Sunday, November 08, 2009

And the war drags on . . .

Today the Iraqi Parliament finally passed an election law. Reviewing the press on that should lead to howls of laughter. One exception is Jake Tapper (ABC News) who just reports (as opposed to so many of his peers who wet their panties and BVDs in excitement). Carol E. Lee (Politico) offers text and audio in her report. The elections are now 'scheduled' for January 23rd and, besides Tapper and Lee, there aren't any pieces I can link to because I'm just not in the mood to hold my nose. So many liars, so many spinners, so few reporters. No piece brings up the electoral commission or the UN or the issue of the 90 days but to do that might require raining on the parade the 'press' seems so intent on throwing.

They're just there to try and make the people free,
But the way that they're doing it, it don't seem like that to me.

Just more blood-letting and misery and tears
That this poor country's known for the last twenty years,
And the war drags on.
-- words and lyrics by Mick Softly (available on Donovan's Fairytale)

Last Sunday, ICCC's number of US troops killed in Iraq since the start of the illegal war was 4355. Tonight? 4359. In other news of violence . . .


Sahar Issa (McClatchy Newspapers) reports a Mosul roadside bombing which claimed 2 lives and another Mosul roadside bombing which claimed the lives of 3 police officers and left five people wounded.


Sahar Issa (McClatchy Newspapers) reports 1 police officer shot dead in Mosul. Reuters notes 1 "employee of the North Oil Company" was shot dead in Kirkuk and, dropping back to Saturday, they note an armed clash in Falluja in which 1 person died and one police officer was injured.

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  • Isaiah's latest goes up after this. The Socialist Worker? We're not interested this week. As Pru points out, they print garbage by coward and liar Virginia Rodino. She needs to take her lying ass and sit it down for a good spell. She rewrites history because she's nothing but an apologist for the Democratic Party -- yes, that is strange for a woman who is not a Democrat. But Rodino didn't have the guts to stand by Ralph Nader in 2008 and she's nothing but a cheap, little political whore. I'm not in the mood for her. Pru e-mails that she can't believe this "revisionary" bulls**t got printed. I can't believe it either. Rodino lies:

    During last year's election the anti-war movement couldn’t avoid relating to working class people's revulsion against Bush. But we should have made it clear that the movement was supporting Obama because he was the candidate who was most likely to be held accountable to its demands.

    Quit lying. There was never any indication that Barack would be held accountable, let alone that he was the "most likely to be held accountable". In fact, reality was quite different. Barack was the little weasel ass who lied repeatedly and, when confronted, whined. Such as when he finally faced something other than fawning from debate moderators: The ABC debate. The one that Barry O ended up having to squirm because the whole world wasn't going to present he was the Political Virign and hadn't played dirty pool the entire campaign. The one where he was going to be pressed on issues. And the response? Have you forgotten? "FAIR" sends out an action alert because their boyfriend got sand kicked in his face. Now Hillary was treated just as harshly as Barack was in that debate and, in fact, that's what we supposedly want the press to do: To pressure, to demand. We don't want them playing footsie with politicians.

    So Rodino needs to take her lying ass and sit it the ___ down. For a long time.

    The 'anti-war' 'movement' said they didn't want contractors in Iraq. After they put pressure on, what was the response? Hillary came out with a proposal to ban them and Barack (and Sammy Power) stated he couldn't do that. Who responded to pressure? Hillary Clinton not Barack Obama. But you may not have known that because Jeremy Scahill and others were lying for Barack in order to destroy Hillary. John Nichols embarrassed himself when it turned out Barack was lying about NAFTA. He [Nichols] started this whisper campaign that it was all a lie and that Hillary spread it and her campaign was talking to the Canadian government! Those were all lies. But he said them on Democracy Now! He's never apologized for them, he's never corrected them. There is no peace movement in the US because there is NO DAMN ACCOUNTABILITY.

    There will be no 'rebuilding' of the peace movement with the liars who think they can breeze back in -- the liars who provided cover for Barack even when, at the start of March 2008, the BBC began airing the interview with Samantha Power where she revealed that any 'promise' Barack was making before crowds to get votes, any promise on the Iraq War, would not be kept because you don't bind yourself, she said, in 2009, to promises you make in 2008.

    Where were they? Where were the whores masquerading as peace activists? John Nichols was attacking Hillary Clinton about fourteen hours after the BBC started airing that interview -- and lying for Samantha Power by insisting Power and Hillary were good friends. (Power had called Hillary a "monster" and then tried to go off record after making the comment. John Nichols is a liar. When he wrote that piece, Power and Hillary had met face to face only once -- as Power herself had admitted weeks before to Charlie Rose.)

    Where was Tom Hayden? He 'suddenly' 'discovered' the BBC interview . . . months later in July. And then quickly dropped the issue after one brief whine. Where was Leslie Cagan? Where was I Need Attention Benjamin and all of CodeStink?

    Rodino's a damn liar. Those of us who saw what went down, remember what went down. So Rodino needs to take her whore ass off the street and sit it back down because we're not going to play revisionary politics here. A bunch of non-Democratic gas bags decided they hated Hillary but they loved Barry (some because of Leslie and Carl Davidson's e-mails claiming Barack was a secret Socialist -- long before the right started pushing that lie, Communists like Leslie and Carl were already pushing it on the left to try to shore up support for Barry). There was never any accountability for him and never any indication that he would respond to pressure. In fact, if you paid attention, time and again you saw him refuse to respond to any pressure.

    I'm not interested in promoting liars or their lies here. And Rodino can pretend like the 'anti-war' movement is now selling itself out by supporting troops in Afghanistan but they whored it in 2008 when they got on board with Barack who, as Rodino herself admits, always promised more troops in Afghanistan. So all the liars and whores need to get accountable for their own actions and stop pretending they're 'leaders' -- and that list includes, but is not limited to, John Nichols, Laura Flanders, Betsy Reed, Amy Goodman, Norman Solomon, Tom Hayden, Matthew Rothschild, David Corn (it's really shocking to me that Bob Somerby has yet to rip apart David Corn who did, during the Democratic Party primary, all that he's long accused Ceci Connelly and other women of doing to Al Gore in 1999 and 2000 -- that includes David participating in press calls solely to scream and yell at Hillary's staff -- and, for the record, despite the volume, he rarely had his facts correct), Alexander Cockburn (who tries to pretend today that he never pushed Barack -- he pushed like crazy when Hillary was in the race), Jodie Evans, Medea Benajmain, David Swanson (yes, David you printed a lot of lies about Hillary, you did it to run with the pack and because you're so damn stupid -- heaven help us all as you're now being sold as the way to 'rebuild' the peace movement), Leslie Cagan, etc. And people, that's just part one. That's just the Democratic Party primary. That's before we get into the way they attacked Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader who were real voices of peace. The attacks included inviting Cynthia on air, KPFK, and, as soon as she'd finished speaking (speaking accurately about the 2000 vote in Florida), the snitty little Brit attacked her -- while Cynthia was off air. KPFK allowed their snitty little Brit -- the BBC refugee whose career ended in England for good reason -- to rip her apart and make fun of her on air. To claim she didn't know what she was talking about. (Strange, everything she said was long ago documented by Greg Palast whose book's repeatedly credit Cynthia.) But that's part two, when the left attacks their own in order to whore Barack as a 'peace' candidate. So, I'm not in the mood for the revisionary tactics and shame on the Socialist Worker for printing that s**t. By the way, I'm mad right now, if you can't tell. Thus far, I've avoided calling out the CIA cut-out that pimped Barack. A lot of people wrongly assume I've called them out. I actually avoided them in 2008 when I learned of their long and close association with both the CIA and Barack's mother. And that would probably be part three of the story. Barack was never a 'peace' candidate (and his mother was never about 'peace' either).

    You really need to read her [Rodino] garbage to grasp what a piece of trash she is. For example, she writes, "During last year's election the anti-war movement couldn't avoid relating to working class people's revulsion against Bush." Think about that sentence. Grasp that to her, the working class is something to be manipulated (therefore 'relate' to their revulsion of Bush to get them on board with you) and that the "working class people" -- in her mind -- were not in fact members of the "anti-war movement." Never fail to be shocked by how smug and condescending so many who have so few reasons to be actually are. It's classicism and it exists among so many of our gas bags on the left. If you're not grasping just how little she thinks of the intelligence of the "working class" and how she does not see them as part of the "anti-war movement," read the following passages from Rodino:

    In the face of such contradictions, in a time when the working class in the US is paying close attention to the economy and political policy on issues like health care, the nation's largest anti-war coalition, United for Peace and Justice, finds itself on the brink of collapse.

    Oh, at last that 'stupid' working class was finally "paying close attention" -- at last, those idiots, those uneducated idiots. The smugness wafting off of this woman is intolerable. And grasp that she whines about UFPJ. That piece of crap organization needs to die. Before they hitched their wagon to Barack (and they did -- and hailed his election -- the 'non-partisan' group -- on their website the day after), they'd already lost their credibility on campuses. We'd documented that here and at Third. The slide was already beginning. UPFJ just ensured that everyone would grasp what whores and liars they were that much quicker when they made it their mission to elect Barry O.

    And it didn't help that most knew Leslie was a Communist and young activists on campus who are Communists found her to be as embarrassing as LGBTers found Liberace to be. Point of fact, closets are for wardrobes, not secrets. Back to Rodino:

    In part it dug its own grave by claiming Obama's victory as an anti-war victory. It offered ordinary people little reason to believe the anti-war movement would still be needed once he was in the White House.

    Oh those stupid, stupid Ordinary People! Conrad! Conrad!

    What a dumb ass and what a liar. Who dug the grave, Rodino? Who put the cookie in the cookie jar? I believe those were your unwashed hands in November of 2008 churning out fluff, garbage and, yes, lies like "US voices for change." What you accuse others of doing? You did it and there is a record that demonstrates your whoring. You're not a voice for peace, you're just one more political whore swinging their ass in whatever direction they think the wind is blowing. Or as Winona tells Ethan in Reality Bites, "Your bravado is embarrassing."

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