Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wait, they told us yesterday's meeting solved everything!

Late yesterday, Alsumaria reported the Kurdistan Regional Government was stating of the meeting in Baghdad, via an interview the network did with spokesperson Sven Dzi, that the meeting yesterday was a working meeting to discuss topics and that no agreement had been reached.  That was obvious yesterday evening when we were pulling together the snapshot.  And we noted that many outlets were misreporting what had taken place.  US outlets suddenly interested in Iraq -- that was novel.  And they were strangely all reporting, these US outlets, that a deal had been reached and crisis averted and . . . why do you suppose they were all reporting that?

I wish there was some explanation for how that happened or that someone could explain it to me.

Kitabat reports that yesterday's meeting included the President of the Office of Security Cooperation Iraqi-American team Lt Gen Robert Caslen.  and they note that DC representatives were very interested in resolution (or the appearance of it).  Al Mada reports that yesterday's talks that resulted in no deal were sponsored by the US.

Hmm.  Yesterday, US outlets were suddenly interested in Iraq.  They'd ignored the standoff for weeks, but suddenly they were interested.  And somehow these newly interested were all singing the same one-note chorus of "Success, The Standoff Is Over!"  But the standoff isn't over and the tensions aren't gone and, in fact, the disputed areas have seen significant violence today.

Hmm.  Kind of makes you wonder how that happened, how US outlets suddenly discovered interest in Iraq just as the US government was secretly attempting to control a meeting that they brokered yesterday and that they wanted to be seen as a success to that the press would go away.  Kind of hard to believe that the resulting US press was all just happenstance.  Seems more like it was orchestrated which begs the questions (a) who is the press working for and (b) does the White House get a cut even when they don't get a byline?

And, for the record, I am not referring to Kelly McEvers' All Things Considered (NPR) report.  I was very kind yesterday -- especially for me -- and didn't name the propagandists in the snapshot, I only referred to them.  (McEvers delivered a balanced report and one that questioned the official line coming out of the meeting.)

Today, most non-Iraqi outlets are focusing on the violence in Kirkuk.  An oil-rich disputed area that Nouri has sent his Tigris forces into.  Mohammed Tawfeeq (CNN) reports 3 car bombs exploded there, leaving 4 people dead and forty-one more injured.  Tawfeeq adds, "A clash between the regional and federal governments started nearly 10 days ago when Tigris Operations Command carried out military operations in Kirkuk and disputed areas around the city."  Alsumaria notes that at least fifty-five have been left injured.   Reuters notes two of the three bombs exploded near the Kurdistan Democratic Party's office -- that is one of the two main political parties in Iraq.  The other, the PUK, is headed by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani while KRG President Massoud Barzani is the head of the KDP.  All Iraq News states that the bomb was oustide the Patrioti Union of Kurdistan's headquarters -- which would be Talabani's party.  The Iraq Times offers this morning that Kirkuk is witnessing violence due to the crisis between the Baghdad-based government and the KRG.  Alsumaria notes that the KRG has issued a statement condemning the bombings in Kirkuk.

In addition, Alsumaria notes that a Mosul roadside bombing has left two people injured and they update that to note 2 Iraqi soldiers and 1 civilian are dead from the bombing and eleven people are injured.  That's important to note because these are early numbers and the tolls (death toll and wounded toll) in today's violence may rise.   All Iraq News notes that a Ramadi car bombing has left 1 dead and fifteen injured.  Alsumaria adds that a Baquba roadside bombing has left two police officers injured.  All Iraq News notes multiple bombs in Tuz Khurmatu while AFP elaborates, "Also on Tuesday, six roadside bombs targeted Iraqi army and police in the disputed town of Tuz Khurmatu, wounding two members of the security forces, police Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Al Bayati said."   And Alsumaria notes a Salahuddin Province bombing (south of Tikrit) has left one person injured.

As usual, Nouri's crazy is more expansive than one topic and we'll cover his problems with the Cabinet and his problems with Parliament in the snapshot (as well as include an outlet noting his 'success' in two areas -- they are right to hold him accountable).  But this entry will just be about today's violence.

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