I'm not sure where you're getting your nonsense. But I'll assume failed stand up comics must especially hate NYC.

I don't know when you think you've ever been "overwhelmingly generous" to me. We've never met and I don't hang with the never-was crowd. You bored me with some e-mails in 2005 and I checked around on you to figure out who the hell you were (as I told you in the only e-mail I ever sent you) and then avoided you. (Rebecca avoided your creepy self completely.)

As your knuckles drag the floor you get off your usual hatred of women (no surprise) and we'll note this bit by you, "Yeah, code pink is the answer and the Daily Howler (or as your kind bloggers like to refer to him...that bitter, sexist, depressed old man) is the problem."

I can't follow "Your kind bloggers". Is that supposed to be "your kind of bloggers"? Is it supposed to "you kind bloggers"? I have no idea. Your e-mail reads like it was written by someone repeating third grade for the fourth year. (Perhaps that explains all the hate on display?)

I don't claim to be a "blogger" and this isn't a "blog."

"Depressed"? I don't think anyone has used that term to describe your buddy. I certainly haven't. Elaine would object to it being used without a qualifier of some kind to make sure it was noted that she wasn't participating in a diagnosis. He is sexist. He tears apart women. He will bend over backwards for any Wash Post columnist. It will be a new day and a fresh start. But a woman he disagrees even once (even when the woman is right), he tears into and there is no "new day" or "fresh start" for them. Jane Mayer was exactly right, the criticism was sexist.

I'm not surprised by how much you hate CODEPINK. You are his little buddy. CODEPINK is women.

It's amazing that in your e-mail you fail to mention that Bob Somerby and Matt Cooper are friends. That was the little slip you made in 2005. Do you remember 2005? Bob Somerby was calling Joe Wilson names. Shocking because Wilson is a man. But he was repeatedly stating Wilson was wrong and using harsher terms than that.

Well, I guess if I was friends with Matty Cooper and Matty Cooper was involved in the entire PlameGate, I'd go on the attack against Wilson as well.

See, that's one of the things that should have been disclosed when Somerby decided to trash Joe Wilson day after day, that he was friends with Matty Cooper who wasn't a disinterested party in the proceedings. Valerie Plame had been outed to Matty by Scooter Libby and by Karl Rove.
The people who kept wondering why Bob Somerby was repeatedly attacking Joe Wilson had a right to know that detail. It's amazing that Somerby has so frequently discussed Karl Rove but when Matty finally rolled over on Karl, there was nothing, not even faux outrage, about Karl Rove's actions at The Daily Howler.

For the record, CODEPINK didn't attack Joe Wilson. For the record, CODEPINK didn't repeat Republican talking points about Joe Wilson. For the record, CODEPINK didn't bill themselves as "media critics" and yet, somehow, miss the boat on Judith Miller. How did that happen anyway? How do you present yourself as a media critic and day after day avoid Judith Miller.
Somerby never had time to call out Miller.

His work? It's a joke. He's a joke.

He's the moron who said that the press had changed citing the 2004 coverage. This was the same coverage that found him exploding in the summer of 2004 at readers that he wasn't baking cookies, he was being serious! This is the same coverage that included the Not So Swift Floaties. But post-election, he sits down with CJR and sees growth and improvement in the media coverage?

He made himself useless. I'd be embarrassed, were I him, to have archives where people could see I failed to call out Judith Miller -- that wasn't a minor two-day story, we're talking about the coverage that helped sell an illegal war -- or that I advanced the right wing attacks on Joe Wilson (while failing to note how close I was to someone refusing to name Karl Rove in Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation). I'd be embarrassed that if anyone scrolled around in my archives, they'd see my claims to chuck it all and start covering eductation. I'd be even more embarrassed if they came across some of my (bad) posts on education. That didn't drive the traffic, so Bob went back to doing what he'd always done, the only thing that brought him any level of fame (comedy never did).

Maybe you and Bob can work with Matty Cooper on another stand up routine, only this time it can be about the idiot who quickly named Scooter Libby but refused to name Karl Rove. Refused to name him before the 2004 election. The election was close (some would say stolen) and possibly some of those "Bully Boy will bring us security!" voters would have had second thoughts had they known that the man running his campaign, his alleged "brain," was revealing that Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA agent?

So let's just boil this down to two things. Bob Somerby is completely useless as a media critic with regards to the Iraq War. He was useless when it was being sold, he's been useless since.
When Valerie Plame was outed and her career was destroyed, Somerby's route of choice was to attack Joe Wilson and repeatedly give coverage to Republicans. (He loved citing the Republicans on that, didn't he?)

So you can spout off your hatred at CODEPINK all you want, but Bob Somerby's useless.

And he is a sexist.

He's also a coward because TO THIS DAY if anyone puts out the falsehood that Naomi Wolf was a "fashion consultant" for Al Gore's 2000 campaign, you're 'brave' Bobby rushes to call them out. But Eric AlterPunk included that in his really bad book and Bobby not only didn't question it, he praised the book online.

He has compromised himself repeatedly.

You spill your hate while posing as if you're some friend.

Let me clear it up for you, we aren't friends. I don't hang with failed comics. You're a little nothing who never made his mark and that is why you fled NYC. Not because, as you maintain, you saw the crazies. You fled because you're a little nothing who couldn't make it. Again, I don't live in NYC but your comments about were insulting even to me.

You are a useless comic. Bob Somerby is a useless media critic. His contributions, such as they are, revolve mainly around the 'skill' in hollering "knee pads" at Elisabeth Bumiller while allowing every male a second chance, a fresh start.

Do not write me again. I feel debased just reading your rants. I don't know if you're on medication and from time to time go off your meds or if you're drunk when you write, but you really aren't fit to operate a keyboard.

Bob Somerby's been named in this. "Online Latter Day Dylan" is how I've referred to him for the most part here in any negative criticism. But you're not really interested in what's up here, you're interested in what's gone up at other sites.

Don't bore me with your crap again.

And, for the record, noted before but let's do it again, the public e-mail address does not exist so you can come whining about what someone else wrote. I don't want to hear about it, I don't need to know about it. If you're using the public e-mail address, you are supposed to be a visitor attempting to contact, Isaiah, Kat, Ruth or myself. And it should be about what we've done, not about what other sites have done.

Because you got drunk and spent "hours and hours" of time reading other community sites online is no reason to share your sexist, trashy opinions with me. Nor do I need, pay attention Dumb Ass, to note what you really think of progressives (I believe he uses "progs," I'm not re-reading that crappy e-mail). I have never called myself a "progressive" and I seriously doubt that anyone with a site in this community has used the term. If you're using the public address, you're writing about something to do with this website. If you're abusing the public address to trash friends of mine, you have no right to protection because that public address was never offered to allow you to spew your hate, vulgarities and filth. Rebecca and I have been friends since college. Insult her and you really tick me off.

I don't vet the copy at the other sites. (Wally and Betty read their stuff to me over the phone only to see if I laugh.) Each adult running a site is responsible for their own site. Writing me about what you read elsewhere makes about as much sense as me screaming at Ms. magazine about something that ran in another magazine.

I've never liked snitches and didn't let my own children tattle on one another. So I'm offended by Dumb Ass (and others) for that reason alone.

But it is also very insulting to adults working very hard on their own sites that this sort of crowd keeps running to me to complain about what they've written.

Dumb Ass clearly thinks he's the "big man". I don't claim to be an expert on masculinity but I do find it strange that a middle-aged man thinks the height of masculinity is playing tattle tale.

I haven't mentioned Bob Somerby (even as "Online Latter Day Dylan") at this site since we delinked from him. I had no interest in pointing out that he was attacking Joe Wilson while friends with Matt Cooper (he's not the only one who hid that fact while attacking Wilson). But I'm not going to put up with bullying e-mails (about what others have written) from his little friend -- and fellow failed comic -- Dumb Ass.

Yes, Dumb Ass, we know. You both got on board the Hillary Clinton train in 2005. We know that. We know that Bob Somerby posed as if he hadn't gotten behind a candidate in 2006. (He may have posed this year as well, I don't read him.) I have called out Hillary and I've said she was right when she has been. I have not endorsed anyone and will not endorse anyone. So in your sections that appear to be directed at me (but who knows?), you don't know what you're talking about. If you were tanked when you wrote, lay off the booze when you're e-mailing.

The e-mail address for this site is That's for things that Kat, Ruth or myself write or to comment on Isaiah's comics. It is not for you to pass on vile aimed at adults who all have their own e-mails posted at their own sites where they work very hard on their writing. The rules on privacy refer only to when you're commenting on this site. You cannot hide behind that rule to launch your attacks on other community sites and the people who run them.