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Robin Morgan's homophobic candidate

McPeak drew a parallel between racially integrating the armed forces after World War II and trying to sell the ranks on accepting openly gay colleagues. "We've only had mixed races in combat units for 50 years or so," says McPeak, who led the Air Force during Desert Storm. "The first mixing of races was by the Army in Korea in 1950. It was done because service leaders, generals, chiefs of staff, were able to get ahead of it, were able to go to the lunch at black history week and talk about American values that include equal opportunity for everybody no matter what color their skin is. So the service leadership made a commitment to racial equality and made it happen. Otherwise it wouldn't have happened."
Says McPeak, "If you want to do something like racial integration or the integration of openly homosexual soldiers, sailors and marines, airmen, the service leadership will have to get ahead of it. Service leadership will have to go to the gay and lesbian annual ball and lead the first dance. I've spoken many, many times at black history week and am proud to do it. . . . But I couldn't see how I could become an advocate for open homosexuality in Air Force combat units. I don't see how people can do it today."

That's the disgusting Merrill McPeak and probably naming a boy "Merrill" led to the non-stop sexual panic McPeak has long found himself in. The above is from Paul Bedard's "Barack Obama's Military Adviser Says to Stick With Gay Ban" (US News & World Reports). McPeak's the liar who's covered for Barry all through the campaign and you need to grasp how offensive what Merry's saying is. For African-American advancement, Merry says, people just needed to attend a lunch but for equality for all, Merry thinks (or maybe hopes) he'll have to "lead the first dance" at "the gay and lesbian annual ball."

We'll get back to that phrase but for African-Americans to be integrated with Whites, et al, Merry tells us a bit of history was needed. Okay, let's play.

Frank McCarthy. Gay. Awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. Brig General. Took part in the Allied confrences. Attempted to become an assistant secretary in the State Dept (nominated by then president Harry Truman) and that's when he had to hightail it out of DC because the witchhunt was for 'subversives' and, as usual, 'victims' rush to leave the LGBT community out of history. Brig Gen McCarthy isn't the only gay man who has severed in the military by any means. But look at who he knew: FDR, Truman, Eisenhower. And his service was never in question. Had he gone for a Defense Dept appointment, he would have been waived through. (The State Dept was the original focus for the witchhunt -- another detail often left out of the 'history' of that era,)

We can do that over and over because gay men and women have served in the US military -- have always served. But that requires knowing history and actual knowledge and, goodness knows, you can't get that dispensed in Pat Healy's EZBake Reporting.

"The gay and lesbian annual ball." You need to grasp how much homophobia is oozing out in that condescending phrase. This is the man that homphobic Barack Obama selected. The same as he selected Jeremiah Wright who, on PBS, compared gays and lesbians to murderers. You need to grasp that (and remember that Bill Moyers just sat there grinning like an idiot -- apparently you can't take the boy out of Backwater, Texas -- and that's an insult to a state of mind, not to Marshall, TX). This is the man who put homophobes on stage in South Carolina last November to scare up the vote. This is the man who put a homophobe onstage during the 'values' swing-state tour that only just wrapped up.

This is the man that Robin Morgan has pledged her limited intellectual powers to, the man she's hitched her wagon to in an act of desperation that rivals any fix-up Laura and Rob attempted on behalf of Sally (The Dick Van Dyke Show). Here's Patrick Healy in today's New York Times explaining Robin Morgan's Dream Date:

Several gay friends and wealthy gay donors to Senator Barack Obama have asked him over the years why, as a matter of logic and fairness, he opposes same-sex marriage even though he has condemned old miscegenation laws that would have barred his black father from marrying his white mother.
The difference, Mr. Obama has told them, is religion.
As a Christian -- he is a member of the United Church of Christ -- Mr. Obama believes that marriage is a sacred union, a blessing from God, and one that is intended for a man and a woman exclusively, according to these supporters and Obama campaign advisers. While he does not favor laws that ban same-sex marriage, and has said he is "open to the possibility" that his views may be "misguided," he does not support it and is not inclined to fight for it, his advisers say.

"As a Christian," yeah, that's funny. But Healy's a dumb ass, he's always been a dumb ass and if his topics weren't so 'pleasing' and so easy for the paper to syndicate to other papers around the country, his tired byline would have been retired long, long ago.

Loving v. Virginia is not about religion nor is same-sex marriage. Ava and I addressed this lie from Barack as far back as January but Healy just waives it through.

But let's go over the issue again and let's start with the fact that Churches really do not marry in the US. Churches can be a place where a ceremony takes place.

But if you show up at a church today (with no paperwork) and convince a member of the clergy to marry you, you're really not married in any legal sense other than common law.

That's because Churches do not control marriage. The state issues a marriage license -- not a church. Marriage is an issue to the state, it is an issue controlled by the state. Were marriage about churches, Loving v. Virginia would have been Loving v. [insert Church's name]. The state of Virginia was sued, not a church. The state of Viriginia was refusing to allow inter-racial couples to marry.

It's not a religious issue, it's not a church issue. States determine whom they will issue marriage licenses too. Now you can get married in a church and by a your clergy of choice, but only with the state's permission, only with the state's approval.

So that's the legal realities that Barack continues to dance around and ignore. It's all so strange, not unlike his claim, prior to visiting Africa in 2006, that he would be getting an AIDs test because he wanted to be sure that a stigma was removed and yet, in 2007, he's on stage offending many as he cracks 'wise' about the same AIDs test.

Barack can't hide behind religion to deny rights. He needs to admit that he surrounds himself with homophobes because that is who he is. Who he's always been. And Robin Morgan needs to ask herself when feminism became about endorsing homophobia and homophobes? Our Modern Day Rose Marie is getting on everyone's last damn nerve.

And to be really clear -- remember Barack didn't grow in the United States, he suffers from a failed education (which explains why he thinks there are 57 states in the US) -- religious objection was the basis for opposition to inter-racial marriage. The same way it's used by freaks and zealots to oppose same-sex marriage today.

The plan is to do another entry today. That may or may not happen. Right now, Ava, Dona, Jim and I are going over possible topics for Third.

Iraq? Find the coverage. It's not in the New York Times. Do you see it anywhere? Reuters runs an article claiming that October had the lowest death toll for US service members. Oh really? No, they're lying through their teeth. 13 is the death toll for US service members. 13 was the death toll in July and when you embarrass yourself by claiming you're referring to X-type of deaths, you damn well better grasp that some deaths from October are still under investigation. Translation, you don't know how the service members died so stick with the data, don't go inventing.

On the treaty, Reuters notes:

The pact, which would allow U.S. troops to stay until 2011, has been held up after Baghdad asked for amendments, including tightening the wording on the withdrawal deadline and a stronger pledge not to use Iraqi territory to attack neighbouring states.
Maliki made the pledge in a phone call with Turkish President Abdullah Gul, his office said in a statement.
"The prime minister confirmed that he will send delegations to neighbouring countries to show them the security pact after receiving a response from the United States to the amendments which the Iraqi government proposed," the statement said.

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